Dear friends,

Unleashed is proud to announce the launch of The Brave Summit taking place on Saturday, November 5 at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in Manhattan!

Join hundreds of like-minded and passionate women and girls on a shared mission to drive cultural change and break barriers that will make difference. This one day forum includes keynote speaker, EMME and 30+ leaders, experts, and scholars. The Brave Summit is designed to bring generations together to have an honest, open dialogue about the issues women face, igniting power, passion and purpose.
Conference topics include:
  • Sistahood: Importance of All Female Communities
  • Crossing the Generational Divide
  • Sexism in the City: Are We Still Wedded to Archaic Stereotypes
  • He Says..She Says
  • I Am Not A Feminist But...
  • Play Like a Girl: Leveraging DNA
  • True Grit: Managing Adversity and Failing Forward
  • ...And More
"What if we brought women and girls together to experience a day of igniting power, passion and purpose, grounded in the philosophies and theories of Brave Girls?"...And from that burgeoning question, The Brave Summit was born.

The concept for The Brave Summit is a culmination of my work over the past 16 years, starting with leadership work with women executives and entrepreneurs, continuing with the research I conducted examining women and power, founding Unleashed and igniting power in over 500 adolescent teens and then publishing Brave Girls.

When Brave Girls was released, I spent the last year speaking to many different audiences. I found that despite age, the core conversations were not only very similar, but, each generation was surprised to discover that those synergies existed. I began pollinating this information from group to group and realized there was a real need to bridge generations of women together for multiple reasons. Each generation has the potential to add value to others. There is an absence of cross generational mentoring and relationships that could be mutually beneficial. 

To learn more about The Brave Summit please click here or visit the registration site:

I look forward to seeing you November 5!

Stacey Radin
CEO, Unleashed