It was a busy weekend with our third and final Meet and Greet and the Dayton Book Expo, this weekend no less exciting:"Opening Day" Tryouts...

Dayton Book Expo 2015
Saturday, April 25th 
Thanks to all who stopped by to say hello.  We met many new folks talking about Last at Bat.
Special shout out to a dear friend, Peggy Murphy and new friend Susan Dunbar!

Third Meet and Greet at 
Action Sports on 4-26-15

Three is a real charm--Thanks to Dale O., Scott and Landon M., David and Max D., and Lester C.  

All Search for Dylan Michael donors and participants!!  You guys are the best to take time out of your Sunday to come down and say hello!!  We can't wait to see you guys in action at the Initial Tryouts this weekend!

Mark Donahue, Author
While Mark is busy with The Search for Dylan Michael and Last at Bat, the Movie, he will always be available and happy to meet you--and sign your copy of Last at Bat. 

Make sure to keep an eye on his website, Last at Bat, and his Facebook page for dates and times, along with and all the latest news and announcements.

And don't forget, all summer long, he and Dave Mitchell can be heard every Monday night, 9:00 pm on