March 22, 2021
Dear friend,

Welcome back to another edition of Mario’s Message. Here are the latest updates on all things happening in Washington and Florida’s 25th Congressional District. It is my absolute honor to serve you, and I encourage you to get in touch with my office if we can ever be of assistance.
National Agriculture Day
Tomorrow, we celebrate the extraordinary efforts of our nation’s hard-working farmers, producers, ranchers, and growers. Florida’s diverse agriculture industry is the backbone of our state’s economy.
I am grateful to all the men and women who work diligently to ensure our nation is fed, clothed, and fueled, especially those in Collier and Hendry county.
Happy National Agriculture Day!
One Year Since COVID-19
March 14, 2021, marked one year since I tested positive for COVID-19. Reflecting on this past year, my family and I mourn all those the world has lost and those who still suffer from debilitating long-term effects. Today, I’m grateful for initiatives like Operation Warp Speed, which allowed us to develop life-saving vaccines in record time. I’m optimistic that soon, we will beat this virus once and for all.
COVID-19 Vaccine Information
Governor Ron DeSantis has expanded the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include:

  1. Long-term care facility residents and staff
  2. Healthcare workers in direct contact with COVID-19 patients, including paramedics and EMS
  3. People age 60 and older
  4. Persons under 65 deemed medically vulnerable* by a physician (form required)
  5. K-12 school employees 50 years of age and older
  6. Sworn law enforcement officers 50 years of age and older
  7. Firefighters 50 years of age and older
  8. All veterans in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe counties who are patients of the Miami VA Healthcare System– regardless of age and medical condition
  • Vaccines are available for walk-ins or by appointment, while supplies last
  • Click here for locations and appointment information.

Additional COVID-19 vaccination sites have opened in FL-25! 

To view vaccination sites near you or schedule an appointment, please visit the links below: 

Miami-Dade County has also added COVID-19 vaccination sites that do not require an appointment:

  •  11380 NW 27th Ave. Miami, FL 33167 (7 a.m. – 7 p.m. | 7 days a week)

Governor DeSantis has also launched a team to provide in-home vaccinations for homebound seniors. Email to put in your request for vaccination.

Visit my website for additional details and a comprehensive list of COVID-19 vaccine distribution sites in our community.
Farm Workforce Modernization Act
On Thursday, the House passed the Farm Workforce Modernization Act. I am proud to have been one of the main negotiators of this crucial legislation, which modernizes our H2A visa system. For too long, America’s farmers and growers have suffered from an antiquated process needing reform. This bill provides stability and permanence to agricultural workers; all while strengthening our national security, bolstering our economy, and adhering to the rule of law.
Bipartisan Gun Safety Legislation
 Every year, thousands of convicted felons, fugitives, and others who are barred from owning a weapon attempt to purchase one by lying on their background checks, yet local law enforcement is rarely alerted of these acts. This is why a bipartisan group of colleagues and I reintroduced the NICS Denial Notification Act, a bill that will help states enforce existing laws against individuals who attempt to purchase firearms but have no legal right to do so. This legislation would require federal authorities to alert state and local law enforcement within 24 hours when an ineligible individual lies on a background check and tries to purchase a firearm, ensuring protections for our communities and providing our law enforcement officers with the tools needed to prevent weapons from falling into the wrong hands.

Crisis at the Southern Border
What is currently happening at the Southern border is not only a grave national security crisis but a humanitarian crisis. From October 2020 through February 2021, more than 29,000 unaccompanied children and single minors were encountered at the border. These children are being exploited, smuggled, trafficked, violated, and raped. They’re being used as revenue generators by traffickers and cartels.
Last week I joined Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar and colleagues in a press conference highlighting a real, comprehensive immigration framework that upholds the rule of law and secures our borders to protect our national security, while also allowing those living in the shadows to earn a way to get right with the law. We must end this border crisis once and for all!
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As always, it’s a pleasure to serve you.

Warm Regards,
Mario Diaz-Balart
Member of Congress