March 11th, 2019
Hello friends!

Our thoughts create our lives in so many ways and our ability to control them is super powerful!  
How we speak to ourselves becomes the narrative of our life story so take a deep breath, close your eyes, think yourself some optimistic words of hope, happiness and love and enjoy our new offerings. 

Light and flowy floral prints with smocking and bell sleeves.  
Jan popped these on with soft and faded wide leg jeans. Flower Power!

Bright and cheerful sweaters with sophisticated details for the move into Spring ( aka Mud Season)

A great new selection of elegant duster jackets that look great layered over long-sleeves now or a tank in the balmy days to come.  These look very classy dressed up for a special occasion but also channel boho chic with your favorite jeans. 

A gorgeous new hanging that sways as the air moves. 
The shadows it casts are just as beautiful as the piece itself!

Inspirational teacher Louise Hay collaborated with Kristina Tracy on this wonderful book to teach kids the power of affirmations.  Full of fun illustrations,
I think, I am shows children that they have control over their thoughts
 and how to turn negative thoughts into positive affirmations.  
Simple but powerful tools that strengthen happiness and confidence.

Please call us for the quickest response. Emails are checked less frequently. 
Thank you! 

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