Meeting Minutes:  3/13/2019                                                    
Darlene: Intro and Update
Recipients, Justin, Brittany, Tommy, Mikey, Joey, Erik, Robin, Mark, Tim, Rhiannon, Michael, Taylor, Chelsey, Matthew, Dan
Donations vs Expenses: Donations are very low, we have two candidates that are ready for treatment and not enough funds to send them. Share the fundraisers, do the mailings, if you have fund raising ideas, we encourage you to bring them to us to discuss. Bottle Drives, Bake Sales, raffles, are you crafty? Make something to sell or raffle. 
IRS update: Finally got our 501©3 certification!!
FMHS Intern: Camero may be contacting volunteers and recipient’s family members to get to know us, she is tasked with raising awareness in the FM high-school community. 
Mass mailing IRS announcement: See Karen
Promotional video: This may be ready in time for our May 18&19 Tennis Tournament, filming is complete, editing is happening now.
Karen Ayoub-Announcement: Karen has put together mailers in groups of 5 for volunteers and anyone else interested to send along to 5 friends or family members. The objective is to publicize R2RCNY as well as solicit donations and gain volunteers. Karen handed them out and has more for anyone who is interested. Contact her directly at
Need more volunteers – invite a friend! Help Raise awareness and increase our volunteers. 
Need for professional web manager/possible web store/donations through website to our bank account-Resolved!
Open issues:
Volunteer Hours and associated cost of materials/donations: Please keep track and report regularly (monthly, by event, quarterly). The meeting sign in sheet has a column to enter your time or dollar value of a donation. If you are volunteering on behalf of R2RCNY but are unable to attend the monthly meeting, you can get a sheet from us to track your hours. Then you can submit to Why? This information is beneficial when applying for grants, if we’ve raised only $22,000 in cash but had X number of hours donated, that adds up. Also track a dollar value for things that you donate. If you are bringing a veggie tray to an event, that counts. If you have a basket that you or a friend have donated for raffles, please give us an estimate of the dollar value. 
Value of sharing Social Media Posts: Our FB “likes” had a big jump in the last couple months, we have also had some good luck getting new interest from potential volunteers. Please click on and share our events, fundraisers and even just some of the informative posts. Raise awareness regarding our mission. 
Family Recovery Program and Narcan training nothing scheduled at this time. As interest gains, we can schedule more. Narcan Training is offered monthly by ACR, its free. The Family Recovery Program was very well received, and it is something that we should be talking about at information tables and events!
Pay it Forward: Care kits/clothing donations       Is anyone interested in heading this?
New Ideas: Bracelet/Butterfly/Ribbons, raffle basket for Host Tables, Mid-year letter writing campaign. Bring your ideas to us!
Fitness Event, Aspen in Cicero: This Saturday! Set up at 11, event is 1-4 and we hope to be finished by 5. Volunteers are signed up, it feels like we have “enough” but with every first-time event, we will see! Stop in and buy raffle tickets and visit the other volunteers!
Tennis Event/Silent Auction: May 18&19 all day! We are looking for an extra person to help chair the event. Volunteer needs, Friday May 17, in the evening, we are hoping we can set up, we are looking for 4 people to assist with this. Saturday, 8AM-5PM we will need 6 people for the day and even extra for the morning to get through the check in process. Sunday 8AM-5PM we need 4 people for the day and extra in the afternoon (3PM) for clean up and completion of the silent Auction. Do we have any photographers? We are looking for someone to take pictures, sports photography would be a bonus!
 Auction of Promises: Is moving right along, we are working to set a date for early Fall. We seem to have a venue and a very clear vision of our end goal. There is a huge need for volunteers for this event, this is a “all hands on deck” situation. This fundraiser has potential to be our best money maker and we will need everyone’s help! We are looking for a few people to Chair the Subcommittees that have been created. Please reach out and let us know if you can help! More details will come as we move forward. 
Fundraisers: Painting with a Twist (Colleen), I’m going to move forward and begin planning this mini-event. The objective is to keep things simple. I will try to get an April date set up. More to come!

Thanks for taking the time to keep updated!


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