Good News Update 207 - 6 June  2017 

Margaret Court - A Champion for Marriage

For some time Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, has been pushing a radical homosexual agenda
In March he joined other CEOs of large Australian companies in sending a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to support so-called 'marriage equality'. At that time Qantas made a black ring available to employees to wear as a sign of support for homosexual marriage.

It is abundantly clear to many social commentators that Joyce, who himself is openly homosexual, has hijacked Australia's national airline to advance his personal political agenda

In April last year he spoke some menacing words to those who do not share his personal support for homosexual marriage. He said 
"If you're unhappy with a company that's involved with the (homosexual marriage) campaign, you won't be able to bank and you won't be able to fly anywhere."  This tells customers to embrace the rainbow agenda or take their business elsewhere.  And that is just what many have done, including the greatest female tennis player of all time.
Margaret Court, now the senior minister at Victory Life Centre in Perth,  wrote an open letter to Qantas in her local newspaper The West Australian on 25 May .  She said,  "I am disappointed that Qantas has become an active promoter for same-sex marriage. I believe in marriage as a union between a man and a woman as stated in the Bible.  Your statement leaves me no option but to use other airlines where possible for my extensive travelling." 

For standing up for traditional marriage and family values she, as a 74-year old wife, mother and grandmother, has been pilloried by LGBTI activists. 

Retired tennis great Martina Naratilova, herself a lesbian and longstanding critic of Margaret Court's beliefs, accused Margaret Court of being "a racist and a homophobe". She is also pressuring Tennis Australia to have her name stripped from the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne. A growing chorus of tennis players in Australia and around the world have joined in the demonisation.

All this furore provides us with real insight into the thinking of militant homosexual marriage advocates. Many will simply not tolerate dissent.  Bill Muehlenberg of Culture Watch observes that their response is "to bully and intmidate into silence anyone who dares to differ." 

Margaret Court shares "I think ... any Christian or anyone who is standing up about the values of marriage ... is getting slammed in this country.  I think we are getting bullied, and I think it's been a bit too one-way, and we haven't been able to say why we believe marriage is between a man and a woman  ... We're getting bullied because we do free speech. "
The Canberra Declaration, of which Margaret Court is a signatory, states, "Religious freedom includes freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. ... We affirm the basic necessity of freedom of conscience, having the liberty to speak publicly about one's faith and beliefs."  
Thankfully, amid the firestorm, there are voices of support.
Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had the courage to quickly oppose the push to change the name of the Margaret Court Arena saying  "whatever people may think about Margaret Court's views on gay marriage, she is entitled to have them and to fly on whatever airline she likes ... Margaret Court Arena celebrates Margaret Court the tennis player."
In a letter to the editor of the 27 May edition of  The Australian we read "In the same-sex marriage debate, Joyce served the first ball by making Qantas policy a supporter. Court is now simply returning Joyce's serve straight down the line, backing herself against overwhelming political correctness."
Upset by the vicious attacks on Pastor Margaret Court, indigenous leaders who were behind the Uluru Bark Petition, that was presented to the government on 13 April 2015 made a media release.  
Aboriginal Elder, Richard Evans, said,  "We are thankful for Margaret Court's support for marriage between a man and a woman because the heart of the Uluru Bark Petition states that marriage between man and woman is, and has always been, sacred to the oldest living culture on earth." 
Other supporters include a former homosexual who is a member of Margaret's church. He said, "Pastor Margaret may not support gay ideology, but neither do all same-sex attracted people across Australia."    
But even so, now it seems the Australian Medical Association has capitulated to political correctness and the LGBTI agenda.  Marriage Alliance in a recent email  reports  that the AMA has released a  document  to express its official support of homosexual marriage, effectively turning its professional commitments into a political statement. 
Please - 
  • Pray for protection over Margaret Court and her family.  Pray that the extreme bullying by LGBTI  activists to silence honestly held Christian beliefs about marriage and family in Australia will backfire.    
  • Sign this petition sponsored by the Christian Federation to support Margaret Court's right to freedom of speech.
  • Write a letter to your local paper supporting Margaret Court's stand for marriage and family. 
Thank you!
In closing we say 'Good on you, Margaret Court!  We thank God for you! You are indeed a champion!
Yours for the defense of marriage and family in Australia,

David Rowsome & Warwick Marsh  

PS  A new book Margaret Court - The Autobiography is now available.  It documents her life and what made her a legendary tennis champion. You can order a copy at the bottom of this page.

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