Marin Chapter Newsletter
February 17, 2018

CCL exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power.
-- Mission Statement

 Our EPA wants to hear from us!

It's true! Before axing Obama's Clean Power Plan, our EPA is conducting "listening sessions" around the US to ascertain what We the People think, and San Francisco is on their list. We're partnering with other organizations to build alliances and to tell them what we think, either in person or online.
Don't be silent.

Last year's drew 1,300, and lobbying was capped at 950. (Most House offices are really small.) This year will be even bigger, so please register early, especially if you plan to ascend The Hill.

Help young people attend the conference
Marin CCL members are helping bring a few youth members to DC. If you'd like to donate miles or funds, please contact Molly .
A beautiful and timely essay
The Darkness and the Needle

"The next two years, give or take, are the most important years in the history of humanity. We have the profound honor of being perhaps the only people in history to know exactly what threatens the world most, while still being in a position to avert much of it.

New Member Orientation: February 22 and March 22 in Larkspur. Contact Barbara for details.
Our Social Media team invites your clicks, likes and posts.
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Thank you, Amanda and Jay!

Hope on the Potomac:
Climate Solutions Caucus Hits 70, not without controversy

You've noticed?
A Hot, Dry Winter in California. Could It Be Drought Again?
Now that we know how vulnerable our elections really are, it's all hands on deck!

Make 2018
 A Climate Election

Denial Corner

"You can run, but you can't hide"
-- Boxer Joe Louis
Remember the " CO2 is the gas of life " lady nominated to lead the White House Council on Environmental Quality? She's out.
From the retired military leaders at
The Center on Climate and Security:

Read this terse, bipartisan letter from 104 members of Congress about Trump's egregious omission of climate change from his national security speech.
Op-Ed by former S.F. Chronicle economics editor and Marin CCL member
Jonathan Marshall

Ready to get more involved? Action teams invite you :
We're all volunteers, and you don't need to be an expert. 
One of the best ways to get involved is to...just get involved! Our action team leaders invite you to participate.

If yo ur skill set resonates with any of these teams, please  contact  Molly  with your interest.

Wonk Room:
Years of Living Dangerously is now  The YEARS Project.  They’ll still be telling the biggest story of our time, but doing it in a new way: on  Facebook Watch . Check it out, along with their other superb climate videos. 
For the latest climate news, sign up for briefings from this Pulitzer Prize-winning website.
New From the New York Times, a weekly digest of their climate coverage
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