January 4th, 2019
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Jan. 6, 2019
"When Regrets Take the Place of Dreams"
with Rev. Diana Friedell
Special Music by Singer/Songwriter Mark VanLaeys

Energy Healers at your Service today!

Along with blessings, songs, prayers, and messages for the New Year
Followed by Church Board Meeting
& New Year's Retreat 1-4pm (details below)

Church Service: 1st and 3rd Sunday every month, 10 am - 11:15,
with social time after .
WHEN: Sun. Jan. 20th
12 Noon - 2:30 pm
Do I have an Angel? Everyone has an angel, but angels must obey human free will. Learn how to invite angel guidance & wisdom into your life through this transformational workshop, led by Mother & Daughter team, JoAnn & Ally. Integrated Energy Therapy© teaches that everything we need for personal transformation is already within.
This is one of the 2 electives as required by the Intuitive Practitioner Certificate Program
Ice Angel

Saturday, January 5: 1-4 pm
Sunday January 6: 1-4 pm

One of our most popular annual classes, this is a time for meditation, closure, and creation. Join with other seekers to energetically close and complete 2018 and consciously create the year ahead. Meditations for seeking guidance, plus readings/messages from spirit are included in this class. Bring your notebook and be ready to create! The price is frankly silly it's so low! $35, $30 members. Camraderie, sharing, learning, acknowledgement -- the ONLY way you should start your new year! Click here for more information and to register.

TUESDAY, Jan. 8 : Intuitive Development Circle at ISD Lotus Center, restoring & renewing Guided Meditation, technique and practice in giving and receiving intuitive messages, with Diana Friedell. Join us! 5:30-6:45 (monthly on the 2nd Tuesday) Highly recommended for those in the Intuitive Practitioner Program. Open to all levels. $15/$12

MONDAYS, Jan. 7, 14, 21 : Tim Keys offers healing sessions on the amethyst crystal biomat a donation basis. Click here for more info on Tim.

TUESDAY, Jan. 15: Healing Circle at ISD Lotus Center, COME ONE, Come All. . .
5:30-6:45 A sanctuary of peace and healing in the middle of the week- healing chairs from ISD Certified healers, and transformative healing meditation with Renee Ranke!
$5 love donation

We are building a bridge to 2019 here at ISD Oneonta, with many happy memories & successes to look at through the rear view mirror. Leaving regrets, disappointments, behind as we look straight into new visions for our future together. Thank you for paying attention to the Institute and being a part of bringing loving and healing energy to this area.

"Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway." - Emory Austin

Rev. Diana Friedell, Director
A popular area medium and psychic for 16 years, graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit, Rev. Diana is astounding in her commitment to bring the Institute to Oneonta as a gathering place for all who want to explore their own Divine nature & expand intuitive gifts. 607-433-2089
I look forward to chatting with you.
Rev. Sue Landon, shlandon51@gmail.com 240-285-8010. Former Director and Pastor of the Institute for Spiritual Development in Washington, D.C., Keep Rev. Sue in your thoughts & prayers as she begins her chemo treatment soon. We are keeping her shoes filled as she retreats for healing time. She appreciates your cards & emails as we fill her world with positive energy, relaxation and laughter! She prefers no phone calls at this time.
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