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My Giving Story
Who are our partners in mission? Our collaborators in ministry? Our investors in the work of social justice, ecological advocacy, prayer and all we do to invite love and goodness in the world? They are FSPA donors.
As we celebrate Catholic Sisters Week, we give thanks to a donor who shares her inspiration for joining us in supporting communities and individuals throughout the world.

"Born in the Milwaukee area more than 70 years ago, I grew up never hearing about the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. Upon moving to La Crosse, Wisconsin, I heard occasional news reports about them but certainly hadn't become interested. That changed when I learned that Gordon, an amazing man of faith who worshiped with my congregation, was something called 'an affiliate with FSPA.' The interest turned into intrigue when I met Joe, an amazing man of service who was 'an affiliate with FSPA.' I was completely hooked when I met Jo, an amazing woman whose spirituality poured out through her ministry of music and who was also 'an affiliate with FSPA.'

"They say the third time is a charm, and I allowed myself to be pulled into FSPA affiliation. It has now been 20 years since I became an affiliate. During this long while, I have had many experiences that have brought and continue to bring me into the workings of FSPA. I have had ample opportunities to know who they are, inside and out. Throughout all these years my attraction to the FSPA has not wavered or waned. It has intensified and broadened to include ongoing financial support. I love being a part of all the FSPA does in as many ways as I can, including the sharing of my money."
What's your giving story? We invite YOU to share your own story and make a donation in honor of a sister who has made a positive impact on your life!

With your permission, we will share your stories on our website and social channels. Email FSPA Mission Advancement Director Rochelle Nicks at [email protected] to submit yours!
In the News
The Earth Tenders, a group of affiliates with the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration are connecting with FSPA land on St. Joseph Ridge, just outside of La Crosse, in an effort to acknowledge and learn from our ancestors. "The Indigenous people of North America taught the first European settlers how to tap the maple tree and make syrup. We want to acknowledge that history and the importance of connecting to nature, on the ancestral land of the Ho-Chunk Nation that we call the FSPA land on St. Joseph Ridge," says Beth Piggush, FSPA's integral ecology director.

On Feb. 19, the Earth Tenders did just that. They gathered on St. Joseph Ridge to tap the maple trees and will gather again at a future date to process it into maple syrup!
During an event at The Catholic University of America on Feb. 17, Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory highlighted "Servant of God Sister Thea Bowman, a former CUA graduate and a nationally known evangelist who was credited with calling for Black Catholics to bring their 'whole selves' to the church."

Read Catholic Standard's Feb. 19 article titled "At CUA on Tap, Cardinal Gregory encourages students to live out their faith and emphasizes role Black Catholics play in the Church."
On The Podcast and Blog
Messy Jesus Business

In the latest episode of Messy
Jesus Business podcast, Sister
Julia Walsh talks with Sister Helen Prejean, who is known for her work to end the death penalty. They discuss how Sister Helen became
a minister to Pat Sonnier on death row, which led her to work for justice.

Sister Julia and Sister Helen also talk about how the Gospel calls the Church to be among the poor and on the margins, how storytelling has a power to change hearts and minds, as well as the true meaning of justice.

Listen to Sister Julia Walsh's Feb. 24 podcast "Legalized Vengeance and Waking Up to Justice."

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Wanderings and Wonderings

"I am sitting outside my room. There is an adorable dachshund/golden retriever mix lying next to me. I am facing an inner courtyard that is full of gardens and an octagonal chapel that is both simple and exquisite. It gets hot here – in the 90's and super humid, but I am comfortable in the shade this morning.

I have been in Ascención, Bolivia for a week. It took a while to get connected to the WIFI here, and I know I am a bit late with this reflection. You might be wondering what's new? Well, everything!"

Read Sister Meg Earsley's Feb. 28 blog titled "Newness Abounds."

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