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Let's celebrate us!! 

Join us at the last of our 10th anniversary celebrations, a luncheon, featuring comedian Josh Kornbluth as our speaker. 

Sunday, November 17th at 11:30 am
at the Marin Country Club
500 Country Club Drive, Novato

Come and celebrate Marin Villages 10th anniversary at the beautiful Marin Country Club in Ignacio.  This is the last of the fabulous 10 events we've held this year in recognition of our growth - from a gleam in the eye of our founder Loulie Sutro to one of the largest and busiest villages in the nationwide village movement.

Our speaker will be Josh Kornbluth, a comedian and film maker, as well as the Hellman Visiting Artist at UCSF's Memory and Aging Center, and an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health at the Global Brain Health Institute. He's making a series of brain- and justice-related online videos, titled Citizen Brain, as well as working on a one-man show and a feature film both of which deal with brain-related issues.  

Tickets are $100 of which $50 is a donation to MarinVillages.  
Questions?  RSVP?  Need a ride? Call the office: 415 457-4633. 

Click here to make your reservation  or call the office to sign up (415-457-4633)
or go to our website at on our calendar!

We hope to have a really big crowd for this final event!  Invite a friend!!
Director's Corner by Lisa Brinkmann

I realized during these past two power outages, that despite how well you may prepare, you're really never "ready" for the reality of being without electricity and many of our every day comforts. 

Even with the numerous flashlights placed around the house, I still found myself flipping light switches as I went from room to room.  My parents, who were without electricity and water for six days, made it through as well - with the help of my sister and me, bringing them food, water and ice, making sure all the batteries were fresh and the lantern worked and hooking up the emergency alert to a power pack.  It wasn't easy, but they were lucky.  They had family.

For many of our members, living alone, this emergency experience was made just a little more bearable knowing that a friendly Marin Villages volunteer was nearby.  During the outage, we received numerous emails from volunteers, informing us that they had checked in with members to see if they needed anything.  One volunteer drove a member to Berkeley so she could stay with her brother.  Another brought over a lantern and water.  Mary Brinkmann, who was working remotely from Rohnert Park and was able to make calls noted how one member was brought to tears knowing that someone was concerned and thinking of her. It was a perfect demonstration of community.

The chance of having to go through another power outage is good, so let's note the challenges we experienced and identify ways to mitigate their severity in the future.  Marin Villages is here to assist if you find yourself befuddled by the various battery packs and cables, overwhelmed with packing an emergency bag or just in need of a friendly ear.

Please note:  There are numerous emergency lists and tips available.  We will begin to create a resource repository for these on our website, under Resources.  If you have any great checklists to share, please forward to or mail them to the office.

Welcome to our new September members 

Mill Valley Village:
Joe Bloom

San Rafael Village:
Marilyn Sharp
Joan King
Novato Village:
Barbara Brooks
Andres & Gladys    Andraca
Elaine Couch
Jacqueline Bracali
Hello to our new September volunteers

Mill Village Valley:
Donnalee Wells

Tiburon Peninsula Village:
Jerri Meacham
Twin Cities Village:
Joanne Sanders
Where were Marin Villages' members and volunteers
seen last?

. . . at the Marin Senior Fair

Few attendees could say they didn't see a someone from Marin Villages' at the senior fair this year!!  Clad in our new "logo wear", volunteers helped share information about our services and help increase awareness of the good work we are doing around the County.  And a special thanks to BJ Slater, our membership coordinator for not only designing the booth, but popping enough popcorn to fill a few hundred baggies for attendees.

At right, membership coordinator, BJ Slater with our Marin Villages' 
Wheel of Services!
Helen Hayes, Patty Powell, Anne Zucchi, Ginna Fleming, Lisa Brinkmann and Olivia Imamura
Filling the popcorn bags - Helen, Patty and Anne.
Bags and bags to go - Olivia  and Ginna.
Claudia Gardner, Sara Robinson, Tom Nelson, Diane Castro and Jane Solomons
Donna Posard, BJ Slater, Marge Jackson, Jane Solomons and Lisa Brinkmann
Last Seen

. . . at the Diwali Fundraiser Dinner

Ironically enough, on the day the electricity died, 30 members, volunteers and guests celebrated Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. This "friend and fundraiser" at Cherie Sorokin's home in Tiburon was the 9th of our 10th anniversary events.  Miraculously Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity, arranged for the lights to stay on until after the party ended at 8:00 pm!  Whew.  But, of course we also had plenty of candles.  
Neelam Kanwar, Cherie Sorokin, Eddie Rivero and Diane Castro
The alter for Lakshmi and Ganesh, Hindu gods

Rhea Wolkowitz making an offering of light
Stan Green, Cherie Sorokin, Joan Green and Marty Schwarz
Joan Ford lighting the candle

Richard Davis-Lowell, Ron Rohlfes and Richard Kulp
Enjoying the Diwali feast
Jane Jacobs and Paola Kulp

Last Seen

. . . working with Tiburon Sunset Rotary to deliver Emergency Kit Packs

Rotary Club of Tiburon Sunset funded this special project to deliver emergency kits to all Tiburon Peninsula Village members. Volunteers and Rotarians joined forces to not only "pack" the packs, but to explain the contents to the members.  
Members of the Tiburon Sunset Rotary and Marin Villages display the emergency kits
Cherie Sorokin with kits for distribution

Shirley Hodges receiving her kit from Roger Williams, Tiburon Sunset Rotarian, and Matt Masson, TPV volunteer

Lois Cannady receiving her kit from Doug Woodring

Molly Haynes receiving her kit from George Landau, Tiburon Rotarian

Paola Kulp with kit
Last Seen

. . . at the Suhda Treasurers Sale in Corte Madera

Starting this Saturday, November 2nd, is the annual Sudha's Treasures Pop Up Sale at Town Center in Corte Madera.  This is a great opportunity to pick up some wonderful gifts for yourself or others while at the same time benefiting Marin Villages!  Sudha manufactures high quality goods for museum stores and retail establishments such as Bergdorfs.  At the end of the year, she sells the very same merchandise at steeply discounted prices for the benefit of selected Marin nonprofits.  

For the second year in a row, Marin Villages is a beneficiary of Sudha's generosity --along with Whistlestop and the Marin Symphony.  Come see for yourself. The store opens this Saturday at 10 am.  The sale continues for only two weeks, so don't put off going.  If you need a ride, call the office.  Perhaps we can arrange a shopping trip together!  

Pictured below are Marin Villages volunteers Beth Livotti and Annemarie Clark, showing off some of the jewelry and one of the many scarves available at the sale.  There are some great bargains!

Also, volunteers are still welcome to lend a hand.   Click here to sign up.

Events "Around the Villages"

Below is a glimpse of activities happening in our many local villages.  
For a complete listing of all of our events,  please see our website calendar at

Don't Forget to Vote!!!
Tuesday November 5th at your local voting places!!

Marin Commission on Aging "Living Options for Older Adults in Marin." 
Thursday,  November 7  10-11am 
Where: Whistlestop, San Rafael
Looking ahead at Marin housing options over the next five years, hear from Joe O'Hehir, CEO of Whistlestop, Hunter Moore, CEO of The Redwoods and Joseph Walsh, Marin Environmental and Housing Collaborative.

Twin Cities Villages and Age Friendly Speaker Series - "No More Holiday Stress"
Wednesday, November 20    11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Where: Corte Madera Intergenerational Center 
498 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera

Did you know that Marin offers many options to help us deal with difficult feelings, challenging emotions and stress? This month we offer a panel of experts from the BOOST counseling program at Jewish Family and Children's Services' Seniors At Home, Marin County's HOPE and Senior Peer Counseling Program, and AgeSong Marin. Learn how to successfully navigate those unavoidable bumps in the road.

Age-Friendly Forum - "Cognitive Health to Counter Memory Loss" 
Friday, November 8  1:00 - 2:00 pm 
Fairfax Library, 2907 Sir Frances Drake Blvd. 
Memory changes normally as the years roll by but how do we keep our brains and bodies healthy to slow the effects of time on our ability to remember what's important in life? Lots of research and information is available on keeping our cognition as strong as possible, come hear from those most in the know.

Thursday, November 28                                                  
San Rafael Village is forming a new group for the holiday season.  Are you home alone, have no plans and would welcome getting together with others?  Donnalee Wells has offered to coordinate an early non-traditional restaurant dinner, featuring Chinese, Thai, or Japanese cuisine.  And for those who wish, dinner will be followed by a movie. Interested?  

Contact Donnalee if you'd like to participate on Thanksgiving.  Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Year's Eve and New Year's day are also being considered.  Email Donna at
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