Mario's Italian Eatery - Landmark
Mario’s was built soon after the fire of 1908 and quickly became one of Titan City’s most popular eating spots, eventually expanding into other locations in the 1980’s.

Soon after the fire of 1908, a grocer named Mario Donizetti realized that the workers rebuilding the surrounding area had no convenient places to eat nearby. Accordingly, he and his family quickly had this building constructed and opened a restaurant, Mario’s Italian Eatery. It proved an instant hit, initially because it was the only game in town. Mario’s excellent food and service, however, won it a lasting place in Titan City’s collective affections.

After Hurricane Atlas, the Black Rose purchased the building and the restaurant. The restaurant and its cuisine received a makeover to make them more "hip." This proved an unmitigated success, and Mario’s is now more busy and popular than ever. Despite the Black Rose’s financial involvement, the crime syndicate enforces a strict "no business at Mario’s" policy, to preserve the restaurant’s general popularity and appearance of legitimacy.
The Black Rose owns this building, and members of the faction often dine at Mario’s. However, there is a standing "no business" rule about Mario’s among the Black Rose; the group has no interest in showing its uglier face in the upscale, "safe" world of Old Bradford, especially with Paragons headquarters not far away.