Happy Spring Mariners,

We’re officially in the thick of spring, which in our world is Opening Day Season! While this year celebrations are virtual, I’m hopeful that the June 15th date, set by the Governor, to fully reopen California will bring with it a fresh start and the beginning of a brand-new chapter in this journey.

Speaking of new chapters, the Long Beach Marinas is ready to launch the planning phase of what will become the Long Beach Marinas 5-year Capital Improvement Plan. While we have been making small upgrades and investments in our services and infrastructure by redirecting operation and maintenance funds. We finally have enough capital reserves to fund projects such as rebuilding of ABM restrooms, replacement of the last remaining wood docks and installation of security camera infrastructure.

The planning phase will include a (1) boat owner survey, (2) CIP Committee comprised of staff, representatives from the Boat Owners Association and customers from each of our marinas, (3) development of a capital priorities policy, (4) development of a proposed plan and (4) review/presentation of the proposed plan before the Marine Advisory Commission, allowing for customer comments and input. The goal is to complete the plan by the end of this fiscal year, September 30, 2021 and start the implementation process by November 1, 2021. With groundbreaking for the first project in Spring or Fall of 2022.

By now you should have received an email from Todd Leland, Marine Operations Superintendent with a link to a SurveyMonkey® asking you to list your capital improvement priorities. Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey. Your input is vital to the development of the plan. Let’s work together to make our marinas better and let’s start checking these items off our list!

Regarding our beaches, if you are interested in an update regarding the beach concession stands tune into the Marine Advisory Commission meeting on May 13, 2021. You can find the agenda and call-in information on http://longbeach.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx. In the meantime, below you will find photos of the new construction and amenities.

Here’s hoping that each of us lives each day with purpose. Until next time,

Elvira Hallinan
Manager, Marinas and Beaches

Marina Offices are open and are now accepting new vessel permit applications. To protect you and our staff from COVID-19 please call the ABM and Shoreline offices in advance for any and all boating needs. Note: Many requests can now be handled by phone or email. 

Please continue to fight the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to CDC recommended social distance and COVID-19 health safety protocols. For more info on CDC COVID-19 mask recommendations click here. Signage is City property – Destruction or removal can adversely affect your slip permit status.

DOCK CARTS – Be kind to your fellow boater. Please make sure to return each dock cart to the head of the gangway after every use. Carts should not be left in the marina parking lots or on the dock fingers.

PUBLIC DOCKS – Long Beach Marinas have several public access docks across both Alamitos Bay and Downtown. Make sure to follow the time restriction rules posted at these locations to avoid citation or impound.

WEATHER CHECK – As we come out of the Spring rain season remember to clear your dinghies, tenders and scuppers of standing water. This will help mosquito abatement across our marinas as we head into the hot summer months.

Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, is fast approaching. Have fun with friends and family but remember to adhere to all marina rules and regulations and boat safely and responsibly. 
DID YOU KNOW – May 22 is National Maritime Day. Created in commemoration of the first transoceanic voyage via steamboat, completed by the U.S.S. Savannah in 1819, the day recognizes the efforts of the U.S. Merchant Marine during both war and peace. Interesting thing about this May’s full moon: it will be a supermoon and will coincide with a total lunar eclipse but it’s only visible in some parts of North America. June has both the longest and the shortest days of the year. If you live in the northern hemisphere, then June 21st is the longest day of the year. If you live in the southern hemisphere, then the 21st is the shortest day of the year.

Pine Avenue Pier has fender/buoys that prevent visiting vessels from banging their boats onto the side of the pier for safety reasons. A boat could easily damage its hull and even worse, gouge a hole on the side and sink without the protection of these fenders. The fenders also protect the pier, and those enjoying its marina views, from potential damage or harm caused when a vessel comes to moor.

These buoys are the original ones that have been in place for ages. Exposure to saltwater, marine air, marine organisms (mussels) and the constant tidal movement had taken an extensive toll on the buoy fender equipment. The cost to purchase new fenders was over $50,000. Replacement funds for items like these are not available (unbudgeted expense). However, because of safety and liability we needed to address the issue.

Kelly Armstrong, Marine Maintenance Supervisor brought forth the idea to restore the buoys in lieu of costly replacement. After some searching, he found a vendor that shipped the individual parts. Each buoy fender was then detached from the pier, removed from the water, cleaned of marine growth, had its vital components replaced and returned to service at the pier. With some creative thinking Queensway Bay Maintenance staff were able to restore all the fender buoys at Pine Avenue Pier at a cost of roughly $11,000. Saving the Long Beach Marinas over $39,000 dollars! Moreover, the revitalization project extended the lifespan of the buoys an additional ten years.

The Public Works Tidelands Capital Projects team is putting the finishing touches on construction at the Granada and Junipero Beach Concessions. The yearlong project has revitalized the exteriors and added exciting amenities to two of our Beachfront’s more visible locations.

The project was a façade upgrade at both locations with the incorporation of modern design elements and updated concession service windows. The Bike Path at both locations was also addressed with etchings and paint to promote the concessions and each facility’s unique public offerings.

At Junipero the public focal point attraction will be the larger-than-life new playground feature. A combination of rope, climbing poles and slides the Junipero playground will be a first-class play destination for beach goers for years to come.

Not to be overshadowed the Granada Beach concession has a small running river which incorporates gravity-based water play features. The Archimedes Screw and Stainless Steel Scooper will keep kids entertained for hours.

Following close behind Granada and Junipero will be our flagship beachfront location at Alamitos Beach. Construction on the restaurant size facility and rental space is still ongoing but is on track to be completed in 2021.

Jonathan Hernandez started with the City in 2017 for the Marine Bureau and has worked at Beach Maintenance and the Queensway Bay yard. Jonathan has created a reputation as the “go to guy” and is always ready for whatever assignment he is called to undertake. He has in recent years obtained a commercial driver’s license and is preparing to take the next step in his career to become a heavy equipment operator. He takes pride in creating a clean and safe beach and marina environment for residents and visitors to enjoy.

A little more about Jonathan – Jonathan grew up in Hawaiian Gardens, California and enjoyed riding his bike and playing basketball when he was younger. Born to parents who are originally from Mexico, he is the youngest son in the family.

He attended Artesia High school before transferring to and graduating from Westminster High School in 2015. Jonathan is the youngest of three children, having two older brothers. In his free time Jonathon likes to play PC games like Call of Duty and he is heavily involved at Anaheim Baptist Church assisting in media production for church services. Jonathan is also a sports fan and enjoys watching the Yankees, 49ers and Lakers games.

He is an example of the stellar team member that brings positive attitude and an outstanding work ethic to the Marine Bureau Family. Thank you for all you do for our beautiful City!

The Marine Patrol Detail recently recognized three of their own, Jody Schlobohm, Jeff Spigner and Janette Mowery, by presenting them with twenty-year service pins. Supervisor Jody Schlobohm was originally hired by the city as a jailer where he worked for approximately one year before transferring to the Marine Patrol Detail. He was later promoted to the position of Supervisor where he has served for the last seven years.

Supervisor Jeff Spigner started working as a Special Services Officer at the Long Beach Airport. He remained there for approximately one year before transferring to the Marine Patrol Detail. He too has served as a Supervisor for the past seven years.

Field Training Officer Janette Mowery began her current career path as an employee at the City’s tow yard. She remained there for four years before transferring to Long Beach City College where she worked as a Special Services Officer for one year prior to moving to the Marine Patrol Detail.

All three officers have distinguished themselves as leaders amongst their peers. All foster a positive, family-like environment within the detail and freely share the wisdom they have gained throughout their careers with their coworkers. They have helped to develop the detail into a highly cohesive unit and to ensure that we provide the public with excellent customer service. Thank you for your dedicated service!

Fun Fact: Supervisors Spigner and Schlobohm have the same date of hire with the City of Long Beach!

Over the past couple months some of you may have seen interesting shells connected to boats and docks throughout the Alamitos Bay Marina. What you saw were OYSTER STRINGS. The strings were provided by Orange County Coastkeepers in partnership with the California State Coastal Conservancy and California State University, Long Beach. The strings were then distributed to boater participants with a helping hand from the Long Beach Yacht Club.

For the past several years Orange County Coastkeepers, a nonprofit clean water organization, has been on a mission to restore the Olympia oyster population in Alamitos Bay. The overall mission of the organization is to protect our region’s water resources so they are swimmable, drinkable and fishable for present and future generations.

When program participants placed the oyster strings into the marina water they were creating a small habitat. The oyster shells on each string become a location for locally produced native oyster larvae to grow. With the native oyster spawning season closing in April the participants were instructed to retrieve the shell strings from their boats and docks and return them to the project team.

The Coastkeepers will now take the collected shell strings with young oysters and place them at our oyster restoration site in the Jack Dunster Marine Reserve. Per a Coastkeeper press release restored native Olympia oyster beds provide valuable habitat for estuarine organisms, as well as contribute to improving water quality in Alamitos Bay.

Thank you to Orange County Coastkeepers, the California State Coastal Conservancy, California State University, Long Beach, and Long Beach Yacht Club for their environmental efforts to restore and revitalize our Alamitos Bay marine habitats.

Long Beach has one of the more unique waterfronts on the coast. With our breakwater, we have protected ocean waters and calm seas. The leeward side of Island White has become famous for its sheltered anchorage for weekend boaters. Island White allows for a safe, simple and comfortable stay on open water just a quick cruise from your slip in our Long Beach Marinas. If you do not feel like dropping anchor mooring opportunities are available by reservation with City approved vendor Belmont Mooring Company. You can reserve a mooring by text at 562-881-0567.

In the lee of the Island the wind and water are calm and warm even in the afternoon breeze. The sunsets are unmatched and the City lights at twilight are mesmerizing. There is not another place on the Coast more convenient to use your boat for rest and relaxation. Tell your friends and make it a staycation!

Some good information to know as a local boater:

  • Anchoring at Island White is only allowed 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday.
  • Overnight anchoring is only allowed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Long-term mooring cans are available by reservation 7-days per week - Belmont Mooring Company 562-881-0567
  • Anchored vessels must have an individual aboard at all times.
  • Anchored vessels must have current registration documents and proof of insurance.
  • When cruising between the Island White and the shoreline, PLEASE MIND YOUR WAKE

Click here to be directed to our Island White Open Permit for more on location rules and regulations.