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Mar. 4, 2015 

How do you March? How do you spend your days during the third month? There are hot places, and cold places, and some places are just... springing to life!

Our new friend March Hare has inspired us focus our energy on a month-long awareness of what it means to March. The extra attention to detail has opened our eyes to the light and the life all around us.

It's flowers, birds, ants, grasshoppers, and, luck us! Sunshine!  

Other centres are closing down, but care-when-you-need-us is here when you need it!

Buddings is open all month long, and meeting lots of new short stay friends has been a blast! We're even welcoming back some of our graduated buddies! The sun is shining down on us, and we're planning fieldtrips galore. If you'd like your buddy to join us, it's easy! Send a note to preschoolers@buddings.ca to get the detailed information for the month.

Getting around the Lower Mainland will be easier, too, if the transit referendum starting this month gives the green light to a Mayor's Council Proposal for a 25-year transit improvement project. The "yes" vote is a vote for better transit and sustainable transportation through our city. Easy!

Marching through March is underway...
Hup, two, three, four! 

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March News
Marching Through March: How do you March?

If you haven't been following this year's snow-pocalyps reports from the East, it turns out that Vancouver is the only city in Canada experiencing Spring. 


Even the alternative universe of Wonderland has frozen over!

The March Hare has had it up to ear with the white wintery stuff in Wonderland! He's looking for a springier spot to spend the spring, and Vancouver has hit his radar. He's asked the kids how Vancouverites... March?

They're ready to oblige! Check the blog post about our explorations so far, and watch your child's cubby for their own interpretations! 

And join us in welcoming the March Hare on Mar. 27, when he hops into Buddings for our Farewell to Winter and official Welcome to Spring Party, happening all day long on the last Friday of the month!

Why a .5% tax increase for transit makes millions in public sense

Maybe you've heard that the coming transit referendum, with ballots going out next week, proposes a tax increase for transit improvement...?  

In cities, no matter how you travel, accessibility to transit gets you there faster. Congestion decreases when people have reliable alternatives. It needs to be convenient, affordable, and safe, and that costs money. 

The Mayor's Council Proposal outlines the improvements for the Lower Mainland, and a means of funding the $7.5 billion project, that includes a skytrain line directly to Buddings! :)

This is a project where everyone wins!  The proposed tax increase will be $1 everytime your family spends $200, and is distributed fairly over everyone in the region. All of whom will benefit.

This is an important municipal issue and your city wants your input. When your ballot arrives, tell them to get our public transit improvements moving!

Parking Spot Shift - Improvement Coming

Finally, the sign for our parking stall on the back of the building has disappeared. The rubberized pylon rig that was supposed to hold it to the pavement has been knocked off a few times, and now the writing's on the wall... We need to mount the sign to the wall.  

Our daycare drop off spot is moving a little to the... right - from stall #13, to #15. When the lot is resurfaced, the ratchet marking for the pedestrian walkway will run next to the spot, to provide extra space for kids in car-seats, etc. Word is, this will be this summer. 

Also frustrating for many families is the Out of Service condition of the elevator. The building manager has recently retired, and the new manager is aware of the situation. 

In the meantime, please consider using the back lot if you have a lot of... um... stuff.   

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