After a very rainy February, we couldn't be more excited for spring and the sunny days this March will bring! In February, we had the most fun learning about the Brazilian carnival: we made masks and danced to carnival tunes!
This month we look forward to celebrating St. Patrick's Day, sprouting the spring season seeds for our garden, and taking a brief break for Spring Break. Read along to catch up on what else we have going on this month!

"Within the child lies the fate of the future"
Maria Montessori


Curious about our weekly themes this month? In addition to our regular Montessori curriculum and lessons, our students will be focusing on:
  • Spring
  • Butterfly life cycle
  • Parts of the tree
  • Parts of bugs
  • Parts of the turtle
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Geography & Culture: Map of Asia, Animals of Asia

As we approach the end of flu season and prepare as a school to prevent against the spread of any other diseases, we'd like to share a friendly reminder our school illness policy.

Young Minds Illness Policy :

For protection of all children, a child should stay at home, if he/she has any of the following symptoms: 
  • Fever of 100 or more (additionally, your child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school) 
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Not feeling well enough to attend (bad cough, rash) 
  • Contagious disease (chicken pox, measles, mumps, flu) 
A doctor’s note may be required before the child can return to school. We thank you for helping us keep our school safe and healthy!

  • In an effort to improve the communication between our school and our families, we began sending weekly updates home with our students on Thursday/Friday of last week. The primary class reports are sent home on paper, and toddler class reports have been added to Friday's daily log sent via email. We hope you enjoy receiving more information regarding your child's development and learning. And please don't hesitate to give us feedback on them!

  • We also wanted to remind you that parent-teacher conferences are available throughout the year for those who request them. If you'd like to schedule one, please let Ashanthi or Eliisa know and we will organize a time for you to sit down with your child's teacher. You can also email us at

School pictures will be taken this week, feel free to dress your child up. Look below to find your child's picture day.
(If your child attends T/Th, their picture day will be Thursday March 5th;
if your child attends M/W/F, their picture day will be Friday March 6th).

Thursday March 5th
Dragonfly Class
Firefly Class
Ant Class

Friday March 6th
Caterpillar Class
Bee Class
Ladybug Class
Grasshopper Class
The school will be closed March 18th-20th for Spring Break .
Enjoy your holiday!

If your child is graduating please turn in your last day slips to Ms. Ashanthi or email at . We are open year-round, but just need to know whether your graduating child will be leaving us in May, or stay through the Summer Program.

Mark your calendars:
Graduation Ceremony will be held on
Friday May 22nd, 2020.
After all the rainy day cancellations, we have finally got both soccer and basketball seasons opened! The kids have been having so much fun and enjoying both programs. Pictures will be coming your way soon!

Although Spring is now here, we might still encounter some chilly days. Please remember to dress your child in long pants, comfortable closed toe shoes (no boots), and a jacket.  Your child will not be able to go outside if they are not appropriately dressed for the weather.  
Please ensure the extra change of clothes in in your child's cubby is weather-appropriate.

Thank you everyone who has recently written a review for us!