2020 Scout Youth & Adult Volunteers

Annually, the Marin Council recognizes a “Scout of the Year” in each of our program areas. These young people are selected by their respective unit leaders through a nomination process that is not based on achievements, rank advancement, or leadership positions held, but rather what constitutes being a "Good Scout." For some units, it might be a young person who embodies “A Scout is a Friend to All”, or for others perhaps “A Scout is Brave.”

Following each unit’s nomination of their Scout of the Year, all of these young people are interviewed by a panel of Council-level adult volunteers. The final result of those interviews is that a Cub Scout, BSA Scout, Venturer, and Explorer of the Year are selected as Marin Council "Scouts of the Year". During past years, these awards are traditionally presented at our annual recognition dinner during the winter. This year, the recognition certificates will be available from the office by June 1.
The fine young people noted below represent the success and values of Scouting in Marin during 2020, and we are proud to recognize each of them, along with the many unit volunteers who support them!
Cub Scout Pack Nominations

The Cub Scout of the Year Award program provides for the nomination and recognition of outstanding youth in our youngest program. It can provide meaningful experiences for many Cub Scouts, and a higher degree of visibility for Cub Scouting in the local community. A review of those Cub Scouts being considered should be based on the following characteristics:
  • Enthusiasm and Scout Spirit
  • Genuine Interest in Cub Scouting
  • Uniform and general appearance
  • Pleasant personality
  • Politeness and ability for their age level to communicate with adult leaders.
Pack 7 --- Aurora "Rorie" Garcia
Pack 27 --- Liam Taylor
Pack 28 --- Ava Marin
Pack 33 --- Nathaniel "Nate" Lee
Pack 34 --- Samuel Endres
Pack 42 --- Noah Lacore
Pack 43 --- Colby Pettus
Pack 48 --- Joseph Knowles
Pack 50 --- Riley Hale
Pack 59 --- James Hamill
Pack 85 --- Jared Sullivan
Pack 123 --- Maya Graves
Pack 186 --- Kolten Atkinson
Marin Council Cub Scout of the Year
Aurora "Rorie" Garcia, Pack 7

With a commitment to community service, Rorie has spearheaded several activities including a warm coat drive, battery collection and recycling, and holiday cards for hospitalized veterans. She has influenced and inspired other Scouts to join her in support of these diverse service projects. "A Scout is Kind"
Scouts BSA Troop Nominations

The BSA Scout of the Year Award program provides for the nomination and recognition of outstanding youth in our traditional program. It can provide meaningful experiences for many Scouts, and a higher degree of visibility for Scouting in the local community. The youth should be considered based on characteristics similar to those noted for above Cub Scouts, but appropriate to the age and maturity level of the older Scouts BSA youth including:
  • Enthusiasm and Scout Spirit
  • Genuine interest in Scouting
  • Uniform and general appearance
  • Polite personality and respectful ability to communicate with adult leaders.
Troop 1b --- Riley Conklin
Troop 1g --- Cassandra "Cassie" Peterson
Troop 15 --- Juan Pablo Izquierdo
Troop 42 --- Nathan Kwei
Troop 43 --- Michael Geloso
Troop 73 --- Jamey Schnasse
Troop 76 --- Samuel Frack
Troop 200 --- Will Roth
Troop 1015 --- Isabella "Bella" Segovia
Marin Council BSA Scout of the Year
Michael Geloso, Troop 43

Michael exemplifies servant leadership in keeping our Scouts connected during the challenging CoViD year. His positive demeanor, calm approach, and willingness to help, and ability to work with both peers and adults alike, creates a relaxing and enjoyable culture in our youth-led troop. "A Scout is Helpful"
Venturing BSA Crew Nominations

The purpose of the BSA is to help Scouts develop the leadership qualities and ethical decision-making that will carry them into adulthood. With Venturing, that is to live by and exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in terms of adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service to others. The following are some personal characteristics to consider in our older youth program:
  • Enthusiasm and Scout Spirit
  • Knowledge of the Venturing program
  • Exemplify the Scout Oath and Law
  • Exhibit leadership skills with others
  • Contributions toward the unit success
  • Maturity, attitude and ability to work with adult advisors.
Marin Council BSA Venturer of the Year
Oliver Snow, Crew 215

After achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, Oliver joined the Crew to mentor other Venturers, and was especially instrumental in supporting female crew members to transition to new Scouts BSA units. His energetic attitude and willingness to help others is infectious and keeps everyone engaged! "A Scout is Cheerful"
Exploring BSA Post Nominations

The Explorer of the Year Award program provides for the nomination and recognition of outstanding youth. It can provide meaningful experiences for many Scouts, and a higher degree of visibility for Scouting in the local community. Here are some personal characteristics to review in our Exploring programs:
  • Enthusiasm and Scout Spirit
  • Knowledge of the Post’s career focus
  • Exemplify the values of the Scout Oath and Law
  • Exhibit leadership skills with others
  • Contributions toward the unit success
  • Maturity, attitude and ability to work with adults and peers.
Post 61 --- Phoebe Marshall
Post 74 --- Luca Cuffe
Marin Council BSA Explorer of the Year
Phoebe Marshall, Post 61

Phoebe attended numerous community activities on behalf of the Post. She possesses innate leadership qualities, an eager willingness to train others, and strong dedication to the program, all of which was impactful on our organization. "A Scout is Loyal"
Adult Volunteer Unit Nominations

The unit committee can select a single adult volunteer (i.e. program leader, committee member, parent, charter organization representative) who has made a significant contribution to the unit this year through their volunteer dedication. It could be someone who stepped up at a crucial moment, or who helped out for the first time and is now a regular volunteer. This is your opportunity to recognize that special person! All nominees below will receive a Marin Council Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of their local unit!
Robert Atkinson, Pack 186 Novato
As "Popcorn Colonel" for a few years, Robert has helped the pack achieve and exceed goals. He also went above and beyond in supporting our recruitment efforts with signage at local events. We appreciate his dedication to our pack and the Scouts!

Rob Crumpler, Pack 43 Larkspur
In his fourth year as leader of the pack's Pinewood Derby race, Rob's exemplary contributions have brought this exciting activity to new highs, and truly made this a seminal event on our annual unit calendar!

Kegan Donlan, Pack 76 San Rafael
As a Lions den leader, Kegan produces a solid program for our youngest Cubbies. She also successfully executed two additional pack-wide Scouting projects. We deeply appreciate her commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm for Cub Scouts!

Brian Endres, Pack 34 Mill Valley
As a Webelos den leader and Campout Committee chair for the past six years, Brian always shows up ready to pitch in and help with any unit activity. The pack has benefitted continuously from his involvement in the leadership team!

James Fair, Pack 7 Fairfax
As an active committee member, James has gone above and beyond over the last few years to organize outdoor activities including hikes, bike rides, camp-outs, and an overnight on the USS Hornet. He also assisted with the last two Blue & Gold banquets where his efforts were greatly appreciated!

Amanda Graves, Pack 123 Tomales
Since the pack's inception three years ago, Amanda has served as committee chair, den leader for our Lions and Tigers, and assistant den leader for the Webelos. During the pandemic, she took charge of ensuring we were following all the guidelines and keeping everyone safe; a fantastic commitment to the program and our families!

Rob Hamill, Pack 59 Greenbrae
As a den leader, "Popcorn Colonel" and committee member for the past eight years, Rob has had a tremendous impact on our pack's success. He has a knack for being helpful, providing input on pack planning, and being a sanity check for the pack leaders at our events!

Sam Hicks, Pack 33 Mill Valley
This assistant den leader created a customized fundraising page on the SF-Marin Food Bank website, helping the pack's Scouting for Food community service activity by raising over $6000, which was matched later by a corporate donation doubling the total to over $12,000. Wow!

Matt Knowles, Pack 48 Belvedere
A consistent volunteer with our pack activities, Matt contributes to our unit's success with diligence, kindness and patience; the Scouter's way!

Fiona McElligott, Pack 50 San Anselmo
As a mother of three Scouting boys, Fiona is instrumental in our pack's success. She is an excellent treasurer who went above and beyond last year with our unit fundraiser, overcoming some unforeseen challenges and ensuring profitable results!

Suzanne Parris, Pack 27 Novato
As an active member of the pack committee for several years, Suzanne's suggestions and advice have been invaluable in adding ways to enrich our programs for the Scouts. She ran our "Scouting for Food" activities and participated in planning several events. Many thanks for her leadership and volunteering contributions!

Linnea Rich, Pack 101 San Rafael
As a parent of three boys in the pack over the past four years, Linnea has been a stalwart leader for two dens up to Webelos and later starting with Lions. As a committee member, she never fails to bring fresh energy and experience to our pack meetings with songs, games and new ideas!

Mary Stevens, Pack 28 San Rafael
Mary's unwavering commitment to Scouting is exemplified by her leadership of both of our girls' dens since they were formed. She is always looking for ways to expand Scouting opportunities for our Cub Scouts in order to keep them involved!

Ellen Sullivan, Pack 85 Novato
Integral to the successful functioning of our pack, Ellen gladly volunteered to start our girls' program, and is leading two dens. We couldn't do it without her!

Carlo Tarantino, Pack 42 Novato
As our "Popcorn Colonel" this year, Carlo's enthusiasm and organizational skills led to a very successful outcome, despite the challenges during the pandemic. Many thanks to Carlo for his contributions of time, talent, and tenacity!
Alina Bemis, Troop 73 Novato
Stepping into the role of advancement chair, Alina picked it up quickly, made improvements to our unit processes and "saved the day" for our unit's Scouts during the pandemic year!

Elizabeth Chambers, Troop 1015 San Anselmo
As a troop supporter and committee member for nearly a decade, Liz stepped up this year to the role of committee chair, which expanded to our three linked units. Her mild manner and thoughtful words for Scouts and parents alike, has endeared her to all, and we are grateful of her time and effort!

Brett Conklin, Troop 1b Mill Valley
As a long-time ASM, Brett supported the troop fundraisers, participated in volunteer days and numerous other service projects and events. He has done amazingly well this past year in transition to SM during CoViD, ensuring that the youth remain engaged in and enjoying the Scouting program!

Deborah Dubrowski, Troop 101 San Rafael
As valued long-term committee member, and fundraising chair for the past four years, Deb's creativity and leadership with planning and executing our annual mistletoe sales was instrumental in navigating the challenges of the pandemic and ensuring everyone adhered to the safety guidelines!

Sara Frack, Troop 76 Terra Linda
Stepping into the role of new-member coordinator and registrar, Sara successfully organized a Scouts BSA orientation meeting for new parents, and her dedicated efforts streamlined the recharter into a paperless process. We can always count on her for suggestions and improvements to our troop!

Kathy Judd, Troop 200 Novato
Active with the troop for several years, Kathy has taken on numerous activities and responsibilities including our Luminaria fundraiser and committee supplies. She always has a smile and something nice to say to everyone she meets, and exemplifies what an active and involved parent can be!

Leslie Myers, Troop 1g Mill Valley
A talented volunteer, Leslie has stepped up in various committee roles including leading new Scout orientations to welcome families, and creating programs for quarterly Courts of Honor that are keepsake-worthy. As a master gardener, she has provided expert advice on countless Eagle service projects!

Scott Schneider, Crew 215 San Anselmo
Doing yeoman's work helping to keep this small but spirited unit going, Scott provides thoughtful, practical advice with a light touch allowing the older Scouts the opportunity to run the crew and develop their leadership skills. He is the dependable and selfless Scouter who makes the program possible!

Ralph Sherer, Troop 15 San Anselmo
As a former Scoutmaster, committee chair, and longest-serving unit volunteer, Ralph's contributions to the troop cannot be understated. He regularly represents both troops and the crew at the monthly Council roundtables, and in planning new events and outings, his institutional knowledge of our troop history is renowned!

Julie Symons, Troop 59 Greenbrae
For the past two years, Julie has been steadily increasing her involvement in the troop. As registrar, she helped the troop through new member recruitment and rechartering, and has been proactive with helping coordinate troop activities during CoViD.

Eric Wells, Troop 43 Larkspur
Serving as ASM, advancement and training coordinator, merit badge counselor, and leader of the troop's winter greens fundraiser, Eric's dedicated volunteer spirit is critical to our unit health and vitality!
The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

The Marin Council, BSA is pleased to recognize the many volunteer adult leaders who have invested countless hours of unselfish service in support of our Scouting youth, as well as the exceptional young men and women in Marin Scouting who are the direct result of that influence.
Marin Council, BSA