PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day Newsletter  


October 9, 2013 was the first ever PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day, proclaimed in over 20 states and cities across the US and in Italy thanks to parent driven efforts! PANDAS Network, along with families, doctors and policymakers marked the inaugural awareness day with fundraising and outreach campaigns and activities in communities nationwide. To revisit 2013 PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day, visit


This year, PANDAS Network hopes to take October 9th to new level. We are excited to expand the effort and we are asking everyone  to get involved.

  • Distribute fliers at your school and/or doctor's office
  • Share your story and/or links to recent PANDAS news through social media or email
  • Organize a fundraising drive or event: every penny raised for PANDAS Network will support our year round agenda of family supports, research, education and advocacy
  • Write to elected or appointed officials to tell them what this day means to you
  • Have your child write a note, draw a picture or dictate an email to thank your treating physician(s)


More resources to help you will be coming soon!

We will be rolling out toolkits inspiration to help support your own local PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day efforts.   


Look out for resources in future PANDAS Network emails and on our website to help you implement these activities and more.


Over the next few weeks, those that previously submitted a proclamation in their state will be receiving an email asking whether plan on resubmitting in 2014. At that time, we will list what states we still need need help in.    


Remember, even if you do not have an official Awareness Day proclaimed in your area, you can still show support and help educate the public on these devastating disorders.  


As a community, we can do amazing things this year and make a lasting impact!   



Thanks to all who have and continue to raise awareness  
and find solutions for families afflicted with PANDAS/PANS!

Awareness Day 2013