Please be advised, tomorrow Saturday, June 6 , a march “United Together Against Racial Injustice” is scheduled and begins at De La Guerra Plaza at 1 PM , travels down state street and ends at the Dolphin Statue. Flyers for the march call for no violence, looting, racism or vandalism and invite people to wear masks. The Santa Barbara Police Dept is prepared to open each block of state street to allow protesters to proceed down the street. Recent local marches have drawn crowds of over 3000 people and have been peaceful, we can expect the numbers may be similar Saturday. Another march is planned for Sunday, June 7th that we have limited details on that starts at the Dolphin Statue and proceeds towards the restaurant previously named Sambos. The march on Sunday is not expected to go up State Street. Marches and protests across the country have had different tones and some have resulted in property damage. We expect these marches to be peaceful and that those involved can have a tour of the new look of state street, but with that said please make decisions about how you would like to conduct your own business and property accordingly as we are in uncertain and unpredictable times.