When the rainy season approaches, the maintenance team jumps into action! We mobilize our heavy equipment operators and large equipment to rake storm debris from the beaches. The raked debris is then compiled into large piles and allowed time to dry. (This removes costly water weight) Once dry, a sand shaker is used to remove loose sand (more weight) before loading the debris onto dump trucks and hauling it away to the dump.

Constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and effective the Marine Bureau, Queensway Bay Maintenance Team has installed a large boom, known as our new “In-Water Storm Debris Management System” just in time for rainy season. This new boom is a primary containment system, designed to trap debris as it is flushed out of the LA River. Once the debris is trapped, it is contained and removed from South Shore Launch Ramp and hauled away to the dump.

This project consisted of the installation of a new main boom and deflection booms. The main boom is located on the West side, North of the South Shore Launch Ramp and runs a total of 800 feet into the middle of the open channel. The deflection booms are located just North of the South Shore Launch Ramp and situated below the mouth of the LA River above Golden Shore Marine Reserve. These deflection booms stretch 700 feet and are designed to deflect trash and debris away from the Reserve and into our new debris boom containment area.

The booms are constructed of twenty-four (24) inch, high density, double-walled, UV resistant HDPE with internal closed cell foam for added floatation. Each is held together with log construction hardware consisting of large stainless steel metal shackles, fasteners and chain link, securing it to large anchors seated on the seafloor with a 4.75 ton working load limit (WLL). These heavy-duty booms have been tested to a breaking strength of 60,000 lbs. This new approach is designed to be pro-active and capable of harnessing water velocity as debris flushes out of the LA River. The goal is to trap the bulk of surface and submerged trash, litter, natural debris and large floating objects in this new boom system at the mouth of the LA River.

With the implementation of this In-Water Storm Debris Management System less debris will reach our harbors, marinas and beaches and will require less equipment, staff and time. We look forward to seeing the boom in action with the first rains of the season. This new approach should result in a much cleaner Long Beach Marina environment for all to enjoy.