With a weekend off from book signings, Meet & Greets or Baseball Tryouts, you might think Team Donahue has taken a vacation (we apologize for missing publication of this newsletter last week).

However, nothing could be further from the truth!

New Projects, Cities and Tryouts
A s we have the first tryouts under our collective belts (May 2 & 3), we are gearing up for the next three: Chicago (May 23 & 24); Cincinnati (June 10 & 11), and a soon-to-be-announced second Dayton area venue.

As there are so many hours in the day, for the next several months, Mark and his Team will be turning their collective efforts to our crowd funding campaigns, since, as you know, our ultimate goal is to bring Last at Bat to the silver screen!

Last At Bat, The Movie/The Search for Dylan Michael
Kickstarter Campaign
IndieGoGo Campaign

This is not goodbye....

This is merely  
"See you in September'.

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Mark Donahue, Author
So, even if you are not trying out for a role in
Last at Bat, The Movie, Mark will always be happy to meet and greet his fans--don't be shy! 

And don't forget, all summer long, he and Dave Mitchell can be heard every Monday night, 9:00 pm on ultimatesportstalk.com/ohiobaseballweekly
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Team Donahue