March 2019
March with NAPCA: 40 for 40
Last month we announced the preparation of our 40 for 40 Campaign and invited program participants to share their stories. We are excited to share our first video, an introduction with CEO Joon Bang.
NAPCA was founded 40 years ago on November 1, 1979 to address the divide between AAPI elderly and the services they were entitled to. In 40 years, NAPCA has directly served tens of thousands of AAPI elders and indirectly provided assistance to approximately 100,000 more.

Keep an eye on our 40 for 40 Campaign page for regular updates! We will be sharing one story per week for forty weeks.
SEE Chicago Brown Bag
Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) enrollees in Chicago met with NAPCA See Project Director, Michelle Kuo, at the March brown bag lunch. Mary Gelder, hired in June of 2018 as the Region V Emergency Operations Center Operator shared her experience of using her technical skills and knowledge to assist with efforts during the wild fire disaster on the west coast. Mary has been invited to the EPA Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Workshop in Cincinnati in April to present the process she automated that will help identify future potential problems. Congratulations, Mary!

Additionally, Naomi Coleman shared her new training as a vehicle dispatch coordinator to use automated systems to track EPA vehicles. Enrollees also greeted new team members, shared knitting projects, shared information on future care resources, and enjoyed fantastic company.

SEE brown bag lunches are held regularly in Seattle and Chicago, contact your program coordinator for more information!
SCSEP Participants Meeting
Kawabe Memorial House hosted the March 13th participants meeting with 34 attendees. Lizi Xian, SCSEP Seattle project coordinator, spoke on changes to assignment hours and answered questions regarding the changes; including the possible impact to participant's benefits such as SSI. Payroll updates including a reminder about the 2019 Federal Holiday Schedule, time sheet due dates, and SCSEP's leave-without-pay policy were also shared. Special emphasis was placed on labor law compliance regarding breaks and lunches based on worked hours, the inclement weather policy, and safety and accident reports.
NAPCA staff enjoyed having this great opportunity to meet with our SCSEP participants and express thanks to them for the great contributions they have made in the past quarter. We appreciate them for being a part of NAPCA. 

SCSEP Participants Meetings are held quarterly in Seattle. Please contact your program coordinator for more information.
How We Serve
Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)
SCSEP is the nation’s only job training program that promotes self-sufficiency with permanent employment for low-income, unemployed job seekers who are 55 years and older. Click here to learn more about SCSEP .
Employment (SEE)
The Senior Environmental Employment Program, also known as SEE, assists the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal, state, and local agencies in meeting their environmental mandates by using the talents and experience of workers 55 years of age and older. Click here to learn more about SEE .
Services (ACES)
The Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services Program, also known as ACES, assists the US Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service by providing workers 55 years of age and older to support conservation-related programs.   Click here to learn more about ACES .
National Resource
Center on AAPI
The National Resource Center on AAPI Aging is the nation’s first and only technical assistance resource center dedicated to building the capacity of long-term service and support systems to equitably serve AAPI older adults and their caregivers. Click here to learn more about NAPCA's Resource Center .
NAPCA Advocacy
NAPCA joined with the Elderly Housing Coalition for recommendations to HUD to increase funding for affordable and low-cost housing for older adults.
NAPCA's Team Spotlight
Lizi Xian joined NAPCA as the new SCSEP Project Coordinator of the Seattle Project Office at the end of November 2018. She completed her high school education in China and got her bachelor’s degree in psychology in the US. As an international student studying in a new country, she had to learn not only academic knowledge but also needed to learn about culture differences. Lizi experienced first-hand how culture differences and language barriers make older immigrants uncertain about their life in the US. During her early experience in the US, she witnessed many differences between her country and America in behavior, speaking, and thinking. Free and open learning environments also helped her find her true interest - to be a social worker helping immigrants, especially seniors who have the same confusing feelings and experiences as in her past.
On March 12, 2019 our partners in aging support at the AARP launched a nationwide campaign calling on lawmakers across the country to enact legislation to lower prescription drug prices and the related costs older Americans pay.

To learn more about the campaign and how you can share your story to join the fight to lower prescription costs for older Americans, click the button below.
April is National Social Security Month
Social Security is there for you and your family, providing financial protection and vital services for many, including the growing and diverse Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. See what you can do online including update information and check status of a pending application!