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Erin Carere

How Many Years have you been with 12Listen.com?
12 Years!

How would you describe life as a psychic?

To me, the beauty of being psychic, which usually comes through my body as an embodied experience (i.e.: I feel it from within) is that it enables me to experience many lives in one here on our little blue dot hurtling 'round a blazing fiery orb in a milky sea of stars. It's pretty fun.

What do you consider to be your strongest assets or gifts? The favorite tool that you like to use (if any)?
I use many tools including tarot, astrology, medical intuition, love and life coaching, chakra balancing. But what I really consider my greatest gift is my ability to hold witness, to share, to create space for healing and manifesting. Bibbidy bobbidy boo! I'm your fairy godmother!

Favorite Author: Favorite Movies: Favorite Musicians:
I'm the type of gal who has an ever-involving top 500 favorite authors, movies, books, musicians, composers, etc... rather than a singular favorite. But for the sake of ye olde equation, brevity is the soul of wit, heave sigh, I'll try.

My favorite authors, films, plays, operas... are those that expand my heart and fill the extra space with wonder or poetry. Or make me laugh.

Lucy Maud Montgomery
Derek Walcott

Latest: Madeleine Miller- Circe

Shout-out to my husband, also an author, Carlo Carere

Curb Your Enthusiasm
L.A. Story
When Harry Met Sally
Philadelphia Story
Maria Bamford comedy
Latest: CODA and 1883

Impressionists, Abstract Expressionists. I kinda fall for beauty.

Nina Simone
Madeleine Peyroux
Helen Jane Long
My dream album would be Shirley Bassey singing Leonard Cohen songs.
I love divas and weirdos. Probably because I am both of those things. :)

The Dead Eyes podcast

How do you keep a positive attitude when you often talk to people who are down on their luck or in painful situations?
I don't think I keep a positive attitude per se. I just try to keep it real and meet people in that field out beyond right-doing and wrong-doing.

What's the last song you asked your smart device to play for you?
For the record, I miss dumb devices (har har, see what I did there?) But: Love Hurts, the Emmylou Harris/ Gram Nash version.

What's Your Sign and what Sign would you hope to "come back" as?

What's right with the world? We can still laugh. Dogs 'n cats 'n horses 'n birds. Shooting stars. Double rainbows. Singing. Rain. A lonesome beach. The divine feminine. Flirting. Dancing. Willow trees. Golden Girls. A man with a dimple in his chin. Lists of things that are right with the world.

Tell us something very few people know about you!
I am full of endless surprises. I surprise myself all the time.

Lastly, leave us with your favorite quote, life philosophy, or guiding principle.
I stayed up quite late thinking of all my favorite quotes from Shaw, Louis Armstrong, Desmond Tutu, Audrey Hepburn. But as soon as I typed something heartfelt and meaningful, I wanted to follow it with something sassy. So I think my real philosophy in life has something to do with love, kindness and laughter: those earnest, cheesy modes of being should thus be tempered with a dash of punk (in attitude), sheathed in a sparkling, sexy dress. 'Cause all the cosmos ever wanted to do was romance you, ya know? Let yourself be so wooed you swoon with passion for the divine.
Monday May 30th through Sunday June 5th 

Action expresses Priorities – Mahatma Gandhi

Although this week seems far quieter than last, the cosmic events coming into view will prove to be important ones. The week starts with a regular and predictable, but important cosmic event – a New Moon on Monday morning at 4:30 am (PDT). This one is in mentally stimulating Gemini. Moon Phase Astrologer Raven Kaldera likens this energy to Dennis the Menace – “rambunctious, hyperactive, and mischievous.” The perfection of this image is genius. Ruled by thinking and communicating Mercury, the New Moon in Gemini is curious, easily distracted, mentally quick, loves to talk, but not necessarily about their feelings. Nevertheless, we may use words very purposefully to get an emotional reaction from others. 

Like Dennis we are full of questions and speculations, “What if and what about?” Remember Mr. Wilson, Dennis’ neighbor? Through our incessant chatter and questioning we can do more than connect with people, we might distract, obscure, and deflect what’s important. Gemini is a collector of experiences and data but without an organizing principle is challenged to turn these into meaningful information or encounters. Enter Saturn – this disciplinarian moves into a retrograde pattern this week in socially conscious Aquarius. He will have a sobering influence on this lunar cycle. 

The above is vital to remember for this New Moon; not just on Monday but through the 29-day cycle. Talking, texting, blogging etc. does not equal connecting, communicating, or being understood. Reading the comments on a blog intended to inspire action following the school shooting in Texas this past week, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. Some suggestions were rational arguments on both sides, some were backed up with data, some merely supportive or derisive. But many comments seemed more like a circus act. “What about cars, what about seat belts, what about drunk driving, what about all those immigrants coming across the border, what about how easy it is to get a driver’s license, what about knives, next they will be coming for our forks and spoons! Wait a minute, what were we talking about? This rabbit hole was deep and convoluted. It’s a good thing we can click away so quickly. But can we? 

Looking at this New Moon as astrologers we might expect emotions, passions, and a desire for action to be a big part of this new Lunar Cycle. At 9 Gemini the Sun and Moon are loosely sextile Jupiter at 3 Aries, Mars at 4 Aries and Chiron at 15 Aries. Sextiles are harmonizing alliances between planets in signs willing to work collaboratively together – in this case New Moon in mental Air coordinating with planets in willful Fire. 

We are still very much under the influence of the Mars Jupiter conjunction (perfect on May 29th) which prods us to “Go Big or Go Home!” This energy reaches into our souls and asks what we are willing to do in alignment with our values and passions. What changes will we make, what actions will we take? The New Moon in Gemini generates ideas (lots of ideas!) and can support meaningful conversations and plans. But converting one or two good ideas into significant action will require some cosmic help. Don’t worry, we’ve got some! 

It's also enlightening to consider Gemini’s ruler, the planet Mercury. The messenger is currently in the last week of a retrograde cycle. Retrogrades are for reviewing, returning, renovating, recalculating, redoing, rearranging, reprioritizing, and revising. It’s a time for changing our minds and making important corrections. 

Early Friday morning when Mercury stops its backwards motion and looks forward, it will be within one degree of squaring Saturn in socially conscious and reforming Aquarius, within one degree of a harmonizing sextile to Neptune in Pisces, and within two degrees of a stabilizing trine to transformational Pluto in Capricorn. This energy is not going to let us off the hook. In practical terms, a moment of silence honoring the dead and the families who are suffering is probably not going to cut it. Saturn’s challenging square can lift us beyond complacency while Neptune and Pluto can suggest creative and profound possibilities for change motivated by an awakened sense of unity and need for transformation. Saturn moves into a retrograde pattern on Saturday and Pluto is retrograde. How will we re-evaluate and reorganize our thinking around recent events?) 

This New Moon can be a very useful and timely tool. Recently I have been reading a book, “The Healing Power of Kindness” by Ken Wapnick – a noted Course In Miracles teacher. He uses an example of something pertinent. It comes from Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” According to the plot, a duke’s kingdom has been usurped by a devious and corrupt brother and the duke has been banished to the outlying forest. Refusing to be discouraged, the duke realizes not having to deal with the typical duties and responsibilities of his courtly life, perhaps banishment has some advantages. In his words, “Sweet are the uses of adversity.” In response, another character says, “Happy is your grace, that can translate the stubbornness of fortune into so quiet and so sweet a style.”

There are several profound take-home points. We can control our interpretation and thus our perception of our situations, and adversity can be put to a positive use. These are trying and challenging times. But they won’t break us, they will make us. 

Retrograding Planets – Mercury finishes its retrograde motion as it stations direct at 1 am (PDT) on Friday. Saturn begins a four and one-half month retrograde pattern on Saturday June 4th that extends through the third week of October. This is it’s last retrograde in Aquarius for at least 30 years. Will it be a significant one? Pluto remains retrograde in Capricorn through the first week of October. 

Insights from the Moon – New Moon at 9 Gemini on Monday. New cycle, new opportunities, another chance to change our thoughts and minds. 

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.
May 30
New Moon 9º Gemini 4:30am
Memorial Day
The New Moon at 4:30 am (PDT) is in mentally stimulating Gemini. Moon Phase Astrologer Raven Kaldera likens this energy to Dennis the Menace – “rambunctious, hyperactive, and mischievous.” The perfection of this image is genius. Ruled by thinking and communicating Mercury, the New Moon in Gemini is curious, easily distracted, mentally quick, loves to talk, but not necessarily about their feelings. Nevertheless, we may use words very purposefully to get an emotional reaction from others. Like Dennis we are full of questions and speculations, “What if and what about?” Remember Mr. Wilson, Dennis’ neighbor? Through our incessant chatter and questioning we can do more than connect with people, we might distract, obscure, and deflect what’s important.

With loose but favorable connections of Sun and Mars in Gemini to Mars, Jupiter and Chiron in passionate and courageous Aries, emotions and passions are likely to run high and strong during this lunar cycle. Gemini is a collector of experiences and data but without an organizing principle is challenged to turn these into meaningful information or encounters. We have some help here. Mercury is still in retrograde motion until Friday morning. We are naturally more introspective than usual. Mercury is within a degree of a challenging square to disciplined Saturn in socially reforming Aquarius and within two degrees of a stabilizing and positive connection to transformative Pluto in Capricorn. Both connections to powerful outer planets assist with setting priorities and filtering through nonsense during this lunar period. 

For many this is a holiday with the purpose of remembering. Enjoy the chatty, playful, and inquisitive New Moon. If inspired, learn something new. According to the TV show, when Dennis was asked by Mr. Wilson why he asked so many questions, he responded, “I’ve only been around for five years, there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know.” 

Daily Muse: We don't ask you to believe in our ability to bring change, rather, we ask you to believe in yours…It’s important to make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds. (Barack Obama – Moon in Gemini)

May 31
Moon in Gemini/Cancer
The Moon goes Void of Course 1:10pm enters Cancer 10:49pm
The Moon in frisky Gemini keeps this morning animated and lively. This afternoon moods and conversations are less frivolous but possibly confusing with two simultaneous planetary aspects to the Moon. Leave it to a Moon in the sign of the twins to connect to two planets at the same minute. A stable lunar trine to disciplined Saturn in socially conscious Aquarius is a sobering energy preaching maturity, discipline, and personal responsibility. At the same time Luna finds herself in a conflicting square with Neptune in Pisces. Our feelings and communications may become clouded, or we are deceiving ourselves about our intentions. 

There are multiple ways this energy can express; here’s my impression. Words and communications are powerful and cut quickly to the truth. We will have little patience or tolerance for senseless repetition of talking points. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand and tell you an idea or opinion is valuable when it’s crap, this is not going to be your favorite day. Saturn is urging us to be thoughtful, serious, and responsible for our thoughts, beliefs, communications, and behaviors. There will be those attempting to divert meaningful conversations or purposefully confusing a situation. There will also be those who are inexperienced, uninformed, or naïve expressing foolishness. Good intentions are not enough.

We likely will see the positive fostering of ideas with teachers, advocates, and wise ones standing up for the truth in personal and social situations. Try not to take things personally and wherever possible, learn from those who know more than you do. This is a good time to work with a credible teacher, trainer, or coach to improve your knowledge and expertise. It’s also a fruitful time for advocates speaking up for others. 

Although the last few hours of the Moon in Gemini can leave us feeling emotionally adrift, the Moon’s entry into her nurturing home sign of Cancer late tonight reminds us to “phone home” to ground and balance ourselves.  

Daily Muse: If you don't believe anything else, believe this: when I take you by your hand and begin to talk, my friend, I believe every word I say. (Stephen King – Moon in Sagittarius trine Saturn in Leo 

Today on Everyday Astrology we’ll look more deeply at the New Moon in Gemini cycle.  Please join us today at 9 am Pacific on 12Radio.com. 
June 1
Moon in Cancer
Emotions are running hot and cold this morning as the Moon in sensitive Cancer bumps into confrontational squares with Jupiter and Mars in Aries and is comforted by a harmonizing connection to Venus in Taurus. We are reticent to stray far from home and hearth early this morning as the lunar square to Jupiter feels pushy and brash. We are not giving up our hopes and dreams, but we may feel a bit roughed up by recent courageous adventures that brought more bruises than rewards. Taking the lead from Venus in self-preserving Taurus, we fortify ourselves with a healthy breakfast, a strengthening exercise routine, a relaxing walk in nature, or possibly an affectionate encounter with a loved one. 

Feeling more grounded by Luna’s alliance with Venus we face the Moon’s square to passionate Mars. This probably brings up a bit of anxiety and yet it’s the push we need to move past fears. Many of these have nothing to do with concerns about physical danger but may involve feelings of confusion and boundaries around relationships with family, friends, strangers, and authorities. We may feel unfaithful if we don’t share the beliefs and ideas of those close to us, but likewise struggle with the need to be an individual and assert our own authority. We are usually eager to identify with others. We don’t really like the idea of being the office outcast, the black sheep of the family, the odd person on the softball team or the crazy radical neighbor. 

Just think “mother issues” and the many ways this concept manifests in multiple relationships. We want to nurture and be nurtured, but we don’t want to be smothered or lose our personal identity. We want to be loved for who we are and not because we are clones and mimics, or because of our “usefulness” to others. Today we are reminded of this struggle, which by the way, is a lifelong issue, but one we can learn to accept and play with. Boundaries are negotiable and evolving. 

Daily Muse: It’s important not to base your ambition on anybody else’s history, but to figure out how best to use your own particular personality and understanding of yourself. (Harrison Ford – New Moon in Cancer – Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter are also in Cancer)

June 2
Moon in Cancer
We are feeling super sensitive in the early hours as the Cancer Moon squares Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Aries. Whether it’s a conscious thought or just a vague feeling of discomfort, Chiron’s vulnerabilities can always be turned to compassion and strength. It’s easy; just refuse to criticize or judge yourself! Chiron in Aries can be quick to point out the ways we feel deficient and weak. But we have a not-so-secret weapon – Mars in Aries right now is telling us quite a different story. Tune yourself to the Mars channel.

And while you are leaning into Mars inspiration notice the harmony created by the Moon’s sextile to fearless Uranus in Taurus. Embracing our unique personalities – strengths and weaknesses – takes so much less energy and is certainly more fun and entertaining than trying to control our image and reputations. Uranus is urging us to take a risk, do something different and dare to try something new.  

Daily Muse: I don't have a formula to pass on. I always did it my own way. Even today, I hold my independence close. It's what's most precious to me. Passion. Risk. Tenacity. Consistency. This is my professional history. (Giorgio Armani – Moon in Cancer loosely sextile Uranus in Taurus)

June 3
Moon in Cancer/Leo
Mercury moves Direct 1am
The Moon goes Void of Course 8:15am enters Leo 11:38am
Mercury, the planet of thinking, communication, and making connections, stops moving backward today. At least the optical illusion changes. It looks like it is sitting still in the sky and slowly turning it’s face forward. The retrograde motion is complete at exactly 1 am (PDT) but we remain in the shadow of the retrograde until June 18th when Mercury returns to 4 Gemini where it was when it started the retrograde pattern on May 10th. We are anxious to move on, but it doesn’t pay to dismiss our lessons quickly without accepting their messages, insights, and revelations. 

To make sure we are paying attention, a couple of cosmic interactions will give us a nudge. This includes a lunar opposition to Pluto this morning. What comes to mind, and I really don’t know why, is a child coaxed by a parent to apologize to a neighbor for an innocent but careless trespass. Maybe it’s a way to seal the deal, to demonstrate the act of remorse, and complete the process by owning up to a mistake. Children rarely forget such acts and maybe naively I want to believe these character-building actions stick with us for a lifetime. Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn seems like the energy of accepting responsibility and building a foundation for moving from childhood to maturity.

Mercury stations direct at 26 Taurus, just one degree from a perfect change-inducing square with Saturn at 25 Aquarius, within one degree of a harmonizing sextile with Neptune at 25 Pisces and within two degrees of a transformative trine with Pluto. This certainly suggests things are not exactly what they seem. Half-truths, secrets, uncertainty, and mysteries are clouds surrounding our world and consciousness. It’s definitely worth our time and effort to sort through recent events, beliefs and feelings to find our own truths. This can be a Mercury retrograde pattern that changes us and changes the world. Don’t despair that change, and growth are impossible. The signs, cosmic ones included, say otherwise. 

And on another hopeful note, the Moon is looking for more fun, humor, and learning with a smile as it moves into Leo mid-day. Tonight, this optimistic Moon is further buoyed up by a trine to expansive and positive Jupiter in confident Aries. Our lessons can be joyful ones in which we celebrate our ability to change our minds and shape our realties.  

Daily Muse: Action expresses priorities…The future depends on what you do today. (Mahatma Gandhi – Moon in Leo)

June 4
Moon in Leo
Saturn moves Retrograde 2:47pm
The Moon in playful Leo cavorts with Mars in Aries and nudges Venus in Taurus in the early morning hours but depending on your time zone, you may be undisturbed by either (3:15 and 3:47 am PDT). We may have delayed reactions of feeling energized by our dreams or in the case of the lunar square to Venus, awakened from a dream unwillingly. Nevertheless, this is a playful Moon energy with a great sense of humor and one that whole-heartedly subscribes to laughter being the best medicine. 

This afternoon, a serious but subtle thread floats through the cosmos as Saturn the planet of discipline stations retrograde. The planet of organization remains in its annual retrograde motion until October 22nd. Most of us don’t notice this subtle shift in energies, Capricorns more than most. However, when Saturn is retrograde in socially conscious Aquarius, issues calling our attention to be involved will be reverberating within. This is the last retrograde of Saturn in socially reforming Aquarius for the next 30 years, as Saturn will be entering Pisces in March of 2023. In conjunction with several other profound cosmic events this year, I’m thinking this retrograde will be extraordinarily revelatory. Time will tell.

Meanwhile on the more conscious level of things, the Moon makes a conciliatory connection to the Sun in Gemini further encouraging us to focus on positive thoughts and activities. If possible, schedule a playful and maybe nostalgic activity for this afternoon or early evening. 

In late evening Luna’s square to Uranus may put someone’s nose out of joint. Or possibly we are feeling like we want to break free of something and we’re just not sure how to do it. Recognize your frustrations before they evolve into something more uncontrollable. The rebellious Uranus may feel particularly bound by rules and traditions in Taurus even though it wants to follow the lead of the playful Leo Moon. 

Daily Muse: The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. (Malcolm Gladwell – Saturn retrograde in Aquarius)

June 5
Moon in Leo/Virgo
The Moon goes Void of Course 4:12pm enters Virgo 11:22pm
The Leo Moon is still wants to create a light-hearted and playful mood today, but our jokes, funny texts, and posts don’t seem to be inspiring the right response with Luna opposing Saturn in Aquarius. Sometimes jokes feel more like tricks or attempts to be light-hearted and funny are clumsy. We probably just want to feel good, and to make other people feel good too. This could be a good lesson in not using humor as a defense or trying to deny or hide what we judge as negative feelings. Feelings are just what they are for the moment. 

This afternoon tensions may rise when the Moon squares Mercury in Taurus. Proving once again that it’s not always appropriate to attempt to lighten up serious situations and conversations with humor. Treat people and their feelings with respect. Look at your own defense mechanisms. When faced with strong or unpleasant emotions – yours or those of others – what do you do? 

The Moon in Leo wants to be self-expressive and authentic. With Luna opposing Saturn we want to be respected and valued. On some level we want to belong. If you want to connect with people today, be yourself and lay down the judgments. Although we may think we want to be viewed as intelligent and clever, if our comments are mean-spirited and derisive, we can hardly pass them off as humor. We reinforce our own sense of unworthiness when we fail to respect others. 
Late tonight the Moon leaves Leo and enters pragmatic Virgo. We will wake up to a very different energy tomorrow.  

Daily Muse: To feel valued, to know, even if only once in a while, that you can do a job well is an absolutely marvelous feeling. (Barbara Walters – Moon in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius)

Most of us are surrounded by the love of our pets. For me it's what makes me hate love because the pain of losing them is so egregious. I now have two new reports that take a gentle but entertaining view of your pet (sorry, only cats and dogs) through the lens of astrology.

It's a fun gift for the pet lover that has everything.

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Mondays 8am PST / 11am EST
On this Memorial Day holiday I wish you all a safe and calm week. There is so much to say and yet it all comes down to one thing, an appreciation of those we love and the time we have with them. Take every opportunity to contemplate the importance of this vital truth. 

Never miss a chance to tell someone you love them. I love you. 

In these hard times we have each other to laugh, cry, and love with. You are never alone. 

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love. 

Wednesdays 3pm Pacific
The Wheel of Success
Because we are one with Source, we have everything we need for fulfilling and successful lives. It all exists within the Infinite Self, and manifests physically as helpful people, beneficial circumstances, creative ideas, etc. 

Joel Goldsmith said, “My consciousness oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being, idea and thing.” 

To visualize that statement, imagine a wheel. Source is the hub of the wheel. The hub is the essential element of the wheel, without it the wheel goes nowhere. Around the perimeter of the wheel are every person and thing necessary for our ongoing success and fulfillment. By placing our total dependence on Source, we make ourselves available for Infinite Creativity to draw to us, from anywhere on the wheel, the perfect opportunities, supportive people, inspiring ideas and everything else we need as we need it.

The wheel is a symbol of oneness, a circle of giving and receiving, the inlet and outlet of supply, everyone benefits because we are all contributing, in ways that we know and don’t know to each other’s success and to the expansion of Love and Life in the material world.
Only through our success is God glorified. 

Have a very blessed week

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Hello my beauties,

I realize, every week I write an article from my perspective and tell you it's purpose or meaning. 

I thought this week would be refreshing to read someone else's story. I believe this is an old parable; I can not with certainty tell you where it is from. But I would like you to take a minute and read it, please. 
I love the message of this story! I can absolutely attest that lifting others up is a lot less strenuous than pushing others down. 

This past week, I met up with a friend for lunch. We talked a long time about ethics, politics and social issues. To put things into perspective, I am Native/Mexican/Spanish/East & West European and she is European/Black. We are both mixed and have our own experiences growing up in America feeling like a fish out of water: ethnic v. white. 

The similarities between the two of us far outweighed the differences. By the end of our meal and talk, a woman walked over to us and gave us free Peach Pie. My friend got SO EXCITED!!!! She has been having a hard time and said, "I just can't believe someone would do something so nice like that. This literally made my day!" We had both felt down and exhausted by negative news and were relieved to be uplifted that day by the kindness of one person. 

This illustrates the message behind the farmer's wheat story: lift others up! You have no idea how much power you have in your pinky finger to make someone's day. Perhaps it's a smile, food or nice gesture. Sometimes it's validating another and making them feel heard. But whatever the tool, you have it. Your gift is far greater than anything negative and can alter a person's entire perspective of life. Please be that change. 


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The Love and Beauty Of Venus 

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn't make any sense." Rumi

Above are the famous words of Sufi poet Rumi. Rumi's poetic words speak to me not just through the language of words but to my heart and soul. 

I've always adored words; they are as beautiful as a painting or masterpiece of art; this is partly due to my moon and Venus in the third house, my Jupiter in the third house, and my grand trine in air.

I love to communicate and express myself, listen and learn; it feeds my soul. 

My love of words has me thinking of all the different things we love and how the planet venus influences what we find beautiful and how we love through the houses. 

For instance, if your Venus lies in the first house, you more than likely are seen as incredibly charming, attractive, and charismatic. Others may see you as lucky or a leader, and you tend to get what you want. You are more than likely to have a love of life, aren't afraid to act on your impulses, admire courage and action, and find those things appealing. 
If your venus lands in the second house, you could have a way with money or a knack for making money. Money more than likely brings you comfort. You are more than probably attracted to those with money or who are resourceful and find anything luxurious or well-crafted appealing.

If your Venus lands in the third house, you could love to write, communicate, or express yourself. You could have a love of words and find them to be beautiful and be attracted to someone who writes or speaks well. 

If your Venus lands in the fourth house, you more than likely find beauty in your home or surroundings, bringing you comfort. You could have a love of the past, feel connected to your ancestors, your mother or mother figure, and be nurturing or be attracted to nurturing partners. 

If your Venus lands in the fifth house, you are more than likely playful or artistic and probably find yourself in the spotlight or attracted to those in the spotlight. You have a love of kids, and kids love you or both. You may also have a love of acting.

If your Venus lands in the sixth house, you could love exercise, medicine, the healing arts, or be attracted to those who are. You may find beauty and luck around your job and have a love of pets. You more than likely are of service to others or attracted to others in a service field. Daily rituals and routines could bring you comfort and peace. 

If your Venus lands in the seventh house, you are likely to find peace and beauty in relationships and partnerships. You love being in love and find fulfillment in the saying that" two is better than one." Others may see you as lucky in partnerships, and others may see you as agreeable and likable.

If your Venus lands in the eighth house, you may find yourself attracted to the occult, mysteries, or things considered hidden. You more than likely are attracted to partners with a bit of mystery, and others may see you the same way. A partner that isn't deep without layers to uncover more than likely will leave you feeling bored. On the other hand, you could also find yourself in intense relationships and maybe even seen as intense by others.

If your Venus lands in the ninth house, you likely love to travel, teach, and enjoy an adventure. A spontaneous partner who loves to talk about philosophy or the mysteries of life will likely intrigue you. But, on the other hand, you probably don't like to be tied down and enjoy the unknown discoveries of life. Also, you could find luck around the publishing of any kind with Venus in the ninth. 

If your Venus lands in the tenth house, others could see you as a business mogul or someone of power. You more than likely have a powerful presence and are attracted to leaving a legacy behind when you pass, whether it is leaving a business, books, movies, music, etc. You more than likely want to be remembered in some way. You more than probably are attracted to influential people as well. 

If your Venus lands in the eleventh house, you could be attracted to unusual or eccentric people who stand out and don't fit into any box. You could also be seen as unique and take pride in this. You also could have a love of astrology, aliens, and science fiction. 

Suppose your Venus lands in the twelfth house; you more than likely have vivid dreams or feel dreamy. You are more than likely spiritual or feel connected with the Divine and are seen as creative or attracted to creative people. You also could possess psychic gifts. 

Of course, challenging aspects in a chart could alter this a bit. 
May we all find beauty in each day and its blessings.

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