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  January 2016
This monthly publication contains Industry News & Tips that MarJam has selected for your review, plus Featured Product information from leading vendors, a Q&A with the Marjam Pros, Inventory Specials, and much more...
The SoundScapes® Blades™
Line of linear acoustical panel from Armstrong®
It now includes new depths and shapes, adding hundreds of design combinations that reduce noise and define spaces with an upscale linear visual.

Available in both rectangular and new curved bottom wave designs, these unique vertical panels combine excellent acoustical absorption with sleek, linear design to reduce reverberation time and add visual interest to a space.

New Depths and Shapes
SoundScapes Blades are offered in standard 46" and 94" lengths. New 5", 16" and 28" depths have been added to the existing line of 10" and 22" deep rectangular panels to accommodate the height of any space. New curved bottom panels are available in 4' and 8' wavelengths and six depths ranging from 7.5" to 22.5". They can be specified in wave, concave, and convex designs.

SoundScapes Blades are available in White and a palette of 13 standard Colorations colors. Made-to-order Sherwin-Williams® colors are also available.

Excellent Acoustical Absorption
The two-inch thick fiberglass panels provide excellent acoustical absorption of 1.38 Sabins per square foot. With sound absorption on both sides of the panel, SoundScapes Blades are an ideal choice for reducing noise in open offices, retail spaces, open plenum areas, corridors, and other spaces where an open look is desired.

Winter Storm Supply's   
snowplow_big.jpg Calcium Chloride Ice Melt
Winter is here and now is a good a time to contact your Marjam salesperson about Calcium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets.   Get ready for this storm and the next.
And don't forget to ask us for other winter related needs, such as shovels, protective gear, poly, tape, tarps, and kerosene heaters as well.

Contact your local Marjam Sales Representative fro all your winter storm needs.  
OSHA's Top 10 most cited violations -2015
Growing data and changing inspection strategies            
The Top 10 list of OSHA's most-frequently cited violations for fiscal year 2015 may look similar to last year's, but change is happening behind the scenes.
One year ago, OSHA began collecting additional data from employers on amputations and hospitalizations; the resulting information has led to the agency "engaging with every employer" involved in the reported incidents, Patrick Kapust, deputy director of OSHA's Directorate of Enforcement Activities, said in an exclusive interview with Safety+Health.
In September, OSHA announced it will move away from tallying each inspection equally and instead will use a weighted system based on how complicated the inspection may be. The new system is intended to place greater value on complex inspections and allow for easier strategic planning on OSHA's part.
Additionally, the agency is continuing other efforts - including focused inspections across the country - to mitigate high-hazard threats, such as those related to ergonomics and working at height. Employers who want to avoid being cited for one of the "Top 10" violations need to be proactive.
"We continue to encourage employers to abate hazards before an OSHA inspection and, more importantly, before a worker gets hurt," Kapust told S+H.

New Marjam Locations
Bronx NY,Riverhead NY, and Sarasota FL
Marjam Supply Co. is happy to announce that we have opened three new, more convenient location for our customers in the Bronx NY, Riverhead NY  and Sarasota Florida.
Bronx, NY
2925 East Tremont Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461
Tel.   (718)792-8800
Fax.  (718)792-3522
Riverhead, NY
58 Mill Road,
Riverhead, NY 11901
Tel.   (631) 354-2000
Fax.   (631) 865-1099
Click here for more information  
Sarasota, FL
4050 Middle Ave,
Sarasota, FL  34234
Tel.   (941)893-2500
Fax.  (941)866-1857

Manufactures Price Increases & Product Information
Review the recent manufacture price increases on Metal, Wallboard and other products. dollar_bill.jpg

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