March is marching on and the staff and volunteers at Holy Cross continue to work hard to help the students learn and thrive.

In this update I focus on two success stories that have been quietly ongoing and now deserve some focus - our literacy program, and the faithful volunteers from St Luke's Episcopal who keep coming back again and again to serve. 

Enjoy reading.
Raising up Literacy at Holy Cross
Thanks to Raise Me Up and over 20 volunteers, our ongoing literacy program is flourishing, giving one on one help to more than 50 students at Holy Cross.

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Volunteers Needed for Literacy and Math Summer Camp
We need volunteers for a fun summer camp for the weeks of 3 July and 10 July. Using fun and easy learning games, we'll work with students to improve literacy and math skills. Come one or both weeks. No experience needed.  Email
Click here if you're more interested in helping with construction/maintenance
What keeps St Luke's Coming Back?
St Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham, North Carolina have faithfully sent mission teams to Holy Cross every February for 11 years.  I wanted to know, what keeps them coming back?
February in Photos
Take a look back at the everyday events that made up February, including a few from our Valentine's Day Fair.  

Enjoy a look back at February with me.
Holy Cross Education Foundation Annual Meeting 
Members of the Holy Cross Education Foundation Board met at the school in February for their annual planning meeting and to hear status updates from the principals and other staff members.

From Left to Right are Brian Ostenso, Cindy Shaffer, Mike Gerber, Francis Wilson,  Bob Frady, Suzanne Kent, Vernon Wilson, John McHenry and Richard Shaffer.
Top 4 Wishlist Items
If you or someone you know is coming to Belize, please take note of our top 5 needs:
  1. Markers
  2. Construction paper
  3. Shoes
  4. Hard plastic plates and cups (for the feeding program)
Full wishlist
Thank you once again for celebrating our successes with us, and continuing to support this great school.

And remember, if you ever hear someone say these wonderful words - "I'm going to Belize" then PLEASE TELL THEM ABOUT US, and make sure they know we'd love for them to visit.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you again sometime.

Lydia and the team at Holy Cross
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