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Youth Emergency Services assists youth experiencing homelessness
and near homelessness by providing critically-needed resources
which support them in their desire to be self-sufficient.
Getting to Know...

Candice Brown, Maternity Group Home Coordinator

Candice has a strong background working with youth and came to YES late last year as our Maternity Group Home (MGH) Coordinator. Because she had experience working with YES in previous positions, she was excited to join the YES family and sees a bright future of growth and inclusion ahead.

What did you know about YES before working here and what have you learned since you joined the team that surprises you? 

I’ve always known about YES but didn’t start making referrals and having clients receive services there until 2007. That year, YES accepted one of my students who was homeless. I was able to transport the student to the Emergency Shelter and was grateful he was off the streets. Since being employed with YES, I’ve learned there are several programs for youth -- Street Outreach, Transitional Living, Rapid Rehousing and the Maternity Group Home (MGH).
What brought/led you to YES? 

I was looking for meaningful employment working with youth and saw an open position with YES. I was very excited to apply because working with the youth population is hard when the need for housing is present.

How long have you been with YES?

I’ve been with YES for almost 3 months. I started December 7.

What is your professional/educational background? 

I have my Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from Bellevue University and my Associates degree in Human Services and Chemical Dependency from Metro Community College.
Where do you see your opportunity to make the greatest impact/difference in your role with YES? 

The greatest impact I see myself making at YES is with the youth and mothers at the MGH. Assisting youth and mothers with their journey to become self-sufficient and obtain goals is very rewarding.
You joined the YES team during COVID-19. How has it impacted your work/role/goals?

COVID-19 has impacted me being able to meet co-workers and visit different departments. Technology has made communicating and meeting people much easier, but there's still something special about in-person engagement. Some of the changes at MGH due to COVID are wearing face masks while in shared areas and receiving overnight passes

What do you do for fun? Hobbies? Interests?

I’m pretty boring and like to spend time with my family indoors (even before COVID). We enjoy watching movies, cooking, taking pictures and a lot of horse playing with kids.
What makes you most excited about working at YES? What kind of impact do you see the organization continuing to make?

I believe I’ve come to YES at the perfect time. During this pivotal time in our country, YES has been working intentionally with diversity and inclusion. YES is also supporting and learning more about the LGBTQ+ community and ways to make all youth feel like they belong and are welcomed. The organization will make a big impact in the metropolitan area continuing on this path. Hopefully, we will prompt other agencies and organizations to do the same.
Because of Your Support, YES Accomplished Great Things During Pandemic in 2020

During the course of each year, YES tracks lots of data, including number of youth served in each program, housing placements, graduation and employment and, of course, success stories.

With this in mind, we'd like to share some of these numbers with you to show you the IMPACT your support makes EVERY DAY to help youth in our community.

As you read through this graphic, know that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of our youth through your support, volunteerism, donations and general goodwill.

We know that we can't do what we do -- help youth experiencing homelessness and near-homelessness -- without your support.

March, April Meals Needed to Feed Street Outreach Youth

YES serves hundreds of meals each month through our Street Outreach Program.

We're only able to do this BECAUSE OF YOU -- and we need your help filling the meal calendars for our Street Outreach Center for March and April!

Our Center, which serves homeless and near-homeless youth in the community, welcomes donations of catered and frozen meals due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Meals should be large enough to feed between 20 and 25 youth. Further details can be found on our Meals Donation Page*.

Please contact Maren with any questions.

Thank you for signing up today so our youth don't go hungry!

*Your donations are tax deductible.
Lots of Opportunities to Support YES During SHARE Omaha's DO GOOD Week

When the Omaha Community Foundation announced its decision to end Omaha Gives! last fall after almost a decade, SHARE Omaha stepped in with Do Good Week April 19-24.

Each day has a special theme and intent -- donations, volunteering, community impact, etc. -- and YES intends to maximize the week's impact in a variety of ways.

Please watch our social media and website during the month of April for details about how YOU can support YES during Do Good Week!
YES is Here, There and Everywhere!

We love telling you about the great things we do everyday to change the lives of homeless and near-homeless youth -- and here's proof!

*Through June 2021, 101.9 FM The Keg will run public service announcements (PSAs) about YES, our programs and our events. Thank you to St. Gregory Recovery Center and NRG Media for choosing YES for these complimentary PSAs. We are most grateful!
Your Gift Can Leave a Lasting Legacy for YES

You've no doubt heard the expression "You Can't Take it With You." But what you can do is leave what you have to an organization like YES that continues to positively impact our community after 46 years.

Anyone who supports YES with a donation -- longtime or recent, one-time or recurring, big or not-so-big donors -- can become a Legacy Giver to ensure the longevity and impact of our organization.

Here's How:

Gifts of stock and bequests are excellent means of contributing to YES. Your tax adviser or legal expert can offer further insight into the tax benefits of these gifts.

Appreciated Stock: You may be eligible for an additional tax deduction for giving stock that is worth more now than when you paid for it.

Proceeds of Depreciated Stock: If you own depreciated stock, you may benefit more by selling the stock and donating the proceeds to us. Selling depreciated stock may entitle you to an additional tax deduction.

Estate Planning: Include Youth Emergency Services in your estate plans. Please contact us for estate planning materials.

Learn more HERE or by contacting Barb Farho for more information.

Thank you for remembering YES!

*Your donations are tax deductible.
We have some exciting EVENTS coming up.
We hope we can count on your support!

April 19-23 -- Do Good Week, sponsored by Share Omaha
August 30 -- YES Golf Outing, sponsored by Union Pacific
October 7 -- Dance for a Chance: The Roaring Twenty-Twenties
November 30 -- Giving Tuesday 2021
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