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  September 2015
This monthly publication contains Industry News & Tips that MarJam has selected for your review, plus Featured Product information from leading vendors, a Q&A with the Marjam Pros, Inventory Specials, and much more...
PALRAM - Palight Trimboard
Palight Trimboard offers the centuries-old familiarity and workability of wood, but with none of the drawbacks.
It won't rot, fade or split. And it holds its beautiful appearance for decades. Available in many profiles and sizes - so architects and builders can easily incorporate Palight Trimboard into nearly any trim project for a beautiful and lasting finish.
Why Palight® Trimboard?
  • Superior product from a world leader in cellular PVC manufacturing
  • Cut it, shape it, fasten and paint it easily
  • Smooth edges and consistent, uniform dimensions
  • Low maintenance-impervious to moisture, rot or insects
  • Long-lasting durability and beauty
  • Available in standard, PostWrap and ProFinish™ profiles
  • 30 year residential warranty 
Sealed Edges and Protective Release Film. Standard.
Get protection from dust, dirt, and abrasion - and cut down time spent cleaning - from the warehouse all the way through installation. Simply remove the protective release film when you're done and let your work shine. Palight Trimboard also features sealed edges, making it easy to wipe away dirt and dust.
Wood Grain and Smooth - Both in One Product.
Get flexible and hold onto less inventory. Most consumers love to wait until the last minute to make a choice. That's why we make most of our standard trimboard profiles available with smooth finish on one side, and wood grain finish on the other. Sealed edges and protective film on both sides is included.
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Experts Say You Can't Inspect Your Way to Safety
Do you know good safety when you see it? A cursory survey of a typical jobsite would likely find workers wearing required protective gear and carrying out tasks according to standard practices. So the answer would seem to be "Yes, this is a safe environment."
But are workers actively thinking about safety as they do their jobs, or are they simply doing what they've been told?
That distinction says a lot about the effectiveness of a contractor's safety culture, where shared behaviors and attitudes among workers not only prevent accidents and injuries but also create opportunities for improvement.
Contractors with strong safety cultures enjoy more than just significantly lower injury rates. Industry research has found other benefits, such as an increased project return on investment, faster schedules, cost savings, improved quality as well as a proven ability to contract new work.

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Save Time & Money 
Pre Formed Drywall
Labor saving drywall forms for your corner, soffit, knife edge, bulk head and various pocket conditions are a vailable "In-Stock" @ our Brooklyn New York Warehouse):

Item No. Style Size
RFMU35810  U 10' 8x3-5/8x8
RFMU358    U 8' 8x3-5/8
RFMU35610  U 10' 6x3-5/8x6
RFMU356    U 8' 6x3-5/8
RFMU25810  U 10' 8x2.5x8   
RFMU258    U 8' 8x2.5x8
RFMU25610  U 10' 6x2.5x6   
RFMU256    U 8' 6x2.5x6
RFMU15810  U 10' 8x1-5/8x8
RFMU158    U 8' 8x1-5/8x8
RFMU15610  U 10' 6x1-5/8x6
RFMU156    U 8' 6x1-5/8x6
RFML8810   L 10' 8x8     
RFML88     L 8' 8x8 
RFML6610   L 10' 6x6     
RFML66     L 8' 6x6

A full line of custom sizes shapes and sizes, including popular shapes like "knife edge" ...  "light pockets" ...  "channel reveal"  "z reveal" and may others available for order.
Please contact your local Marjam Sales Representative for more information on Pre Formed Drywall solutions.
Manufactures Price Increases & Product Information

Review the recent manufacture price increases on Metal, Wallboard and other products. dollar_bill.jpg


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