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It's been a while since I've sent out a newsletter so I decided to share a new interview and an article I wrote on precognition, recently published by OMTimes magazine.
I hope you enjoy both,
Mark Ireland
A New Interview With Mark Ireland
Host, Researcher Donna Smith-Moncrieffe poses a series of intriguing questions, delving into the reasons for Mark's strong convictions about the reality of the afterlife.

OMTimes Article
I knew that would Happen! - Mark's article on precognition
I know a man who was very skeptical about psychic phenomena, yet also intrigued by it. He was what you might call an "open-minded skeptic." The man subsequently became a believer and an advocate for psychical and mediumship research. So what caused him to change his mind? Precognition. Read More


An Important New Research Initiative
As I've stated many times, I sincerely believe that evidential mediumship readings can provide a therapeutic benefit to bereaved persons. A new research initiative is now seeking to validate my stated belief through a rigorous scientific process. This study is being conducted by the respected Windbridge Institute, located in Tucson, Arizona. I enourage you to read about the study and support this important research. If we won't do it no one will, because organizations like Windbridge do not receive government funding.

The Compatibility of Psychic-Mediums with Scripture
My most recent book, Messages from the Afterlife includes a chapter called,
Psychic Phenomena and Mediumship in Religion and History. I wrote this chapter to address issues raised by persons claiming that these abilities are not supported by scripture. I've found that most people who take this stance rely on what they've been taught by others and their knowledge of scripture and the origins of scripture is often quite limited.

Taking this topic to another level is a man named Kevin Schoeppel. A life-long Baptist, Kevin speaks to Traditional and Fundamentalist Christians in their own language in his book, The Bible: The Truth About Psychics & Spiritual Gifts.

Kevin may never have assumed this path, except for the fact that he married a woman named Stanna who was psychic. He saw many parallels between Stanna's abilities and the stories of prophecy and spiritual gifts in the Bible. He wondered why people could do these things in Biblical times, but couldn't do them today and came to the conclusion that some people are still endowed with these gifts, but the church ignores this truth. 

If you have friends or relatives who are traditional Christians and they don't understand your interest in psychic mediums, you might want to pick up a copy of Kevin's book and pass it along to them.
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