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May 2018

CCL exists to create the political will for climate solutions by enabling individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power. -- Mission Statement

No obfuscation here. We'd better hurry and get the world's economy aligned with civilization's survival.
Price carbon now!
170 Californians are going, and only100 lobbying slots remain. If you're wanting to wander the halls of power, register now! (You can attend without lobbying.) The speaker lineup is superb.

Got friends elsewhere in CA? 11 Districts have no constituents registered: CA21, CA24, CA25, CA29, CA32, CA35, CA38, CA40, CA41, CA42, CA51

You can still register for the Advanced Climate Policy Camp June 6 - 8 at American University.

Undergraduates can apply to have their registration & lodging fees waived at
On Saturday, June 9, the day before the CCL international conference begins, more than 120 partner organizations including CCL will mobilize for the March for the Ocean to raise awareness and advocate for solutions -- such as pricing carbon emissions to curtail warming and acidification. The main march will be at the National Mall, with sister events including San Francisco. As an ocean community, we should be there in force! If you care to make a sign, include carbon pricing as a solution.
Going to DC? Help needed with constituent letters at the conference

CCL California is hosting the 2018 letter exchange , where conference attendees hand piles of constituent letters to Congressional staffers on lobby day (sometimes with an impressive thud .)

We need CA CCLers to file all those letters Sign up here . There will be snacks and live streamed video so you won’t miss anything. Thank you!
Tabling Means Summertime Fun!
Meet your neighbors and help spread the word. Contact Jay o

Next Orientation: May 17
Contact Barbara

Tabling for CCL at local events is fun and easy for both new and experienced members. We partner new members with experienced ones for "on-the-job training." This is a great way to learn more, get to know your neighbors and other CCL members.

During May and June, we will table at the  Thursday Farmers' Market  at the Civic Center.   Shifts are 8 am - 10:30 am and 10:30 am to 1 pm.

We also have a booth at the  Fairfax EcoFest, June 9th & 10th . Shifts are 10:30 - 1:30, 1:00 - 4:00, 3:30 - 6:30 pm (includes set-up and clean-up).

Please contact Jay Frantz to volunteer. Wear sunscreen and have fun!
Marin group leader Dr. Peter Joseph

The Doctors Are Coming

There's a new kid in town -- the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health . This growing year old organization now represents 21 US medical societies, including the AMA, comprising over 400,000 US physicians and is leading organized medicine deeper into the climate and health conversation. Marin Chapter lead Dr. Peter Joseph and S.F. chapter lead Dr. Robin Cooper travelled to DC in April with other physician members of CCL's Health Team to attend the Consortium's first annual meeting at George Mason University. Dr. Joseph's presentation is here (@11 min.)
Novato School District passes climate resolution as Schools for Climate Action elevates climate change as a children's issue
Just the Facts Please:
Core training every Tuesday @ 5 PT on CCLU!

On May 1, Marin CCL economist Robert Archer expertly explained the three elements of CCL's proposal and common myths about it. Great talking points! (30 min.)
Thanks, Bruce Riordan


The New York Times breaks down the  top 5 reasons why global GHGs rose in 2017 .  While renewables grew faster than any other energy sector, they couldn’t match the growth in overall energy demand. Other reasons: Fast-growing Asian economies, a comeback for coal in certain countries, SUV sales booming here and government energy efficiency efforts slowing down. (Comment: that's why we need an effective carbon price!)

"This is something that climate models have predicted for a long’s bad news.” --Stefan Rahmstorf (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research). The huge consequences of this news led to coverage everywhere—from  Forbes  to  Real Climate , the  Washington Post , the  Guardian  and more. ( Trivia question: What's the unit of measurement of seawater volume moving in ocean circulation? Answer below.)


Federal Judge William Alsup, hearing the San Francisco/Oakland lawsuits vs. the fossil fuel companies, held a five-hour tutorial on March 21st. The Verge’s Sarah Jeong has an  excellent play-by-play  analysis, headlined  Chevron Says Climate Change is Real, And It’s Your Fault .

Inside Climate News published a   wonderful set of answers   to the 8 questions Judge Alsup posed. The latest ICN update are  here  on the other lawsuits—including Marin, San Mateo and Richmond—plus the state suits, AND the  “trial of the century” -- Oregon kids' lawsuit now set for November 2018. A new  kids lawsuit  has been filed in Florida against Gov. Rick Scott. 

Bruce Riordan
Climate Readiness Institute

The Climate Readiness Institute brings together academic experts from UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, UC Davis, and Stanford University with Bay Area climate practitioners to tackle our region's most critical climate challenges
Get your bug juice ready...
here they come.
Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C. Finds

"The Trend Is Your Friend"

  A large majority of Americans who think global warming is happening now outnumber those who don’t by 5 to 1. Americans are also growing more certain that global warming is happening.  Certainty has increased 12 percentage points in the past 3 years , with 49% of the public now “extremely” or “very sure” that global warming is happening.

The time is right to enact an effective carbon price! Read on.

How to talk about Climate Change so people will hear you.
Highly recommended, 15 min .
Got Lies?
Senator Joe Manchin's (D-W.Va), campaign ad taking aim at the 2009 cap and trade bill
Years of Living Dangerously explores the imperative of carbon pricing and how the ill-fated 2009 Cap and Trade bill got shot down. (It was vulnerable, and that's why a revenue neutral, fully refunded carbon fee has a much better chance. See Bob Archer's presentation above.)

MIT and National Renewable Energy Lab study:

Supports REMI findings. Full dividend return is the least regressive, most equitable modality. And since corporate tax cuts have already been enacted, they're no longer needed for revenue neutrality or politically. CCL's proposal gains credibility.

Happy Anniversary, Dr. Keeling, and t hanks for the warnings. We wish we'd heeded them long ago.
OMG Department:
Arctic Sea Ice Just Set Another Record Low—In Winter. (Isn't that when it's supposed to be, like, frozen?)
Trivia Q answer: the measure of water volume in ocean circulation is the Sverdrup .
From last month's newsletter, ICYMI:
Al Gore, the CIA, and Cold War spy intel:
How they helped advance climate science

A fascinating, slightly humorous new documentary about how US and Soviet military intel agencies collaborated at the end of the cold war, sharing secrets and contributing to early understanding of the trouble brewing in the Arctic -- until quashed after the 2000 election.
Climate Deniers: Go To Hell --
or thereabouts
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Thank you, Amanda and Jay!

Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend: Bending the Emissions Curve wins it's third popular choice award at MIT

Our third winning MIT Climate CoLab entry offers a deep primer on CCL's proposal (follow the links for full effect!)
Denial Corner

"You can run, but you can't hide"
-- Boxer Joe Louis
CCL responds to Scalise anti-carbon tax resolution
Citizens’ Climate Lobby has again challenged the basic assumption in another anti-carbon tax resolution, again introduced by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), that such a levy would be “detrimental to the United States economy.” If done right way, a tax or fee on carbon would actually boost the economy. Read why and see the MIT/NREL study above.
Ready to get more involved? Action teams invite you :
We're all volunteers, and you don't need to be an expert. 
One of the best ways to get involved is to...just get involved! Our action team leaders invite you to participate.

If yo ur skill set resonates with any of these teams, please  contact  Molly  with your interest.

Wonk Room:
Years of Living Dangerously is now  The YEARS Project.  They’ll still be telling the biggest story of our time, but doing it in a new way: on  Facebook Watch . Check it out, along with their other superb climate videos. 
For the latest climate news, sign up for briefings from this Pulitzer Prize-winning website.
New From the New York Times, a weekly digest of their climate coverage
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