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Marius Wines ... 2014 Shiraz Releases
August 2016
Marius Wines Shiraz Offer

Marius Wines, grown and made by Roger Pike

Roger Pike is an extraordinary man, making wines from an extraordinary site. An august wine, due for an August release. From Gary Walsh,

Do we have Grand Cru Vineyards in Australia, I feel we do, although perhaps not always recognized as such. Well, the Marius vineyard is a special piece of dirt, a Grand Cru of McLaren Vale. The wines are always unique, they are Marius Wines, rather than Mc Vale, with some really unique characters. Year in, year out, this beautifully manicured and cared for vineyard produces superb fruit, just remember the superlative 2011 wines, while all around struggled.

These newly released wines from the wonderful 2014 vintage, have been long awaited, well, that's an understatement!
Roger at Marius Wines has his Mailing list over subscribed, with a waiting list to be on the mailing list, and with me being one of only two retailers who get these wonderful wines every year, demand has already been extraordinary.. all those who were lucky enough o get the 2013 versions have been asking for the 20134s, long long long before they are released.

Well, released they just (about) are, and this is my one and only offer to you, my mailing list, for these much sought after wines!

With these releases Marius Wines have moved to Grand Cru status, that is, a very special producer, making wines from a very special piece of dirt! The wines are also made with great integrity, huge honesty, and a real love for the vineyard. Without wanting to get soppy here,
ALL wines should be made this way!

And the Symphony, well, again, this is about as good as McLaren Vale Shiraz gets
and a screaming bargain actually.

These wines won't be seen in the coleswoolies stores, in fact, won't be found in most/many wine stores at all, won't get close to reaching my web site, will sell out almost instantly, as they should! but that makes it even more important to jump in.

Huge demand, limited supply, if you want these, be very quick, one chance only!

 am already half sold out


about Marius Wines 

Here is Marius Wines' Philosophy - from Roger at Marius, repeated here, because, well, he's nailed it! The below is exactly what you get, plus incredible consistency! Look back at ALL previous vintages of each wine, the consistently high quality, the consistently high critic's scores and praise, with individuality and value for money is superb!


Just shows, great vineyard, great wine making, real integrity, real personality is an unbeatable mix!


From Roger at Marius Wines


...It is fairly simple. - To grow the best possible grapes in our vineyard and to make the best possible wines from those grapes. Wines of integrity that showcase the character of our Shiraz and Mourvedre and our unique terroir. To let the vineyard speak.


Then to offer those wines at a price which represents outstanding value for money.


Finally, to bring a smile to your face when you taste them.


Seems simple, Marius manages it, when very few others do!


"Grown on a single vineyard and made by the ultra-fastidious Roger Pike. He never makes a poor wine, we're quickly learning." The Big Red Wine Book

Producer - James Halliday - and with good reason!

Auswine favourite since the inaugural 2002 vintage ... Marius Wines!




The Wines

2014 vintage, classic McLaren Vale and Marius vintage, with those trademark beautiful Marius tannins through these two superb wines.

Order directly from me, will not make the web site, will not last 24 hours, actually, based on last year's release experience.

Given the overwhelming demand, and the fact that I am one of only two retailers on the world who will stock these wines, only available as a Marius 6 pack, as below, with 3 bottles each of the two wonderful wines.

If interested, please do not hesitate, more than half of my Marius 6 packs are already sold, and I expect demand to be huge! Please do let me know if you would like one, or two, of these superb 6 packs, Gavin

To the wines!

Entry level, wow! Some entry level, better than most producer's premiums! Cellar ready, intense and all class! That 'Premier Cru' vineyard of Marius does it again.

Marius Simpatico Shiraz 2014

Dark and brooding rich purple, beautiful! Lashings of ripe blackberry with a characteristic white pepper, sweet plums with violets and more ripe blackberries fill the nose, oozing class and style. On the palate all those characters come through together with a layers of sweet plums, followed by liquorice and chocolate and leather ,but the over riding impression is of a wonderful texture and mouth feel followed by that lovely, lingering, drying tannin/ripe blackberry sucking sensation at the back of your tongue. This wine is characterized by flavour, texture, mouth feel and a perfect balance between the fruit and the oak which I believe will ensure continued development of further complexity for many years. Gavin Trott

"In terms of style, it's the Simpatico that most often strikes a chord with me straight away. Never was a name more apposite then. A second tasting of this wine, which ably backs up my first impressions.

It's a deep, brooding dark chocolaty thing, shot through with amaro herbs, black fruits with glimmers of red, and subtle nougat and savoury old wood in the background. Medium to full bodied, rolls of deep fleshy and silty tannin, well balanced acidity, raspberries rolled in high cocoa chocolate, and a dark chocolate orange flavoured aftertaste. It's wine of charisma and rugged appeal, great to drink now, and over the medium term. No shortage of personality either, as ever."

94 points Gary Walsh 
Grand Cru Quality! 

Marius Symphony Shiraz 2014 - its an absolute masterpiece! 
Roger Pike is an extraordinary man, making wines from an extraordinary site. An august wine, due for an August release.

"Well, I've tasted it three times now, so better review it. This review from a freshly opened bottle, as at now, taking ten minutes to taste and type as it is. As I like it.

Brooding wine rolling along with thick minerally tannin, density of fruit and a firm long finish. In-between there's a subtle lavender perfume over dark chocolate, oyster shell, blackberry and something altogether ferrous and hard to describe, yet typically Marius. Subtle spicy oak and old wood play a part in the black drama of the wine, and there's a twist in the tail too, as glimmers of red fruit shine through.
Fascinating wine. A true regional gem."
95 points Gary Walsh

Please note, release date for these wines is September 1st. Wines will not be available until that date. Ordering now simply reserves you your Wine Pack, no payment needed, or asked for, until the wines are here, ready for you.

Marius Wines Tasting Pack
Now these are serious, and seriously delicious packs of wines that together represent close to the pinnacle of McLaren Vale, and Australian, wine.

Grab a 6 pack (very very Limited) and try these wonderful wines while relatively young, then cellar, and cellar, and await the pleasure that will ensue! World class wines.

Marius Wines Premium 6 Pack

only $266.00  per 6 pack

3 bottles each of

Marius Simpatico 2014
Marius Symphony 2014

More than half of my small allocation, already sold. 
Please note, release date for these wines is  September 1st. Wines will not be available until that date. 
Ordering now simply reserves you your Wine Pack, no payment needed, or asked for, until the wines are here, ready for you.

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