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  February 2016
This monthly publication contains Industry News & Tips that MarJam has selected for your review, plus Featured Product information from leading vendors, a Q&A with the Marjam Pros, Inventory Specials and much more...
KD Panels 
UV Coating, Revolutionizing Surface Protection
Wood, a popular material for interior decoration, is hard to maintain and keep from dampness due to its porosity and many other natural characteristics.
Therefore, applying paint on the surface as protection is essential. Conventional coating contains highly flammable solvents and emit toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the finishing work.

Since the introduction of Ultraviolet cured coating, no more on-site finishing is required. UV coating is revolutionizing the fabrication methods and significantly reducing the installation time frame and damage caused to our environment. KD product has flame retardancy as well as scratch, moisture and chemical resistant characteristics on its surface coating. With the latest UV coating technology, KD will continue with the dedication to create eco-friendly products.
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As of January 1, 2016, KD Panels are available.  MarJam Supply Company is the distributor of KD Panels in the U.S. 
Cold Weather Adhesion - Fortifiber
Fortifiber Primer and FortiFlash Butly 

Fortifiber Primer, a polymer emulsion-based primer specially formulated to be compatible with all Fortifiber products, is now available in a larger 4.75 gallon size for jobsite efficiency.  The primer works with masonry, concrete, non-treated wood, drywall, metal and fiberglass mat gypsum board, including DensGlass®. It's easily applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment, and is specially formulated to provide a high level of tack on vertical surfaces. It quickly sets to a highly tacky film that provides increased adhesion for self-adhesive flashing membranes. It is water-based, so there are no harsh solvents, is non-flammable while wet and has low VOC content. Fortifiber Primer can be applied at temperatures as low as 25°.  It integrates with the complete Fortifiber weather-resistive system that protects homes and buildings from moisture intrusion problems.

FortiFlash Butly  Let' s be honest.  Construction is a tough undertaking even when the weather is mild.  When you have to deal with everything Mother Nature is throwing at us this winter, even straightforward projects can get complicated.  Take window flashing.  It only does its job when it is integrated properly into the building envelope.  But some flashings will only adhere well when the temperature is above 40° F or more.  How can you keep a project on-schedule when the weather does not cooperate? 
The high-tech solution
Butyl adhesive, like that found in FortiFlash Butyl, has a greater range of application temperatures.  Even at temperatures as low as 25° it will stick tenaciously.  It is a synthetic rubber-based adhesive (aka "elastomer") that is pliable, impermeable and sticky. 

Contact your local Marjam Sales Representative for all your cold weather adhesion needs.   
Avonite's Studio Collection®
Color outside the lines with the new Chromatix™ program from Avonite.             
Your vision should not be limited by the colors in a box!

Avonite's Studio Collection® Petals, Glass and Frosted Glass series can be made in ANY color of your choosing... just tell us which PMS (Pantone) color you want, or send us a color swatch, indicate which series you want and let us do the rest.

Manufacturers Price Increases & Product Information
Review the recent manufacturer price increases on Metal, Wallboard and other products. dollar_bill.jpg
New Marjam Locations
Bronx NY,Riverhead NY, and Sarasota FL
Marjam Supply Co. is happy to announce that we have opened three new, more convenient location for our customers in the Bronx NY, Riverhead NY  and Sarasota Florida.
Bronx, NY
2925 East Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461
Tel.   (718)792-8800
Fax.  (718)792-3522
Riverhead, NY
58 Mill Road,
Riverhead, NY 11901
Tel.   (631) 354-2000
Fax.   (631) 865-1099
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Sarasota, FL
4050 Middle Ave,
Sarasota, FL  34234
Tel.   (941)893-2500
Fax.  (941)866-1857

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Product News and Updates
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