Following is a video excerpt from Mark's recent talk at the 2013 IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) annual conference. And if you haven't heard, Mark's new book,
Messages from the Afterlife was just released - more info below. 

Mark Ireland at IANDS 2013
Mark Ireland at IANDS 2013


Mark Ireland's new book is
"Not all books deliver what their titles promise. This one certainly does-and much more. The messages are there, and very impressive many of them are, as is the author's balance between spiritual seeking and a strictly scientific approach.... Fascinating reading." 
-Guy Playfair Lyon, Society for Psychical Research council member, journalist, broadcaster, and author of If This Be Magic and Twin Telepathy
"Mark Ireland is a soulful, intelligent man who brings higher thinking to mediumship,and he shares with us some of his own thought-provoking stories. As a father who has suffered the loss of his own son, he truly understands the importance of reconnection between the living and those who 'live again."'
-Allison Dubois, inspiration for the series
Medium and author of Talk to Me: What the Dead Whisper in Your Ear
Where to purchase the book 
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Learn more about the book
Messages from the Afterlife provides a deep dive into psychic-medium phenomena and related anomalies, suggestive of the likelihood that human consciousness survives bodily death. The book is written in a first-person narrative form and is designed to appeal to a wide audience, educating readers on these topics and furnishing pertinent examples. Provocative elements include an examination of psychic-medium phenomena through the lens of multiple religious traditions-including some factions that seek to demonize spirit communication-as well as a candid expos� of debunker-style skepticism.


This book features the detailed account of an experiment involving a secret message left behind by the author's deceased sister. The contents of this message were unknown to any living person and remained sealed in an envelope-untouched-until responses had been received from a group of qualified mediums who sought to "crack" the code.  

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