The Week Ahead

Monday, April 12 thru Sunday, April 18

Astrological Highlights for the week: Venus enters Taurus on Wednesday

Venus shines this week when she takes off her running shoes and leaves Aries and moves into Taurus, one of her home signs. (The other is Libra). We often link Venus and Libra together, highlighting the importance of relationships. But Venus, the planet of values, creativity, and beauty really sparkles in the Earth sign of Taurus manifesting balance, harmony, and true ingenuity in all she touches. 

Venus often represents our talents and artistic abilities. This is personified by Frank Lloyd Wright the iconic architect who designed more than 1,000 structures in his 70 year career. Wright was born with Venus conjunct Pluto in Taurus. The Taurus affinity to nature is obvious in many of his designs which he called organic architecture, combining many natural elements and incorporating the environment into his designs which included trees, waterfalls, the sky, and rock formations, just to name a few. 

When thinking of Venus, or any planet in Taurus, think sensuality. This is the sign of lust, indulgences, and the love of luxury. During this period we think about what’s beautiful and ways to upgrade our lifestyle, especially the comfort and attractiveness of our living spaces. We want our bodies and all of our surroundings to feel comfortable! This is a time we crave tactile and sensuous pleasures. 

When it comes to love, romance, and relationships Taurus tends to be traditional and a bit cautious. As with money, we want a good return on our relationship investments. A sure thing is more appealing than a risk. And despite a love of opulence and luxury, sometimes the simple pleasures are the best and most valued. A simple baked potato with butter, sour cream, and a sprinkle of fresh chives may be as welcome and memorable as a gourmet meal. Taurus likes things simple, as opposed to its opposite sign of Scorpio which is researching and complex. 

Taurus is also associated with animals, plants, and all of nature. If you are catching the gardening bug or splurging on new patio furniture or planting trees you are in tune with the Taurus vibes. Next to Cancer, Taurus is probably one of the most domestic signs placing value on home and things we can see, hear, feel, touch, taste and smell. With Venus in Taurus, keep it real!

On a personal domestic note, I am moving this week. It’ has been a long time coming and finally its here. And trust me when I tell you there is nothing simple about packing up a house I have lived in for 21 years and moving more than 700 miles to another state. I am counting on Venus in Taurus to help me simplify and stay grounded! I have hired professional movers and unfortunately that means my “stuff” may arrive anywhere between 3 – 10 days after I do. You can be assured, re-establishing my home office and getting back to work will be a priority. During the next week or so, I will do my best to be available, but please understand there will be at least a few days and probably more of “crazytown" while I am on the road and trying to get settled. Although I won’t be keeping regular hours on, you can always ask for a scheduled call at a day and time good for you and I will do my best to accommodate you. I hope to be available on a more regular basis by the time the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th. Meanwhile, wish me luck! 

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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April 12
Moon in Aries/Taurus
The Moon goes Void of Course at 5:06am enters Taurus at 10:44am
We are ready to confront obstacles head-on early this morning with the Moon in Aries conflicting with Pluto. We probably change our tune quickly when the Moon and Venus conspire together on how best to get what we want. We are ready to be more methodical by mid-morning when the Moon finds its way into practical and resourceful Taurus. A patient and steady approach is favored. 

Try not to get bogged down with details or distractions that are not pertinent to your goals. An attachment to traditional ideas or dogma can interfere with identifying new trends and being able to respond quickly to changing information and events. Adjust your attitude and your pace. Speed up if you are obsessing over unnecessary details or slow down, if you are feeling frantic, tripping over your feet, or making silly mistakes. 

Under the influence of a Moon in Taurus listen to your body and five physical senses for direction. Tune into your natural rhythms and desire for nourishment, activity, and rest. This is a great time to be outdoors and with nature identifying with its simplicity and intelligence. 

Daily Muse: My brother and I were brought up outdoors. We appreciate the countryside; we appreciate nature and everything about it. Prince Harry – Duke of Sussex – Moon in Taurus)

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April 13
Moon in Taurus
The Moon in Taurus is known for being grounded and often calm and peaceful. But relaxation may not be the name of the game this morning with the Moon meeting up with revolutionary Uranus at daybreak. This unpredictable energy creates opportunities but can also wreak havoc on a carefully planned agenda. With the Moon also conflicting with Saturn – the master of organization – in late morning, we can assume things are not going to go according to plan, at least not according to OUR plan. But this isn’t such a bad thing. A better strategy is likely to emerge if we are open to including new information and factors. Try not to waste your time and energy and lose your peace of mind when adjustments become necessary. 

Later this afternoon, the Sun in energetic Aries connects with Mars in versatile Gemini. This helps convince us there really are multiple paths to our goals and lots of ways to do things. It also energizes communications. Delegating and networking are likely to be key elements to a successful path to achievement today even though this may not have been our original plan. 

Daily Muse: Enlightenment is understanding that there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, and nobody you have to be except exactly who you're being right now.
(Neale Donald Walsch – Mars in Gemini conjunct Uranus.) 

Today on Simpletales my guest is Mo Abdelbaki, Vedic Astrologer and Tarot Master. We always have fun when we meet on Simpletales once a month. Please join us on at 9 am Pacific – Noon Eastern. And please plan to stick around for another hour when I join Kelly Whetstone on Empowerment at 10 am.

April 14
Moon in Taurus/Gemini
Venus enters Taurus 11:22am
The Moon goes Void of Course at 5:00pm enters Gemini at 11:35 pm
We are feeling dreamy this morning as the Moon in Taurus reaches out for a comforting connection to Neptune in compassionate Pisces. This is a very intuitive energy as well so be open to psychic hits and suggestions. Late morning Venus the planet of values takes off her running shoes as she leaves Aries and opts for a more leisurely pace in Taurus. Venus is at home in this domestic sign and ready to focus her energies on creativity and indulge in some luxurious surroundings. During this period we think about what’s beautiful and ways to upgrade our lifestyle, especially the comfort and attractiveness of our living spaces. We want our bodies and all of our surroundings to feel comfortable! This is a time we crave tactile and sensuous pleasures. 

When it comes to love, romance, and relationships Taurus tends to be traditional and a bit cautious. As with money, we want a good return on our relationship investments. A sure thing is more appealing than a risk. And despite a love of opulence and luxury, sometimes the simple pleasures are the best and most valued. Taurus is associated with animals, plants and all of nature. If you are catching the gardening bug or splurging on new patio furniture or planting trees you are in tune with the Taurus vibes. 

With the Moon and Venus now in Taurus, we might be tempted to slow our roll this afternoon. However, a lunar conflict with Jupiter in forward thinking Aquarius makes it hard to kick back. By early evening we are feeling like we have hit our groove when the Moon makes a harmonizing connection to Pluto in disciplined Capricorn. Pushing through with the important activities and tasks, even when we want to quit, will prove beneficial. 

Daily Muse: You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his fellow animals. (Paul McCartney – Venus in Taurus)
April 15
Moon in Gemini
The Moon leapt into verbal and inquisitive Gemini late last night sparking conversations, discussions and questions as soon as we wake. Because we are still in the first few days of the lunar cycle, there is a childlike and youthful quality to the energy. It’s reminiscent of Dennis the Menace - full of questions and speculation. Like Dennis, our need to investigate or dig into things could get us into a little trouble, but not much, unless we are ruthless in our observations or obsessive about expressing our thoughts and opinions. Kids can often get away with expressing their perceptions with unvarnished candor. We adults, maybe not so much. Keep in mind our truths and “honest” expressions may be hurtful to others or come off as callous or unfeeling. 

The day gets a helpful boost mid-morning when the Sun in Aries is infused with the far-reaching hopefulness of Jupiter in Aquarius. Jupiter in the sign of friendship and individual equality suggests working collaboratively with others, genuinely appreciating each persons’ gifts and contributions will bring success. Anytime the Sun meets Jupiter in a positive and friendly alliance we feel blessed, lucky, optimistic and hopeful. We have faith in the future no matter what our current circumstances. 

Daily Muse: Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. (Albert Einstein – Jupiter in Aquarius)

April 16
Moon in Gemini

We start the day off with a challenging energy pattern when the Sun in willful Aries conflicts with unbending Pluto in Capricorn. This can be a battle of wills with the unfortunate side effects of manipulation and attempts at domination. In a work situation someone may be bored with routine and uninteresting work, or simply unwilling to give their best. Look out for someone attempting to dominate a situation or person in an aggressive or uncompromising way. 

The saving grace we are hoping for comes in the form of Mercury, the thinker making a clever quintile with Saturn. This allows us to think outside the box and not go into automatic pilot mode. If we are faced with someone who feels like a bully, we can find an inventive way to deal with the situation. This is true if we are the bully too! If we find ourselves getting aggressive or feeling irrational, a few moments of reflection may reveal a change of mind. 

The Moon in the sign of the twins (Gemini) can be both a help and a hindrance. We may be able to quickly flip from one emotion to another; but we need to be aware of our own motivations. It is easy to use emotional expression to manipulate or control others. Because the Moon in Gemini loves to play with words and communication we can have fun lightening up a situation with humor. 

Do be a bit careful this evening when the Moon squares Neptune. This planet of dreams spins webs of illusion which the Gemini Moon loves to play with. We might readily fall prey to a practical joke or deception. However, we have our feet back underneath us later tonight when Mars (also in Gemini) finds a friend in Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius. Taking the high road seems much more appealing than the low one.  

Daily Muse: Work hard, do the best you can, don't ever lose faith in yourself and take no notice of what other people say about you. (Noel Coward – Moon conjunct Pluto in Gemini)

April 17
Moon in Gemini/Cancer
The Moon goes Void of Course at 8:03 am
enters Cancer at 12:25pm

The Moon in Gemini doesn’t get the reputation for being a social butterfly for no reason, especially today. This Moon connects with four planets in the short span of four hours from a few hours before dawn through brunch. Like the popular kid in a school cafeteria the Moon jokes with Mercury then quickly sits down for a philosophical talk about social reform and universal values with Jupiter. Her attention span is short as minutes later Luna joins Mars for a high-protein energy drink and pep talk. Her next stop is a friendly alignment and morale boost with the Sun in Aries.

It’s not just the Moon that is active today. Mercury (ruler of Gemini) currently transiting through spontaneous Aries also makes some positive and inspirational connections today, first with Jupiter this morning and then with Mars mid-day. If we feel ready for a nap after lunch, it’s no wonder; we’ve been busy socializing and networking. 

There may be other reasons we want to slow down the pace this afternoon. The Moon slides into her home sign of Cancer and we may be feeling more introverted or protective of our space. This is also encouraged by an intense confrontation between Mercury in head-strong Aries and Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn. We tend to be blunt, maybe even ruthless in our communications and interactions with others. This can be a very stubborn and domineering energy where our ego is attached to our thoughts and ideas. To criticize my idea is the same as a personal rejection. We may take things personally which makes it hard to be objective. This conflict might also signal a revelation that we find particularly hard to believe but we need to find a way to accept it. 

The day wraps on a sweeter note with the Moon in domestic Cancer aligning with Venus in another home-loving sign, Taurus. Gathering with a loved one, family, or small group of friends cocoons us in feelings of love and acceptance. 

Daily Muse: It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up – that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had. (Elisabeth Kübler-Ross – Moon in Cancer)

April 18
Moon in Cancer
We want to catch a few extra winks this morning with the Moon feeling comfortable in her home sign of Cancer. Nevertheless, an early morning lunar connection to Uranus is too stimulating to ignore. Doing things around the house, yard, and garden may be as far as we want to roam today. Under the influence of a Cancer Moon we are motivated to be domestic. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of family and home may not sound eventful or exciting; but these are activities that provide bonuses. They lead to feeling safe, secure, and attached. In uncertain times, doing ordinary things can feel very grounding and help forge important bonds and links in our lives. 

Tonight we have lots to share and talk about when the Sun and Mercury join forces. This could provide for a stimulating exchange of ideas for those willing to engage. However, if you are feeling depleted or tired of being agitated, give yourself permission to bow out of the after dinner games night or political discussion.

Daily Muse: You know, you do need mentors, but in the end, you really just need to believe in yourself. (Diana Ross- Sun and Mercury in Aries)
Most of us are surrounded by the love of our pets. For me it's what makes me hate love because the pain of losing them is so egregious. I now have two new reports that take a gentle but entertaining view of your pet (sorry, only cats and dogs) through the lens of astrology.

It's a fun gift for the pet lover that has everything.

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There's a lot going on in the world. Political parties are doing what they do. Countries are doing everything they can to try to do what they want to do. Weather is weathering. The earth is spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun, as it has for eons and will do for eons to come. All of this is going on without my input, thankfully, so today I am not going to give any of it a tad of thought, as my input won't matter.

Today I'll put my attention where it belongs, namely on the glorious day outside, the coming of spring and the pure joy of being alive on this gorgeous planet. Trudie and I, she is our goldendoodle, started out the day by playing ball in the backyard. It was still a little chilly, brisk to be accurate, but beautiful. We play a specific kind of fetch. We use two balls, otherwise the entire time would consist of her taunting me with the ball in her mouth. It's in her contract that she never has to fetch the ball. According to Article 6.A-d of our agreement, retrieving is my job.

Our game starts by my throwing the first ball. She runs after it as fast as she can, snatches it up, brings it to me to show me that she has it and I don't, runs to the far end of the yard again, drops it as far away from me as she can, and then slowly saunters back, never taking her eyes off of the other ball in my hand. She then daintily raises her right paw and stands motionless. If I don't throw it quickly enough, she'll shift her gaze to my eyes as if to say, “Ahem. Ball?” Succumbing to the pressure, I throw the ball across the yard and she peels out like a hot rod at a drag race. She snags the ball, runs to the one I threw first and pounces on it, making it squeak in submission, decides which one she wants to have in her mouth, takes that ball and then simply walks elsewhere, leaving one for me to walk across the yard to retrieve. (See Article 6.A-d.)

I then walk across the yard to the ball she left behind and often times, as I reach to get it, a golden meteor speeds by me and the ball vanishes. She likes to wait until I'm actually reaching for the ball, hands almost on the orb before she snatches it at a full run. Off to the other side of the yard I go. Once she pulled this maneuver 7 times in a row. For some reason this always surprises me, kind of like a toddler playing Peek-a-Boo. In a second she's on the other end of the yard, shaking her head in disbelief that I fell for it again. It always makes us laugh. There's nothing like a laugh in the morning to jump-start your day.

That was how I started my day. Maybe you can see why I don't feel much like dealing with heavy issues or trying to figure out how, what, or why. There's one thing I do know for certain. I'm alive and I love my life. This has been one heck of a crazy year. We've all been tested and we've all had to adapt. We've all been impacted by the multifaceted weirdness we've been subjected to, and we are still here. For that, I'm grateful on every level.

I'll go out several more times today and appreciate Nature. We'll probably go for a ride, Trudie buckled up in the backseat, as she loves going for rides. I'll spend some time feeding my head, studying, learning, contemplating, pushing my limits and then I may take a nap. That's just how I feel today, and it feels every bit as worthy of my time as thinking about the Supreme Court, or griping about the way things are. All things considered, for me, things are pretty darned amazing. I hope they are for you, too, and that you have a lovely, lovely day. 

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

Unfinished Business

When a relationship ends, we need closure. Whether is it an intimate relationship, a friendship or the loss of a person or pet, it is important to feel that we said what we needed to say so that we can move on. 

How many of our inner conversations are taken up by what we think we should have or wish we would have said to someone? It can be a great distraction and it can eat us up. 
There is a way to speak to anyone, living or dead, through a spirit-to-spirit conversation. It is simple and very cathartic. 

Get quiet and imagine the person you want to talk to sitting across from you and say everything you want to say. Speak from your heart, be honest and as you talk, notice how you feel.

They may not be able to “hear” you in person, but their spirit will. Unfinished business haunts us and is a demand on our attention, a spirit-to-spirit conversation is a great way to release energy and emotion and have closure.

Have a very blessed week
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Hello Magikal Beauties,

I am so happy you're here joining me for another edition. 

Are you enjoying Springtime yet? 
The beautiful flowers,
Birds chirping, and Delicious weather!

I feel like Springtime is underrated; it is so beautiful and yet doesn't get enough attention as fall, summer or even winter holiday season. So let's talk about Spring and what you need to expect.

Springtime Forecast
Yes, yes, there will be some retrogrades and uncomfortable astrology this Spring. I personally moved, signed contracts and talked to people from the past during Mercury Retrograde; no regrets! Just because something is challenging doesn't mean we should be so superstitious and fearful about it to the extent we are living life on ice. 

We know these little disruptions will happen but they will also be packed with wonderful lessons that will mold you into the person you are capable of being. 

So many times we ask for things from spirit, but when spirit puts the path in front of us for that journey, we reject it. We think it's too hard, inconvenient or not what we expected. Instead of supporting ourselves with love and compassion, we either try to fight through it or we give up. 

I'm here today to tell you that SPRINGING forward is a balance between being gentle and loving with yourself, and stress. You can do BOTH. Just like in sports, there is a process of stress and recovery. If you can master both- you can do anything! 

Week Ahead 
Four of Pentacles- Worried about finances? Spirit shows us worried about our futures and our resources. Have we forgotten who we work for? The reason to seek God or Spirit first, in all things, is that we can easily worry about any area of life. But worrying does not result in clarity or action. Therefore, everyday seek direction from your Higher Power and take the actions in front of you. Your job is to give to life; the taking will take care of itself.

Seven of Cups- Dreams, fantasies and not knowing what you want. Ever been to a buffet and felt overwhelmed at the options? This is what life feels like right now; you know you want change but not sure where to put your focus. This is where we need to also be honest with ourselves and really put our dreams on paper. Who do you think put those desires in your heart? So plant them!!! Let your seeds grow fruit.

Three of Wands- wow! You work fast. You will accomplish some sowing of seeds this week preparing you for the future. Now is the time to be patient and to continue to water your seed. If you can allow yourself a few weeks, those dreams of your heart will manifest and you will have all you need.


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