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Beginning June, 2021, Marion Lee retired as the Executive Secretary/Treasurer for the American National Riding Commission (ANRC). While Marion will continue to serve the ANRC as an emeritus member, the organization celebrates her loyalty and commitment to the advancement of forward riding.

"Marion's has been a solid presence for many of us who have had leadership roles with the ANRC over many years. I feel quite sure that our ability to remain intact as an organization has been because of her work and support" ----Jill Randles, currently serving as ANRC Board Director-at-Large.

Read about Marion's journey with some of America's most notable horsemen and horsewomen.

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Marion on "Trademark" featured in Jane Marshall Dillon's book Form Over Fences: A Pictorial Critique of Jumping for Junior Riders.

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Marion had the privilege of riding with Captain Vladimir Littauer when she attended Mary Washington College as an English major.


Established in 2006, ANRC fosters the mission of the former Affiliated National Riding Commission, which existed as part of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD) for more than 60 years. ANRC’s educational system is based on the teachings of Captain Vladimir Littauer (pictured left), who came to the United States in the thirties and established a riding school and is author of the book Commonsense Horsemanship. His progressive forward riding system influenced many professional riders and trainers, including Jane Dillon, Joe Fargis, Lendon Gray, Pam Baker, and Bernie Traurig.

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