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Gallery Walk
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This free event takes place from 5-8pm and is open to the public.
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Celebrating 35 Years: Second Sunday Series
In honor of our 35th anniversary we will be extending a 10% discount off of our Second Sunday artists' work for the entire month!
 Sara Slee Brown
"My work is an exercise in exploring the known and the unknown: order versus chaos. The foundation of the work is built on familiar, realistic, people, places, or things. This represents for me the known in our world. Over, around, and through this foundation I add other images or fragments of images that are not so easily identified. When combined with the familiar they create a new reality which may not be as easily understood but nevertheless exists: a new perspective. The comfort of the familiar combined with the confusion of the unfamiliar is an expression of my experience in the world. The unexpected can crash down on us at any moment. Our shared reality, the familiar, connects us to each other, which provides an anchor we can hold on to when necessary."
Celebrating 35 Years: Featured Artist
In honor of our 35th anniversary we will be recognizing several of our longest running artists.
As a thank you to our valued patrons we are extending a 10% discount off of our featured artist's work for the entire month.
Louise Rauh
Iowa City, IA
Louise Rauh was raised in Endicott, NY, where her art teachers strongly encouraged her to pursue a career in dentistry. After relocating to Iowa City, she developed an interest in fine crafts. Inspired by the work produced by local artists Chunghi Choo and Mary Merkel-Hess, she enrolled in the University of Iowa Fine Arts program. She learned many metalworking techniques while studying under the guidance of Professor Choo. Louise received her MFA from the U of I in the spring of 2000.

While taking a break from graduate studies Louise opened her own fine arts and crafts gallery, "Studiolo" in Iowa City, IA, which she co-owned with partners John Rauh and Justine Zimmer. The gallery was closed in the Summer of 2002 so that the owners could spend more time making their own work. Louise has been happily creating ever since.

Louise's Iowa Artisans Gallery days began in 2005 while working for DJ Rinner Goldsmith, IAG's sister business. When DJ Rinner retired in 2013, Louise became an integral part of our IAG staff. Throughout her 14 years at the gallery Louise continues to develop and create new work while supporting the gallery in a multitude of ways.

Over the years Louise has participated in several retail shows, including: The Smithsonian Craft Show, The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, American Craft Exposition, and SOFA in Chicago. She has also been involved in several American Craft Council shows including The Westchester Craft Show and The Washington Craft Show.

Thank you, Louise, for your continued support of IAG and for sharing with us your creative and exuberant spirit!
Gallery News:
American Handcrafted Philadelphia!
Gallery managers Bethany Young and Meghan Carter recently attended the American Handcrafted wholesale show in Philadelphia. During their whirlwind 4 day trip they had the pleasure of touching base with several of our current artists and also procured the work of nearly 30 NEW artists!

We were also able to squeeze in a special visit to ceramicist Liz Kinder's studio. Bethany, Meghan, and their host Sarah feverishly picked out several fresh new styles of functional pottery and even some new lamps! Look forward to pictures of the new work in future newsletters!

A very special thank you goes out to our gracious hosts Sarah Runkel (a former IAG manager) and Lev Sunleaf, with whom we shared many laughs, and many desserts!

We are eager to share all of our new findings with you in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for updates on new artists in our newsletters and on social media!
New Artist Alert!
Stephanie Wheat
Rebellion Bags
Chicago, IL
"In 2003, I created 300 money clips for women, drenched in crystals, and started my first business in Scottsdale, AZ. I set out on a mission: food, diapers, and a roof over our heads. To that end, I created a way to help myself and women hold onto their money; both figuratively and literally. I had a new commercial pilot's rating that I set aside to go about the business of being a mother and I reconciled that being a designer supported that best. I also reasoned that all original ideas start somewhere, so why shouldn't I have one? With a one year old on my hip and the determination to keep him at home with me, I approached one high-end boutique after another. "But women don't carry money clips," they each said at first, to which I'd reply, "you're right, they don't, but they will!" And they did.

Next I made belts with monogrammed initials in crystals, sandals with crystals, t-shirts, card cases, compact mirrors; everything crystals. But I now considered myself an embellisher and that didn't sit well with me. Celebrities were carrying my money clips, but it felt disingenuous. I truly wanted to be a designer but I was heading in the wrong direction. Hollywood was not my goal. I was main street and everything in between, so again I set out to get my hands dirty and to make something real.

Leather held the answer and was a whole new love affair for me. I enjoyed the "handle" of leather and before I knew it belts and handbags made their way into my line. Simple things.

Fast forward through years of parenting, the market crash, closing my first business, submerging myself in yoga teaching, add a shift in my desire to define myself by any one label and you'll find me currently making things by hand that I truly hope you'll love. 

It's been said that if you spend 10,000 hours on anything, you'll know how to do it well. So I guess, the work really does teach us. Rebel on!" - Steph

Birthstone of the Month: Aquamarine
Photos below feature works by GM Bethany Young and goldsmith DJ Rinner.

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