Marin Chapter Newsletter
June, 2020

CCL exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power. -- Mission Statement

Looking for something to do?
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Earth Day with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe
Watch a wonderfully entertaining talk by one of the world's most skilled climate communicators.

The Essentials:
Robert Archer
Yale trained, retired USAID energy economist,
Marin CCL steering committee member and
Lead, CCL Economics Policy Network

Deeply understand the wisdom of carbon fee and dividend
National Conference

June 13 and 14, 10:00 AM- 1 PM PT
CCL has Zoom capacity for 10,000! Invite your friends.
Register here . (Free)

Featuring talks by:

S enator Mike Braun , R-Indiana, co-chair of the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus.
Senator Chris Coons , D-Delaware, co-chair of the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus. 
Representative Carlos Curbelo , former R-Florida,
co-founder of the House Climate Solutions Caucus. 

Saturday Breakouts (Partial list of 27):

Sunday, June 14, 10 AM-Noon:

Virtual Lobby Days:
June 16 (Senate) and 17 (House)
Arranged by chapter leads

Virtual Reception:
June 18, 5-6 PM PT
Zoom in, dress up, BYOB!
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Think Locally:

Green Change Presents

 As long as you're confined, tune in. or email:
Impacts of Bay Area Sea-level Rise:
How Can Nature Help?
Rising Shorelines and Higher Groundwater Will Require Significant Adaptation
Moderated by CCL member Stuart Siegel
Thursday June 18, 2020
6:30 - 8:30 PM online - Register
TEDxMarin presents its first (virtual) Salon on The Climate Crisis
Marin CCL is a proud sponsor
Thursday, June 25, 2020

This is where CCL, our super radical organization, positions itself: smack dab in the radical middle:
The Far Middle is the radical idea that we need to work together to solve our biggest problems, like climate change. After all, what are the chances that one side has all the exact right answers, and the other side has all the exact wrong answers? Exactly zero. 

We’re authorizing Democrats and Republicans in Congress to work together, at a safe distance, on climate solutions. Our future depends on it. Not right. Not left. Straight ahead.
Now, more than ever.
Biden vs. Trump: Where the 2020 Candidates Stand on Climate Issues
Joe Biden Must Convince Climate Voters He’s a True Believer
"In fact, the former vice president has offered  a detailed roadmap f or decarbonizing the economy that is historic by any number of yardsticks—
...climate is by far the most important issue to reach persuadable voters who cast their ballots for Trump in 2016. About 10 percent of Trump voters said they are at least considering voting Democratic in 2020, and they are overwhelmingly young and care about climate."
(But no mention of carbon pricing...)
By Boston CCL member Attorney W. Bart Lloyd

"O nly one bill is designed to be fair to all. It also happens to be the one that is most politically viable and sustainable."

A review of current carbon pricing proposals in congress, and why the Energy Innovation Act is the most equitable
Dividends can benefit consumers while building momentum towards renewables
The Climate Club
How to Fix a Failing Global Effort

Do you know what "the prisoner's dilemma" and "free-riders" are?(No, not Easy Rider...) Do you think the Paris Accord will save us? (It won't.)
2018 Nobel economics laureate, Yale professor William Nordhaus, argues that a carbon tax with border carbon tariffs is the most effective mechanism to harness the global economy towards civilization's survival.
Still a Chinese hoax?
Warmest Oceans on Record Add to Hurricanes, Wildfire Risks

"Parts of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans all hit the record books for warmth last month, according to the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Information. The high temperatures could offer clues on the ferocity of the Atlantic hurricane season, the eruption of wildfires from the Amazon region to Australia, and whether the record heat and severe thunderstorms raking the southern U.S. will continue."

Buckle up.
Oh, great.
Climate Change Multiplies the Threats of Infectious Diseases

Coronavirus Shows Us What Our Future Could Look Like During Climate Crisis

" Coronavirus, like climate, isn’t just about a singular crisis — it’s about multiple crises, stacked on top of each other, all at once . But for those of us who have lived in acute awareness of the reality of the climate crisis, the current state of pandemic dread feels awfully familiar — just a more imminent version of the dread about the climate that we have been feeling for years."

Q: When are we going to recruit the entire global economy to help us survive? National actions are necessary but insufficient.
Meet the Climate Science Deniers Who Downplayed COVID-19 Risks
-- DeSmog Blog (sign up for free)

6 Ways Trump’s Denial of Science Has Delayed the Response to COVID-19 (and Climate Change)
Misinformation, blame, wishful thinking and making up facts are favorite techniques

5 Climate Skepticism Tactics Emerging With Coronavirus
-- Forbes

While sheltering in place, have you been active? (Yes, it's still possible.)
Better days: Bay Area CCL members with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe (front row, blue blazer, big smile) last year when she was awarded the Stephen Schneider Award by the Commonwealth Club, before social distancing became de rigeur.

If you've (safely) done something that qualifies as a CCL activity -- interactions with the media, the public, contact with elected representative -- please let us know. These important stats continue to be very impressive.
Please contact Ray Welch with the details.
What's New with the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act?
80 Congressional Cosponsors
614 Businesses
98 Faith Groups
100 Local governments
168 Nonprofits
21 News Media
384 Prominent Individuals
Wondering what works?
Become an expert modeler:

Learn from this deep and fun MIT model what works, how well and what doesn't in lowering emissions and eventual global temperature rise. You'll be surprised.
A carbon price is the most powerful tool in the tool box but alone is insufficient. Multiple tools are needed, but without an effective price to incentivize and amplify their impacts , nothing else gets the job done -- not even close.
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Prepared by Peter G. Joseph, M.D. 
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