2020 XC Junior Nationals 
Legacy Sponsorship
Donate in honor of  Kevin Murnane and Mark Nadell
In 2020, Auburn Ski Club will host the  Junior National Cross-Country Ski Championships, where a handful of athletes take their first big step  on a journey that leads to international and Olympic competition. 

Last year, 33 athletes represented Far West at Junior Nationals in Alaska, 18 of whom were once Strider Gliders! Next year, the competition comes to our own back yard.

The goal is to raise $20,000 (of the $50,000 needed) by December 31, through the  Mark Nadell and Kevin Murnane Legacy Sponsorship in order to help fund the event.

It's a way to honor the dedication and love of Nordic skiing these two men brought to our community.

Please consider donating $150 or more (or less) to help fund this nationally acclaimed Nordic ski race at Auburn Ski Club.
You can also support Junior Nationals 2020 with a business sponsorship, volunteer time and tax-deductible donations.
Our mission is to promote a healthy, outdoor-oriented lifestyle for children and adults through education, cross-country skiing, and other self-powered recreation.

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