Patricia Mariano
King Kong Park
Digital Composite
27" x 27"

Patricia Mariano
Myrtle Beach, SC

King Kong Park  won 3rd place at the Seacoast Show and was judged into Artfields.

"I have never had formal training but have taken a winding road that has slowly moved me and my art through the years. Quilting was the start of my road, loved the precision needed when working with fabric. There was a path laid out for me, hundreds of blocks developed by women through the years but I could make something totally different with my choice of colors and stitching. Then I began making my own fiber art trying to express myself which lead to using my photos printed on fabric. That turned my road into years of working with digital collage. 

I am telling a story thru my digital composites. King Kong started with a photo of a gorilla and the next photo was the whirling chairs that I remember riding when I was a child. When I placed the whirling chairs on King Kong's head, the sad story of how we, humans, turn other animals into objects for our entertainment was clear. If King Kong had been real this is, unfortunately, how we would find him. $20 admittance fee."
- Patricia Mariano

Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, married and moved with my husband 10 times. We have lived and traveled all over the world; Turkey, Netherlands, India and Rome were our posts. We lived in the States for a few years between a couple of posts. That's when I took a few courses at a community college in commercial art. Worked as a digital artist until our next move. Now that we are retired, I have the time to pursue art. The internet, with its array of classes with well known artists, has widened my artistic horizon. My art is in 3 local galleries and have sold in galleries in California, North Carolina and Virginia.