Marin Chapter Newsletter                May 2017
National Conference Overflows, 
950 citizens to storm The Hill on June 13.
You can help by calling Congress.
  Visiting with Sen. Boxer, 2014
1,200 citizens from all over the US, Canada and other countries will gather in D.C. June 11-13 for the 8th International CCL Conference and Lobby Day, and 950 will meet with Congress (most offices are small). It all started with just 25 folks 8 short years ago when few even talked about climate change, let alone a carbon fee. An exciting array of keynotes, workshops and speakers from both within and outside CCL we be there.  Here's a short video from last year's conference. 
Make Your Voice Heard in Support of CCL's Lobby Day! 
Guess how many constituent phone calls in a day are considered a "flood" by a Congressional office? Answer: just 10. You can support the 950 CCL volunteers who will roam the marble halls on Tuesday, June 13 by calling your 3 representatives on Friday, June 9, over the weekend or on Monday, June 12.   Here's the information. There's more on CCL Community and FB. Please mark your calendar! 
CCL Hero Featured in the New York Times
 Marin Supervisors Will Vote on Climate Resolution Tuesday, May 23 
Marin Supervisors Damon Connolly and Kate Sears have introduced a resolution  to the Marin Board of Supervisors which urges  Congress to enact a revenue neutral carbon fee, dividend and border carbon duty. Here is their supporting letter to the Board. It aligns with the State legislature's ARJ43 , passed last August, and with other other community resolutions, including those from M odesto,  Berkeley,  Richmond,  Santa Monica, E ncinitas,  San Luis Obispo,  Los Altos,  El Cerrito,  Albany, and  Morro Bay. The public hearing begins Tuesday, May 23 at 9 AM, Room 330 in the Civic Center.  Thank you, Supervisors Sears and Connolly!  
Marin Membership Meetings Continue
We held a productive general membership meeting on May 7 and plan to continue them. Next meeting: Sunday, June 25, 4-6 PM in Tiburon. They're a great way to get more involved and up to speed  on CCL's proposal, dive into CCL's rich web resources, connect with others and to plug into the action teams we've created to continue the momentum. Further details in June. 
Please mark your calendar and R SVP to Marcy.
Action Teams Want You!
We're all volunteers, and you don't need to be an expert to help. 
One of the best ways to get involved is to...just get involved! Our action team leaders invite you to participate. Teams include:
If your skill set resonates with any of these teams, please contact Molly Whiteley with your interest.

Breaking: The Fate of California's Cap and Trade Program 
There's important movement afoot regarding California's existing carbon emissions reduction program, now facing major challenges. Members of the state legislature have introduced a hybrid bill that includes features of a carbon fee and dividend. While nationally CCL remains laser focused on Congress and a carbon fee, CCL supports volunteers who have formed a separate organization to help it along. The politics around this bill are moving very fast, and lobbying in Sacramento is under way. If you want to "act locally," full details are at
 The Conservative Climate Plan Explained in this Excellent TED Talk
Ted Halstead, creator of the Climate Leadership Council  (Shultz, Baker, Paulson, Mankiw, Walton, et al) , explains in in this 13 minute TED talk why a revenue neutral, fully refunded carbon fee, dividend and border carbon duty can be conservatives' escape ladder from denial to action. While this proposal isn't exactly CCL's, we hope it has an impact. Want some great talking points? Memorize this speech. 
The House Climate Leadership Caucus Keeps Expanding -- and Acting
In case you missed it on the CCL website, here's encouraging news from DC about the House Climate Solutions Caucus:

CCL members living in Rep. Jared Huffman's district, stretching all the way to the Oregon border, have been encouraging  him to team up with a Republican member and join in the action. We're confident that Rep. Huffman's participation would help shape their agenda. 
And Now, the Bad News
And Now, Some Good News
The Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health,  recently launched, promotes professional medical society education and action on climate change. They're comprised of most of the medical specialty organizations in the U.S., which represent 400,000 physicians. They still need to specify the remedy, like any competent physician should. (Hint: It's a carbon fee which doctors can understand.)

The PBS NewsHour on  conservatives urging climate action

800 CCL'rs on the Capitol Steps, June, 2016 lobby day
There will be over 1,000 this year! 
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CCL NorCal Regional Conference, February, 2017