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The Cultivator - March 2018
Pizza and Sweet Potatoes - The CobraHead Newsletter

Anneliese Makes Pizza! An easy recipe with homemade dough and good stuff from the garden. Here's the story.

Sprouting Sweet Potatoes. We only use sprouted sweet potatoes for our starts. It's way easier than starting potatoes in water or soil. Read Noel's blog.
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It's Here! The CobraHead Broadfork
We are pleased to announce the
CobraHead Broadfork.
Strong, light, easy to use.
After working in the garden with our new broadfork for the past several weeks, I know that it is all that we had hoped for. Our design is solid, and the tool is a pleasure to use. If you're thinking of a broadfork, please check ours out.

Gardeners, most especially vegetable growers, will find a broadfork an exceptionally useful tool. It can loosen compacted soil, help weed overgrown areas and can be used to help harvest crops. I've used a broadfork for 30 years and I couldn't garden in my open raised bed system without it.

Built by Structures Co., a local Cambridge machine shop and fabricator, our forks have turned out exactly as we had hoped and we are now selling them. Don't hesitate to call or email any questions.
Save 10% on All CobraHead products.
Use the code spring18 at checkout.
Please forward this announcement and our newsletter to your gardening friends.

Questions. Please let us know.