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We are all aging. Whether you fight it, deny it, or embrace it, it's happening. You can't stop it. All you can do is decide how you will experience it.

Remember, a basic rule of  living intentionally is, what you expect, you experience. Unless you invest some time into consciously establishing your well-aging vision, you will naturally default to an unconscious vision of aging instilled by older members of your family and commercial culture. Yuck! Don't let this happen to you! Yes, many changes that come with aging are unavoidable, but it doesn't mean you have to succumb to disease, unhappiness and powerlessness.

How do you see yourself aging? ...[ Read the Blog]

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Essential Strategy #2:
Personal Branding
Personal branding is about presenting yourself to others to engage them in what you want to accomplish: your mission. More evolved than its passive cousin, Reputation, Personal Branding is consciously developed. It comes from within, from your deepest, truest self. It drives your decisions. It enforces your boundaries. It weaves strategies to get what you want. It gives you a strong "why." Personal branding is founded on your life purpose or mission, and emanates through everything you do. Personal Branding is a valuable counter to burnout because it enables you to release the trivial b.s. that creates stress and subterfuge, while keeping you focused on what matters . . . to YOU.
The Essential Advantage
The workplace--or life, in general--can seem an endless gladiator-style competition. The battle to stay ahead of everyone in every way is unwinnable. The competition mindset is a setup for burnout. There is a better way. Recognize that your advantage is your uniqueness. By maximizing your individual talents, passions and perspectives, you make the most of what you have to offer on a single-player field. No one can compete to be the best you, except you!

Avoiding the Tolls

Life can serve up a heck of a bill. As if the normal hits and hurts of a life-well-lived were not enough, it now requires nearly super-human vigilance to avoid the onslaught of painful news that threatens our core sense of security, and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

The trauma is real. We are exposed to distress at a rate and intensity never before known to mankind. In addition to immediate physical stress that causes disruption and disease, studies show trauma registers in our cells, intensifying aging and changing our DNA. Hear that: trauma is changing who we are!

Protect Yourself with 3 Energetic Practices:
1) Amplify your energy: Practice unapologetic self-care. You need all the energy you can get to function in today's world.
2) Protect your energy: Visualize yourself surrounded by an energy bubble and decide what you allow in. Be particularly cautious of opinionated people, news, and social media.
3) Direct your energy: Diligently evaluate where you spend your precious energy, and only invest it where you can make a difference.

Plus a Bonus Hack:
Because essential oils get into the bloodstream so readily and affect the brain so directly, reach for these stand-bys when you need immediate shifting :
  • Basil - comforting
  • Citrus - uplifting
  • Rose - for grief
  • Frankincense - spiritual support
  • Lavender - calming
  • Cypress - for courage
  • Peppermint - for clarity
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