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Kay Dragon

How Many Years have you been with 12Listen.com?

"11 Years"
How would you describe life as a psychic?

My life in the metaphysical world started in my early 20s. I started channeling my gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience opened in a big way. I really didn't know how to explain what was happening in those days, before the internet and most teachings were underground. Those were exciting times and I am excited for all those who are just beginning their magical journey. Put on your seat belt because it's going to be a bumpy ride!

I spent many years working in the corporate world and have always been diverse in my education and employment I am truly blessed to be able to do the work I love. I think it took many years of life experience to continuously develop my spirituality and most importantly, learn unconditional love. A never-ending quest.

What do you consider to be your strongest assets or gifts? The favorite tool that you like to use (if any)?
My strongest gift is channeling which I love doing in groups. I do like to channel one on one with callers also. Channeling makes me high and I learn as much as those who are in the group. I like doing my Psychic and Intuitive advising work because I can connect with the guides, master teachers, and those who have passed into spirit who want to assist.

Favorite Author:
I love fantasy books and Robin Hobb is my favorite author. I have read everything she has written.

Favorite Movies:
My favorite movie is the Lord of The Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

Favorite Musicians:
Favorite musician is tricky as I am a singer and I have many favorites, including: ZZ Ward, Adele, Joe Bonamassa, Pink, Dolly Parton, and Kelly Clarkson. I could go on but I won't

How do you keep a positive attitude when you often talk to people who are down on their luck or in painful situations?
I say a quick little prayer and intention before I pick up a call moving my ego to the side and only allowing the highest and best for my caller. Sometimes, if a person is having a difficult situation I will ask permission to send Reiki energy to help soothe and perhaps remove blocks that may be creating feelings of being stuck.

What's the last song you asked your smart device to play for you?
Happiness Jones by The Wood Brothers

What's Your Sign and what Sign would you hope to "come back" as?
Virgo and would like to come back as a Libra

What's right with the world? That which has been hidden is coming forward to be acknowledged and dealt with in the world today. I believe that this is true politically, socially, and consciously. Perhaps one of the things I love most in dealing with women is that a few years ago most of the calls were regarding relationship issues with persons of interest. Now it seems that the person of interest has become a woman's Higher Self, Her spirituality, career, life purpose, and skills. There are still components of relationship questions but they seem to be shifting to a healthier balance. I love This!

Tell us something very few people know about you!
 I like to think that I am an open book but I recorded a crazy song for a couple of producers in Hollywood in the '70s that had a cult following. I recorded it under another name.
Believe it or not, I am an introvert, and even though I sang with bands for years and offer readings, and am a frequent guest on the radio show, I still get butterflies.

Lastly, leave us with your favorite quote, life philosophy, or guiding principle.
To quote Burt Bacharach, " What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love baby"
Monday May 16th through Sunday May 22nd 

Happy Birthday Gemini!

The World of the Imagination – I’m not specifically talking about Disneyland or Willy Wonka singing about pure imagination, but you can go there if you want. It’s totally warranted by Tuesday’s conjunction between Mars and Neptune. The planet of motivation and action has been under Neptune’s otherworldly spell since the 14th of April when he it entered ethereal Neptune-ruled Pisces. Now the magic intensifies and sparkles as Mars joins Neptune at 24 Pisces late Tuesday night. On average, the two planets meet once every 18 months. Action-oriented Mars doesn’t easily adapt to the dreamy and subconscious nature of Neptune. This warrior is a more take-charge kind of guy. Typical strengths including being assertive and maintaining boundaries, natural for Mars, can be diluted by this tidal wave of emotional, and sensitive water energy. The usual rules of operating on dry land just don’t apply to this sea-bound and other-worldly vessel.

While we may be more vulnerable and gullible under this influence, we are also manifestly receptive, sensitive, intuitive, psychic, and telepathic. This is probably not the time to make critical decisions but it’s an excellent opportunity to carve out time for creativity, a spiritual discipline, and feeding your imagination. When was the last time you created a vision board, or allowed yourself to indulge in pure fantasy? 

It’s easy to get disillusioned in this world. Mars conjunct Neptune encourages us to balance the hard edges of “reality” with productive and positive dreams and imagination. Picture yourself celebrating New Year’s Eve 2024. In your ideal world, what are the blessings you will be celebrating and talking about? Make a list now! Better yet, go over to 12Listen.com and submit your affirmation of thankfulness to the Gratitude Board. No names required. Taking action makes it real for you and initiates a path to manifestation of your dreams. 

Boost of Ambition Whatever we imagine for ourselves can be fortified by a strong foundation on Thursday morning when the Sun in Taurus makes an alliance with Pluto in Capricorn. This spells ambition and purpose. While not as strong or intense as the Sun’s annual conjunction with Pluto, this trine from one earth sign to another (Taurus to Capricorn) suggests a commitment to growth and improvement. Music Icon Diana Ross was born with the Sun in Aries almost perfectly trine Pluto in Leo and is quoted as saying “You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.” She also said, “It takes a long time to get to be a diva. I mean, you gotta work at it.” Bette Midler no doubt agrees with her. Midler’s Sun is in Sagittarius trine Pluto in Leo. 

Happy Birthday, Gemini – Let’s Talk About It – Friday evening a new Solar cycle is initiated when the Sun leaves grounded Taurus for stimulating and versatile Gemini. This sign is a “meeter and a greeter” and a collector of experiences and information. This is a social cycle that sparks interest in new things, encourages communications of all sorts, and supports teaching and learning. We tend to go broad and wide with Gemini instead of deep. However, Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury, currently moving retrograde may have a thing or two to say about this. 

Mercury returns to Taurus Sunday evening (5/22). In this sign, Mercury trines transformational Pluto (in Capricorn) three times because of the retrograde (4/28, 5/25, and 6/10). This suggests this is not an ordinary cycle for Mercury or for the Sun in Gemini. The Sun begins this new cycle in Gemini under the influence of a humanitarian Aquarius Moon. Conversations, interactions, and information learned during this time may encourage pivotal changes in our thinking that in turn influence our behavior. During this solar cycle I’d expect greater awareness of our interconnection with each other – a sense of being a world citizen and not just a Canadian or a New Yorker. Social activities may be more focused on humanitarian, philanthropic, and altruistic themes, versus simple social networking or having fun. The Gemini Twins are naturally attuned to dual purposes. Why not have fun while raising awareness for a social cause or being of service?  

Planets Changing Signs this Week: The Sun enters Gemini on Friday evening. Retrograding Mercury returns to Taurus on Sunday night. 

Retrograding Planets – Mercury in Gemini and Taurus; Pluto in Capricorn 

Insights from the Moon – Following an exciting Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on Saturday/Sunday (May 15/16), we are officially in the Waning half of the Moon’s cycle. This is the time to assimilate our lessons and disseminate information and products. On Monday morning we emerge from the shadows and introspection of Scorpio to the hopefulness of the Moon in truth-seeking Sagittarius for Monday and Tuesday. Work, productivity, and responsibilities are in the emotional forecast for Wednesday and Thursday with the Moon taking care of business in Capricorn. Quirky and provocative Aquarius controls the Moon Friday and Saturday which should be a good match with the Sun entering social Gemini on Friday. These are good days for social interactions and Saturday night, specifically, holds promising opportunities with the Moon connecting with Venus and Saturn. Sunday the Moon slips into empathetic Pisces but idyllic communication may not be part of the plan. Be aware of increased sensitivity and use your intuition to better understand what’s between the lines. 

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

May 16
Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius
The Moon goes Void of Course 2:28am enters Sagittarius 4:50am
Coming out of a Sunday of shadows (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last night), we are ready to emerge from the introspection of Scorpio; and the cosmos happily delivers with a Moon in hopeful Sagittarius. Although Sagittarian Moons are travelers, our adventures today may be more internal than flying off in a plane or setting off on a road trip. 

Whether or not we watched last night as the Moon slowly disappeared into the Earth’s shadow and then re-emerged, the cosmic message was available for our psyches to receive and assimilate. This morning we are inspired to move beyond shadows with an optimistic Moon connecting to Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) recently taking up residence in fiery, courageous, and independent Aries. Revelations during the past week can be assimilated as lessons learned and serve as a foundation for future steps. Today we want to live in the light, soak up the sunshine, and make conscious choices outside of the shadows of the past. 

Our start may be a bit muddled this morning as this inspired Moon opposes retrograding Mercury in Gemini. Being of two minds, we may be reticent to decide or commit ourselves to a particular course. If you are feeling confused or torn between options, don’t force yourself. Retrograding Mercury has many more insights and gifts to share. 

Throughout the day we are feeling philosophical as the truth-seeking Sagittarian Moon balances intellect with inspiration and change with tradition. This is a good time to think about how much our past experiences influence our current perceptions and choices. Are we willing to hold up our truths to scrutiny?  
Daily Muse: What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. (Christopher Reeve – Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars and sextile Saturn in Libra)

May 17
Moon in Sagittarius
The Moon goes Void of Course 8:59pm
Energy today is likely to feel wonky. There is a good reason for this unless you are a mermaid, a professional psychic, an animal communicator, mystic, musician, writer, artist, spiritual seeker, gardener, or even a teensy bit aware of your intuition. Ok, I guess that includes most of the readers of Mark’s Power Peek! Forget I said wonky. To those accustomed to being sensitive, intuitive, and tuned into the imagination, today’s energy feels strangely natural!

Late tonight Mars the planet of action meets up with Neptune the purveyor of dreams and illusions and the home base for otherworldly, spiritual, and metaphysical abilities and strengths. It only happens about once every 18 months so it’s worth noting. This energy puts us in touch with the archetype of the Magician. We can see ourselves as divine entities creating, revising, and manipulating the physical and emotional realities of our lives. Those who refuse to acknowledge there are spiritual and non-material rules in the universe, well, for them the energy will feel wonky today. 

Building up to the climax of this energy late tonight (11:33 Pacific) the Moon in philosophical Sagittarius makes a sweet connection with Venus in Aries this morning. This should keep our day lighthearted and inspired. This evening when the Moon forms a challenging square to Mars in Pisces and later to Neptune, we know things are not exactly business as usual. In the mix, the Moon also makes a strengthening connection to organized Saturn. 

Carve out time for imagination even if it is only to identify one hope or dream, you’d love to manifest. Refuse to be discouraged by previous disappointments. The Moon’s alliance with Saturn in Aquarius is a reminder if we prioritize shared interests, we more easily align with opportunities for ourselves that will be positive for the world as well.  

Daily Muse: True magic doesn’t need tools or props, for the magic comes from within. To make magic is to be perfectly connected with the flow of the universe, putting yourself within the flow rather than blocking it. (Lunea Weatherstone) 

Today on Everyday Astrology we will explore the magic of the universe by continuing to talk about Jupiter in Aries along with the cosmic forecast for the week ahead. Please join us today at 9 am Pacific Noon Eastern on 12Radio.com. 
May 18
Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn
Void of Course Moon enters Capricorn 5:02am
Sagittarian optimism inspired during the last several days is slightly threatened today with the Moon’s entrance into hard-working and dedicated Capricorn. But it’s not really our emotional alignment with responsibility that’s the problem. A pesky lunar square to Jupiter in Aries this morning is more likely our potential stumbling block. 

Jupiter in Aries is energetic and enthusiastic and like a two-year old isn’t keeping an eye on the big picture or the long-term consequences. If we focus only on what we want in the moment, it’s likely we will make selfish and superficial choices. Keeping with our analogy, if we spend our allowance on an ice-cream bar and cotton candy in the first five minutes of our adventure to the county fair, we may come up short later in the day when we spot the unique camel rides and Indiana Jones hats. Balance instant gratification against the benefits that come with patience. Jupiter in Aries does not like to be told “no” or to be denied; but the Capricorn Moon is no pushover. 

The Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn is thinking long-term and considering how we can best conserve our resources, strengthen our positions, and expand our networks. After moving past a small temper tantrum this morning, the rest of the day should be very productive. 

Daily Muse: Intelligence is based on how efficient a species became at doing the things they need to survive…In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. (Charles Darwin – Moon in Capricorn. His birthtime is estimated at 3 am when the Moon was in Capricorn. The Moon entered Aquarius mid-evening on his birthday so if his time is way off, he could be an Aquarian Moon. Because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn was the traditional ruler of both signs, it’s safe to assume his emotional nature was Saturnian!)

May 19
Moon in Capricorn
The day is off to an ambitious start with the Sun in Taurus conspiring with Pluto in Capricorn. Despite Mercury being retrograde, we feel clear-headed and determined about our path and agenda. As Pluto is the planet of transformation, we are also open to suggestions for growth and improvement. We are not so attached to our ideas and ways of being that we pass up an obvious cue for development and advancement. In fact, we have little tolerance for ignorance, stubbornness, or ignoring the obvious. 

Our willingness to change and openness is also a gift of the Capricorn Moon’s positive connection to revolutionary Uranus this morning. More so than usual, we’re alert to new ideas and out-of-the-box strategies. This may not be as true mid-day when Luna squares Venus in Aries. If you plan a lunch or break this afternoon with a loved one thinking they will automatically go along with a suggestion, you might want to put a pin in it. If you are proposing anything that sounds risky or selfish, the Capricorn Moon will turn a cold shoulder.

However, we might have better luck this evening when Mercury in social Gemini makes a positive connection to Jupiter in adventurous Aries. Conversations will be welcome and inspiring ideas will be especially appreciated. This could be a perfect night for a social gathering. Luna’s pleasant link to Neptune in empathetic Pisces in late evening keeps the vibes feeling positive and creative. 

Daily Muse: Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then. (Diana Ross – exact trine between Sun in Aries and Pluto in Leo)

May 20
Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius
Sun enters Gemini 6:23 pm
The Moon goes Void of Course 5:00am enters Aquarius 5:53am
The Moon makes lively interactions between midnight and dawn (Pacific) but as many are asleep during these hours we may not notice. However, those of you in the Eastern time zone, may very well notice a sobering and ambitious start to your day as Luna joins Pluto in determined Capricorn at 6:24 am (EDT). This energy is grounded with a lunar trine to the Sun in Taurus 90 minutes later. Then the mood is quickly switched up with the Moon’s entry into anarchist Aquarius at 5:53 am (PDT) 8:53 (EDT). 

I’m smiling as I write this. I rather enjoy a quirky Aquarian Moon. It quickly makes friends (actually, this is a natural talent for Aquarius) as it forms a positive trine to Mercury and an agreeable sextile to Jupiter. This sets a positive, inspiring, and hopeful energy for our day. Morning meetings, virtual or in-person, should be congenial, and maybe even humanitarian. The Aquarian Moon vibrates to ideas for social change, progress, philanthropy, tolerance, and altruism. Don’t be surprised if during a conversation or work meeting someone unexpectedly advocates for a social cause or fundraiser. Aquarian energy can be inspirational and eccentric. Entertain ideas while keeping an eye on stability. Balance traditional values with emerging trends and needs, and organizational purpose with changing desires. 

Bigger change is coming this evening when the Sun leaves stable and somewhat predictable Taurus for spirited and changeable Gemini. The Twins are insatiably curious. Learning, communications, reading, writing, public speaking and connecting are “their things”. Sun in the sign of the twins is usually a time for changing things up, socializing, taking classes, teaching, and refining, adjusting, or expanding our communications. Let the interactions and parties begin!

Daily Muse: Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. (President John F. Kennedy – Sun in Gemini and Moon in Virgo – both ruled by Mercury. Natal Mercury in Taurus conjunct both Mars and Jupiter. Quote from the Commencement Address at Yale University, June 11, 1962.)

May 21
Moon in Aquarius
Our jokes aren’t soliciting laughs and our social media posts aren’t hitting the right note this morning as the Moon in avant-garde Aquarius squares unpredictable Uranus. Is it us or is it them? Probably both. We could make retrograding Mercury share part of the blame, but overall, we are just not in tune with others or with the cosmos. Idiosyncratic Aquarius dances between wanting to be part of a group and wanting to be independent. Sometimes this struggle manifests as an inability to feel satisfied with either option.

And speaking of Mercury, mid-day the planet of communication backs into the same astrological degree as the Sun (0 Gemini). This indicates the half-way mark of the retrograde pattern. For good or bad, our identity is aligned with our thinking. Do we like what we see? This is a good time to review what we have been experiencing and learning during the last few weeks and make any necessary adjustments. We are what we think and believe. 

Tonight, we feel more in the groove with others as the Moon finds a friend in Venus in Aries. This might even be a good time for a first or blind date, especially if you are up for surprises and open to new patterns in relating. The Moon’s conjunction with commitment-oriented Saturn shortly after midnight (PDT) might indicate it’s not all fun and games. Maybe something more serious is afoot. Perhaps our evening companions are allies of both the heart and mind and we simply needed a nudge to find them. 

Daily Muse: If you possess something but you can't give it away, then you don't possess it ... it possesses you. (Frank Sinatra – Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius)
May 22
Moon in Aquarius/Pisces
Mercury enters Taurus 6:15pm
The Moon goes Void of Course 12:19am enters Pisces 8:49am
The Moon slides quietly into sensitive and psychic Pisces this morning but if she is hoping to be inconspicuous, think again. She quickly squares retrograding Mercury setting the stage for a misunderstanding. This may or may not involve another person. If it does, we probably are not feeling heard or understood. Use your words carefully. If we are counting on someone reading our minds, there is likely too much interference for the message to get interpreted reliably. Use your intuition to know when to stop talking. The Moon’s square to the Sun in Gemini indicates the last quarter of the lunar cycle. We may not be ready to complete a cycle, but nevertheless in the coming days if will be helpful to tie up some loose ends. 

In mid-afternoon Mars in Pisces makes a positive and useful connection to Pluto in Capricorn. Although actions may not be exactly overt and straightforward, we are motivated to use both metaphysical and physical laws together to make a difference. We hold the keys to our own liberation, release, and destiny. Change of mind, and thus change in perception and behavior is under our control. 

Tonight, Mercury returns to Taurus as part of its retrograde cycle. Continue to watch for missing pieces of the puzzle that can help clarify our understanding. Remember Mercury in Taurus is the strong silent type. Less words, more action. If you want to untie some knots, be patient and receptive.

Daily Muse: Movements are as eloquent as words. (Isadora Duncan – Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus in Gemini)
Most of us are surrounded by the love of our pets. For me it's what makes me hate love because the pain of losing them is so egregious. I now have two new reports that take a gentle but entertaining view of your pet (sorry, only cats and dogs) through the lens of astrology.

It's a fun gift for the pet lover that has everything.

For the Dog Report, Click here.

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Mondays 8am PST / 11am EST
Ares, the Greek god of war, never rushed into battle, nor did he ever go in alone. Before he stepped a toe onto the battlefield, he first sent in his constant companions, Diemos and Phobos, whose names translate as panic/dread, and fear. He would let them fulfill their appointed tasks, namely causing complete chaos. Only when the cries of the hysterical combatants were at their loudest and most incoherent would Ares step in and easily vanquish the self-defeated warriors.

The mythologies of the ancients were brilliant and held truths of humanity that are as valid today as they were thousands of years ago. For example, the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris tells the story of king Osiris who was slain by his jealous brother, Set, who then seized the throne and imposed an era of harsh rulership and unjust regulations. Just when it seemed as if there would be no respite from his despotic reign, the wife of Osiris, Isis, devised a plan to reverse the tyranny of her brother-in-law. Set learned of Isis’ plan to restore a more humane regime and ruined it, yet she persisted. Through a calm and deliberate campaign, her cause was steadily worked toward. Panic was never an option. Eventually, due to Isis’ methodical approach and her wisdom, order was restored and in the end, Isis showed Set compassion, a trait he’d never exhibited to anyone.

I view these two myths as models that pretty well sum up many real-world situations. It may take some knocking off of a corner or two to find the theme of modern events, but eventually, the myth can be found. Either there’s an Ares trying to spin up a tornado of fear and panic, or there’s an Isis trying to fight against tyranny. Of course, it isn’t gender-specific, nor is it always easy to spot, but then again, sometimes it’s as obvious as picking out a Deadhead in a waltz contest. If we pay attention and stay calm, we can’t be scooped up into the nets of Ares, becoming statistics of fear-mongering, mind-foggers.

I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen a lot of strange things, but it’s with a genuine sense of wonder that I say I’ve never seen it this weird before. If I were standing in my backyard and a yak wearing a monocle and smoking a cigar stuck its head over my fence and mooed at me in a Scottish accent, I’d just say, “It must be Tuesday.” That’s how weird it’s been and it doesn’t seem to be getting any less strange. We can’t let that throw us into a state of confusion, or of letting our collective guard down.

We are a powerful group, we light seekers. Even if we don’t get noticed as much as louder demographics, or flashier sectors of society, we have our place and it’s a powerful one. As the influence machines rev up their power in order to feed their own needs, they seek to make more people hysterical in an effort to sell the idea, the product or whatever, as quickly and as completely as possible. They send in their constant companions, Diemos and Phobos, because they know that if they can keep us distracted they get to control the narrative. 

Which myth do you want to emulate, that of Ares, or that of Isis? Do you want to be on the receiving end of a mind game; or do you want to keep calm, work toward a goal, and persist in a venture that beats the tyrants at their own game, while keeping compassion always at the forefront of your mind? These are strange times, but the stakes are the same as they’ve been for thousands of years. 

For me, there is only one path.

Until next week, I wish you all peace, love, and calm clarity.

This week on Mo’s Paisley Penny Arcade, I’ll strategize more about staying calm during hectic times. It’s easy in a Paisley Penny Arcade, but I’m guessing you know that. Listen Wednesday Live, at 3 PM Pacific on 12 Radio.Com, and on Demand later. Earlier episodes are at your fingertips and earlobes. 

Wednesdays 3pm Pacific

Problems are a fact of life. If we are in this temporal world, we will encounter them, but we always have the choice of relinquishing our power to them or being empowered by them.

We are here in the physical to find our way home to God, to realize that we are the individualization of Source and that everything we need, exists within the Infinite Self. 

Problems are fueled by fear and vice versa. We empower them by being afraid to face them. But when we stop trying to push them away, ignore them, or find some way around them, and simply face them head-on, we take that power back. 

When we decide to face the music, so to speak, our energy shifts. We go from being subject to the problem to being the observer of it, able to see it for what it is and that is the power position. It is an emotion that wrecks us and makes us victims, not the problem we have to deal with. Neutrality makes us available for solutions, and those solutions come from the Infinite Self.  “That which I seek I am”

No matter how far we get in our spiritual evolution, problems will arise. Empowerment does not come from not having problems but from depending on the Infinite Self to solve them. 

Have a very blessed week

Mercury Retrograde 

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" 

Familiar words when Mercury Retrograde comes around. It isn't always easy, but it certainly can be an opportunity to do something great with your life! 

Mercury is known as the planet of communication between spirit and us; the "messenger" planet. When it goes Retrograde, it appears to move backward and our communication feels obsolete. 

And it's not just communication. It's technology, thinking and everything air born that just seems to be a problem. Just ask my printer that died on me!

So what do we do when this happens? It's always interesting that we have this phenomenon but don't exactly know what to do with it. It's undeniable that it affects us physically and spiritually, but why??? Why would the divine be OK with this happening? Does it serve a higher purpose?

Yes! It most certainly does! 

For starters, when we can't hear Spirit, can we not still ask for assistance? Absolutely! This is a "walk by faith not by sight" challenge. Sometimes we need to not only communicate with Spirit but also allow Spirit to work more in our lives. We work too hard. We look for answers, not assistance. Isn't it time we took a break and allowed God to do more in our lives? YES!!! It is. 

Next, it allows us to dig deeper into ourselves. When we are without answers about obvious topics, then we are pushed to dig deeper. Why not go deeper and have deeper realizations about our struggles, life direction, wants and needs? Mercury R has a reputation for bad things happening; that may be because you realize what is and is not serving you. You may need to leave some things behind that just are not serving you any longer. 

All in all, let is be. Spirit only has the best in mind for you. I know it may feel sniffling or frustrating, but I promise you things will only get better if you allow them to. Get out of your own way and let the pieces fall where they are meant to. I promise, Spirit knows what's best! 


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Moving With Faith When We Feel Fearful
The ongoing theme for much of this year's planetary energy asks us to say goodbye to old cycles that no longer serve us and start new chapters to help us grow and expand.

However, releasing the old also involves taking action toward the new and unknown. 
Change can feel like driving down the road to a new location where we are unfamiliar with the people and environment, yet taking a risk and trusting everything to work out sometimes with little to no information.

Change can feel challenging for many. Yet predictability can provide a false sense of security when we remain in toxic relationships, job environments, places, and so forth because we convince ourselves that we know what to expect and, as they say, become "comfortably uncomfortable."

When we fear change, we can remain stuck in dead-end jobs or relationships that can drain us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Before we know it, we can feel stuck in what feels like an impossible situation to leave or release.

For instance, we can feel stuck in a job because of financial responsibilities and feel we can't leave or stay in an unhappy relationship because of commitments or fear of letting others down. 

Surrender can involve us stepping into the unknown without knowing where we will end up, what to expect, or the outcome. 

There's a popular acronym that F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. This acronym can hold when our fears or ego trick us into thinking it is better to settle. Our mind can convince us at times to remain living a half-life of staying in an unhappy marriage, job, situation, and so forth because our mind deceives us that it is better to stay stuck in what we know than to venture out. 

Another quote says fear is like having a parked car in a garage. The car is safe, but it never goes anywhere. 

Remaining in what doesn't serve us out of fear can keep us from growing to our full potential. 

However, faith asks us to embrace the mystery even when we don't know all the answers. Faith asks us to follow our hearts and move forward with the knowledge that we will arrive at our proper destination no matter what.

Going back to the car analogy, when we venture into the unknown, we may get off course, take detours, make stops, and so forth, but as long as we have faith and keep moving, we will always end up in the right direction. 

Our inner navigational system will always reroute us and lead us to our destination even when we get off course. Yet, we must first take our figurative cars out of the garage of "comfortably uncomfortable" and move forward.

It doesn't have to be record speeds or even long destinations if we don't yet feel completely ready, but we must get in the car and drive.

Perhaps an acronym for F.A.I.T.H can be Following An Internal Trusting Heart.
I leave you with the famous words of Martin Luther King, Jr., who said, " Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." 

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