For clients at CHI who are on the road towards renewed independence and self-sufficiency; sometimes they need to secure authentic photo identification first.

While many of us take this for granted, but the fact remains that a lack of proper identification, can be an obstacle for anyone who is applying for a job or a housing opportunity. Without formal identification a "somebody" can feel and be treated like a "no body" and no one should feel that way.

For client J.D. who was a resident at CHI's Blue Point shelter, securing photo ID made all the difference.
J.D. was having a difficult time obtaining employment. Though he had been on several interviews, his lack of a valid photo ID impeded his ability to be hired. During his many 1:1 meetings with his case worker, Michael, J.D. was offered guidance about how to obtain a copy of his birth certificate and picture ID from DMV. J.D. was concerned that even if he could complete all the details on the applications for both forms of ID, he had no way to pay for it. Michael knew that the Hand Up fund would be a perfect resource for this kind of financial assistance.
Within a month, J.D.'s identification documents arrived by mail.

J.D. then went back to a prospective landlord and told them he now had the required identification to complete his application. J.D. was re-interviewed by the landlord and was accepted and moved into his new apartment two days later.

After J.D. got settled in, he made it a point to call his case manager, Michael, to thank him for helping him. He expressed how grateful he is to have the peace of mind to be able to prove who he is with formal identification. It is truly one less obstacle in his life, and J.D. feels like "somebody" on his path towards living life with confidence and pride again.