Volume II |  March
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Looking at ways to improve your patient experience?
Use the Four E's!
Engage, Equip, Encourage, Empower.
Engage by creating an experience which establishes 'trust and credibility.'  Equip by providing 'Up To Date' education and materials to increase patient understanding.   Encourage dialogue by asking questions, listening to answers and identifying clinical and lifestyle needs of the patient.
Empower your employees to find creative solutions to practice challenges!
Get Your House In Order
Even the most successful practices need to re-evaluate their internal processes from time to time. We call it your 'routine check up!' When was the last time you had your practice secret shopped? Have you had an information packet sent to your home or your email recently to ensure the message is consistent and professional? Take a look at the surgical packets. Where did those 'copies of copies' come from and how did they get crooked? Have you written scripting for the entire team on any recently added services in the office? Try taking photos of the practice  in the middle of the day and then review them-a picture is worth a thousand words.  Aesthetics 360 can help you give your practice it's routine 'check up.' Give us a call at 954-770-2599 or visit our website and set up a complimentary call with one of our consultants.
Capture, Communicate and Convert! Never lose a lead, be able to track  efficiencies, and take the guess work out of your reporting. Having  a great contact resource management system will save you time and  keep your team accountable. A360 is highlighting a great CRM program for March. Do some homework and review MD prospects  for what it can offer. Decide for yourself. If you are not yet ready for this option, the A360 team  has alternate tools you can use to start with. You can always 'grow into' a program like MD prospects. Ask us about our manual filing system and excel spread sheets to begin your tracking process. The most important thing is you are tracking your leads, looking at your ROI and ensuring nobody falls through the cracks.

Increase efficiency and save time at patient check-in? Yes, it can be done! Add customized revenue generating questions to the  process seamlessly? Yes, it can be done!  Are lines, co-pays and added people accompanying family members creating waiting room 'grid lock?' This is something every practice seems to experience.  We are excited to let you in on more than one way to streamline this process. Aesthetics 360 has been proud to recommend 'Clear Wave' for the last three years. We have visited medical practices that utilize this service and we can tell you first hand it enhances the patient experience and allows the staff to focus on what is important-the patient. As an extra added bonus, questions can be customized at check in to enhance your internal marketing program. It also integrates with MD prospects! Take a look at our highlighted practice tool by clicking here.

Christine Lapointe
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