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 'Marine conservation through the lens' 


'Marine conservation through the lens'
Week 1 and week 2 in June

 The first two weeks in June with ReefCI are dedicated to underwater photography.  And the vis is at its best!!!!

Improve your underwater photography skills and help us with our marine conservation initiatives.  PADI underwater photography speciality course included. 


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The Whale sharks are here!!!

Want the chance to swim with the biggest fish in the ocean?
We have had 5 encounters already during March!  We still have some spaces left for the season, March through to June.  

This could be you!  

Every week we are spearing the Lionfish, dissecting them and eating them!  Book a trip and come help us clean the reefs of this nasty invasive species.
Harley booked an 8 week trip, stayed for 10 weeks and goes home a Professional PADI Dive Master!

Want to become a PADI Professional???  Harley did!

Harley became part of the ReefCI team and will never forget his amazing experiences during the past couple of months.  One of his dreams was to swim with Whale sharks!  TICK!!!  

With ReefCI you can do your DM course and become very knowledgable about the marine environment and have a LOT of fun at the same time!!!
"Serenity, Adventure and Saving the Reef too!"


I just spent five days on Tom Owens Caye with my husband and two teenaged sons and we couldn't have asked for a better variety of experiences. With three to four dives per day we were very active, but we still had lots of down time to rest in the hammocks and enjoy the gorgeous ocean. Plus, we helped with conservation work. 

We learned about the invasive lion fish and the ecosystem on the reef, then helped harvest the lion fish and do surveys of other fish. This isn't some impersonal dive resort where you're just looking at pretty fish. This is a respected conservation non-profit organization and you have the unique opportunity to assist in its mission. You're not just diving for fun (though the dives are plenty fun); you have a purpose behind every dive, which makes every aspect of the trip more rewarding. 

I can't say enough about the location. When I first looked into Reef CI, I was concerned that the island would be too small. (It's 1 1/2 acres.) But that turned out to be one of the charms. You have everything you need on the island, including, amazingly, plenty of privacy. Spending five days on a speck in the ocean helps you better connect to nature and DISCONNECT from the modern world. I loved it.

Visited March 2015