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Mar. 18, 2015 

In case you haven't noticed, it's almost spring! :)

Just kidding! How could you fail to notice the whole world reawakening and bursting into colour and life? 

Our new friend March Hare has inspired us to focus our energy on a month-long awareness of what it means to March. The required attention to detail has made us realize how lucky we are - and how easy it is to get out and see it!

March is the season of mangos and our snack menu is making the most of it! March is the time for field trips, so we've got two happening this week! The sun is shining, and everywhere we go, the birds are singing and bugs are buzzing. What a busy time of year! 

Taking it all in is extra easy in Vancouver city, because Buddings is on few great bus routes, and we're just four blocks from the CanadaLine. Getting around the whole Lower Mainland will be easier, too, if the transit referendum starting this month gives the green light to a Mayor's Council Proposal for a 25-year transit improvement project. The "yes" vote is a vote for better transit and sustainable transportation through our region. It's easy! Just vote yes.

Marching through March is underway...
Hup, two, three, four! 

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Marching through Mangos - this March!

Here in Vancouver, March is a time of awakening. In the alternate universe of Wonderland, it's a snowy ice-capade. In the tropics, it's the month of the MANGO!

That sounds delicious!


Cream cheese mango wraps, mango dipped in yogurt, mango salad and mango smoothies are all on the menu this week, and we can't wait to try them all. 


Snack times at Buddings are 10am and 3pm, and all our snacks, events, and closures are on our Google Calendar. 


Don't forget, we'll be closed for both Apr. 3 and 6, for the very hoppy holiday of bunnies and eggs.

Wrapping up the Winter Season

The Winter Season is wrapping up ( rapping?), with a hip-hopping party on Friday Mar. 27, and a guest appearance by our new friend the March Hare! The afternoon festivities include a special presentation on... Marching!

The March Hare has tasked the kids with discovering the meaning of March, and to prepare for his visit, we've got fieldtrips all over town to get to know our month!

On Thursday, we're choo-choo choosing the Roundhouse Community Centre, for a day in the life of a train. The kids will hop aboard Vancouver's own little engine, the CanadaLine, for a quick dash to Yaletown to visit a real live train! 

And on Friday, it's a hop, skip, and a jump on the Oak Street bus to VanDusen Botanical Gardens to visit the Earth Mother, as she wakes all the creatures from sleep. 

That's the story the kids have been exploring this month while Johanna test drives her new Story Journeys class, running on Tuesdays and Fridays through the Spring Season. 

It runs from April 6 to June 26, and you can watch this space next week for details on Story Journeys, Natural Scientists, Part of the Neighbourhood, and - SURPRISE! Thursday's class is still to be revealed!

It goes down from 1 - 4pm every afternoon and you can find more info at buddings.ca/big-kids, or by emailing preschoolers@buddings.ca

Why a .5% tax increase for transit makes millions in public sense

Buddings Field Trips take kids and teachers out into the world, and all over town, exploring what it means to be a Vancouver kid, and transit is a huge part of that education. 

This month, Vancouver voters will be receiving ballots for  the coming transit referendum, and we hope you've had a chance to weigh the benefits of the Mayor's Council Proposal for long-term investment in public transportation. 

This Sucks Vancouver!
"Just Vote Yes... It's ridiculous... Why are we making this video?
Just Vote Yes. It's stupid."

This is a project where everyone wins.  The proposed tax increase will be $1 everytime your family spends $200, and is distributed fairly over everyone in the region. And everyone benefits. 

This is an important municipal issue and your city wants your input. When your ballot arrives, tell them to get our public transit improvements moving!

Update on Denet - 90% positive... 

It's been a while since we first let you know about an application with Service Canada to have our amazing dance and daycare teacher Denet return to our staff. 

It took almost 6 months, and while the answer isn't totally clear, the interview happened Monday. Talia's post on the blog is about what she's learned. 
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