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Monday October 26 through Sunday November 1

Astrological Highlights for the week: Astrological Highlights for the week: Retrograding Mercury re-enters Libra on Tuesday while Venus also enters Libra Tuesday night; Full Moon in Taurus on Saturday morning. 

Get ready for some unusual and hopefully liberating energy with the Full Moon in Taurus early Saturday morning. Happy Trick or Treat! The most striking cosmic aspect to this lunation is Uranus – the planet of revolution sitting right next to the Moon. Not only does this infuse the Moon with the spirit of rebellion, Uranus also opposes the Sun which represents our ego. In this case, it’s most likely collective ego and mass consciousness. 

Even though Uranus can give any of us reason to step back, it’s not something to fear. This is the first planet identified by astronomers using the telescope in 1781. This has always been a source of fascination for me. Just imagine, before the telescope empowered us to see further than the naked eye, Saturn was the last frontier – the perimeter of the Universe. When we were able to “see differently” our whole world expanded and the possibilities became endless. In Astrology, Uranus holds the psychological distinction of being our ability to move beyond limitations – to liberate ourselves, to think outside the proverbial box.  

For many reasons, Uranus is referred to as “The Great Awakener”. The first hot air balloon was launched in 1783 symbolic of Uranus as a demonstration we could defy the power of gravity. In astrological terms the boundaries, rules and gravity are set by Saturn. Now, I actually love the discipline and organization of Saturn, but I also love the idea of exceptions and coloring outside the lines!

When Uranus is involved we often experience upheavals and radical and unexpected changes. We associate scientific discoveries and inventions, advances in the application of energy and electricity, successful revolutions, and the emergence of brilliant ideas to the energy of Uranus. When energy is stagnant, oppressive, and uninspired, Uranus is our friend and our savior. 

Also during this Full Moon, both Mercury the thinker and Mars the planet of action are moving retrograde. Instead of great movement forward, rather, I’m expecting to uncover some revealing insights especially when it comes to structural foundations and assumptions. When we discover that we have been operating with incorrect information, or using the wrong tools and strategies, this can be incredibly helpful. This is a time when untapped resources may be revealed, or we might come to understand that our efforts are not as efficient as they could be. I guess what I’m really saying is even when we recognize a problem, with the right corrective attitude it can be a very positive thing! 

Full Moons are full of light, literally. This one is full of surprises and opportunities.

Stay INFORMED, Stay SAFE, Spread HOPE, and don’t forget to VOTE!

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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October 26
Moon in Pisces
The Moon in empathetic Pisces can choose to be a hero or a martyr. This emotional energy is naturally intuitive and empathetic. An early morning lunar link with unconventional Uranus can shine a light on an original and unexpected alternative we weren’t able to see before. 

As a very emotional water sign, the Pisces Moon can bring up issues that feel overwhelming for us or others. Our tendency might be to swim away from our troubles looking for an escape in an alternate reality. This may work, but usually only for a short while. If the getaway includes connecting with our higher source it’s likely we will find the inspiration and encouragement we need. 

Sacrifice is often a word associated with Pisces energy. And it’s not a bad one. However, we do need to be aware of our intentions and motivations. Are we drawn to helping a person or a cause voluntarily and with no strings attached or do we feel obligated, resentful, and superior? When we can see ourselves as the channel through which assistance, help, and kindness flows, rather than the source, we can benefit too. And remember sometimes people need the opportunity to help themselves. Rushing in to fix a situation may be disempowering to the people involved. 

This is a good time to collaborate and cooperative with others. If you feel lonely, reach out and don’t try to go it alone. You might give someone else the opportunity to lift themselves up as they do the same for you. Being self-sufficient is a good trait, especially under a Capricorn Moon, but the Pisces Moon is looking for the opportunity to join, merge, and feel oneness with a soul group. 

Daily Muse: I know somehow, that only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars. (Martin Luther King Jr. – Moon and Venus in Pisces)

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October 27
Moon in Pisces
Mercury enters Libra 6:34pm
Venus enters Libra 6:41pm
The Moon goes Void of Course at 5:46pm
The Moon in Pisces is finding it difficult to say “no” or to let go of commitments even if they feel burdensome and unmanageable. It’s true, sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to do or aren’t our first choice, but which we believe to be worthwhile in the long run. It’s likely these decisions and thoughts are on our minds and in our hearts today. Fortunately, positive lunar alignments with Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in disciplined and devoted Capricorn provide strength and purpose for moving forward with the responsibilities we deem to be worthwhile. 

It also helps that both Mercury and Venus enter the partnership sign of Libra today. Retrograding Mercury backs into Libra re-igniting our thoughts about values and justice especially when it comes to love and money. We don’t have all the answers yet, but our willingness to keep reviewing with the messenger planet re-thinking some of our beliefs and positions helps us realize what we can turn around in our lives, how to move past stagnation and inertia, and how to re-connect with our sense of the possible. 

Venus the planet of values is delighted to enter one of her home signs tonight. She is the ruler of both Taurus and Libra. Although fairness, balance, and justice are always issues with Libra, when Venus comes home, her heart is likely more focused on personal relationships than social causes. This isn’t absolute, but we’ll probably find an increasing desire to re-connect with family and loved ones, especially if these have been troubled times. Venus in Libra is creative and artistic, and cares about and aesthetics. Harmony, beauty, and grace are to be cultivated in all relationships and areas of life. 

This is a good cycle to mend some fences and find ways to move beyond disappointments, regrets, and loss. Instead of dwelling on the past, now is the time to look forward actively pursuing what we say is important, including qualities such as kindness and gentleness. 

Daily Muse: Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others? (Martin Luther King Jr. – Moon and Venus in Pisces)

Today on Simpletales let’s look at the Sun in Scorpio cycle, complete with suggestions for each astrological sign. Please join us on at 9 am Pacific – Noon Eastern. 

October 28
Moon in Pisces/Aries
Void of Course Moon enters Aries at 1:45am
The Moon enters courageous Aries in the early morning hours; however, we may take some time to fully embrace this fire sign’s fearlessness. The Sun is making a cranky connection with Chiron which taps into our doubts about our worthiness. With the Moon also connecting with the Wounded Healer today it will take focus and stamina to hold our ground. 

Despite these potential upsets, we are more than ready and capable of tapping into our daring and showing the world just how plucky we can be! We are more likely to stumble if we lose sight of our goals – whether they are long term aspirations or short-term objectives for the day. As they say in baseball and other sports, keep your eye on the ball. I recently read about a study of athletes with at least two years of experience in ball sports. Scientists determined that at least 95% of the time, the participants watched the ball in the air, even if they were running at top speed. Although we can’t deny the importance of recognizing obstacles, there is something to be said for focusing on the goal and allowing the details to take care of themselves. How much time do we spend problem solving “what if?” 

Today, the Aries Moon encourages us to trust our strengths, natural talents and experience and go with our inspiration and curiosity. Pay more attention to your goals and less to what you believe will interfere or second guessing what might get in your way.  

Daily Muse: Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. (Steve Jobs – Moon in Aries.)

October 29
Moon in Aries
We might be accelerating with the brake on today as the Moon in headstrong Aries is fueled up by a merger with retrograding Mars. Does the fact that Mars is moving backwards matter? Very likely it’s a clue to stop and check our expectations and assumptions. It doesn’t indicate our path or direction is wrong, but we may be getting ahead of ourselves or expecting results faster than they are warranted. If an idea or project is not moving forward, this is the time to look more carefully. Has the plan been implanted like you believed? Have circumstances changed? Are adjustments or a bit of tweaking indicated? Do we just need to be patient?

This evening, the Moon bumps into squares with Jupiter and Pluto in earthy and slow-moving Capricorn. This is enough to take the wind out of our sails! Better to slow down then stub a toe or worse. Sometimes aggressively pushing forward is not the best way to get around an obstacle. With Mercury and Venus both in diplomatic Libra, might there be another way? 

Daily Muse: You can never be overdressed or overeducated.(Oscar Wilde – Venus in Libra)

October 30
Moon in Aries/ Taurus
Moon goes Void of Course at 9:13am, enters Taurus at 2:19pm
The Aries Moon is likely running out of steam and maybe so are we this morning as the Moon crashes into a square with Saturn in Capricorn first thing then goes void-of-course until mid-afternoon. VOC Moons don’t necessarily spell inaction, but it might be good to spend some time in planning or reassembling some pieces of our lives. This is further encouraged with the Moon opposing retrograding Mercury in indecisive Libra this morning. Have you dropped off your mail-in ballot at an official drop-box or made a plan for early voting or in-person voting next week? Review your priorities and make a plan, on activities that are important to you, even if you can’t take action today,. 

With both Mars and Mercury retrograde we are likely feeling the uneven pace of life – hurry up and slow down. If things are falling between the cracks or not getting done, today is a good day to reprioritize the list and strategize when and how to make things happen. The Moon eases into grounded Taurus mid-afternoon. This doesn’t necessarily pick up the pace, but it does encourage productivity and focusing on doable goals. This might be seemingly small and routine like cooking a fabulous dinner. But remember, dinner is never insignificant to Taurus! 

The Moon is Full early tomorrow morning – tonight should be an early Halloween Treat for moon gazers. 

Daily Muse: The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen. (Lee Iacocca – Moon in Taurus)

October 31
Full Moon in 9º Taurus
Get ready for some unusual and hopefully liberating energy with the Full Moon in Taurus this morning. Happy Trick or Treat! The most striking cosmic aspect to this lunation is Uranus – the planet of revolution sitting right next to the Moon. Not only does this infuse the Moon with the spirit of rebellion, Uranus also opposes the Sun which represents our ego. In this case, it’s most likely collective ego and mass consciousness. 

Uranus is known as “The Great Awakener” with the power to prompt us to liberate ourselves from the limitations that hold us back or restrict our lives. When Uranus is involved we often experience upheavals and radical and unexpected changes. We associate scientific discoveries and inventions, advances in the application of energy and electricity, successful revolutions, and the emergence of brilliant ideas to the energy of Uranus. When energy is stagnant, oppressive, and uninspired, Uranus is our friend and our savior. 

Remember Mercury and Mars are both retrograde so some of the advances may look initially like retreats. But when we can uncover obstacles that are holding us back, our path forward is empowered. The Full Moon sheds light on our limitations allowing us to address them with an open mind. 

Daily Muse: Let's be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven't got the power to destroy the planet - or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves.(Michael Crichton – Moon in Taurus)

November 1
Moon in Taurus
The Moon goes Void of Course 6:29 pm
End of Daylight Saving time
We approach the new month and begin the day with a hope for happiness with the Moon aligning with Jupiter this morning. Conversations may not go exactly as planned as retrograding Mercury backs into a challenging square with obstinate Saturn in Capricorn. We may want to agree with loved ones, but entrenched beliefs and opinions may be hard to ignore or put aside. They will know if we are simply paying lip service to get along. This can be a good thing as they may be annoyed we don’t agree; but they appreciate that we love them enough to pretend!

Lunar alignments with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn help build bridges and trust moving from afternoon to evening. The Moon is void of course this evening, but still in practical and sensuous Taurus. Sunset and evening are likely to appear early as Daylight Savings Time in the US and some other areas ended this morning. This makes for a long evening; plenty of time for a quiet and romantic interlude with dinner or movies and popcorn. 
Daily Muse: There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit. (Ronald Reagan – Moon in Taurus)

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My memory has just been jostled. Estes Park, Colorado, is in the path of the largest forest fire Colorado has ever seen. It is possible that the town will be in flames before the day is through. Estes Park is a small tourist town in the Rockies. I knew it well as a youngster, as it was my mom's favorite place to go for a picnic, or for unique shopping experiences. She loved it so much that she transferred her passion for the place to her siblings who immigrated to this country. In turn, that love has been passed on to their children, as well as my own siblings. It's a place held with reverence in my family because it reminds us of my mother.

I haven't been to Estes Park in quite a while. The last time I went was to meet family from out of state for lunch. It was a beautiful trip up the canyon and into the massive Valley where Estes Park sits. As we drove through town to the restaurant, I was stunned to see that it had changed very little over the years. The main street is a narrow, two-lane road right through the middle of town. On either side are shops. When I was a kid, some of them were my favorite places on earth.

If you've ever seen The Shining, then you've seen one of the most famous structures in Estes Park, the Stanley Hotel. I saw a ghost in the Stanley when I was about five or six. I'm not the only one.

The shops catered mainly to tourists, and in the 50s and 60s did so in a flamboyant manner. The "Trading Post" tourist shop was full of tom-toms, turkey feather headdresses, cowboy hats, flimsy bow and arrow sets, tumbled rocks, cheap perfumes, wind chimes, and so, so much more. The salt water taffy shop had the best candy and caramel corn in town. The Newsstand was the only place I could buy the creepy horror comics I loved so much. "Imported Fine Gifts," was my mom's favorite store. She and my dad would wander through the place seeking the perfect purchase. The owner was a first generation Syrian who spoke Arabic with them and always gave them a percentage off the usual exorbitant price. He stood a little over 5 feet tall and seemed almost as wide. He always had a green cigar in his mouth, which he chewed, and when he took it out, the slimy, gnawed end made me queasy. The store mostly bored me, but I did find some gems. I bought my first harmonica from him, as well as a knife that also had a bunch of tools, including a full-size spoon and fork attached. The quality wasn't great, but for a 10-year-old, it was a treasure.

My favorite store was "The Copper Penny." On my most recent visit, I was astounded to see that The Copper Penny had been turned into a macramé, stained glass, artsy sort of place. When I was a kid, it was filled to the brim with junk that made me rabid. I bought my first, second, third and fourth Whoopee Cushions from that store. They didn't last long, but I sure knew how to make the best of them. I bought a pocketknife there that I loved. It was a favorite for playing Mumbly Peg. It looked like a small switchblade, but wasn't one. They had tons of practical jokes and suggestive greeting cards that should have been out of my reach, but weren't. It had row after row of treasures and wonders, including souvenir spoons, Estes Park egg cups, cedar boxes, rock candy, and whatever might tempt a kid or vacationer to trade their allowance or salary for.

The fire that encroaches is a monster. It has dropped ash and obscured the sun in my old hometown. I've smelled the smoke almost every day. When I heard Estes Park has been evacuated, my mind was flooded with emotions. Part of me has frozen it in time as a cherished memory, but people live there and depend on it. I hope it will be spared.

This does remind me how important it is to value those around us, in the moment, and realize that anything and everything can change in an afternoon. We must be aware, especially right now, or run the risk of losing more than we can imagine.

Please be safe. This is not a time to let down our guards, or relax our vigil. As precious as our memories are, our futures are much more important.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

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Take a moment right now to notice where you are within yourself, what you are thinking, how you are feeling. 

Rather than judge it, just look at it as simply the state of consciousness that you are in. The word state implies that it is transitory – you know that it will change. Think of how many times you purposefully change your state in a day? Take for example you have something that you want to accomplish but something else comes up and takes you off course for a bit.

What do you do to get back into the state of accomplishing? Maybe you give yourself a pep talk, maybe you just detach from the distraction, or maybe you sit for a few minutes, re –ground and regain your seniority. You could choose any one of a number of things to change your state and you do because you know that you have the power to shift out of that distracted space and get back on track. Not for a moment do you think that you will remain distracted forever and all is lost.

Now zoom out and with that understanding, look at whatever is happening in your world. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm, just as we move through different states of consciousness so does our world. If we can see current affairs whether locally, nationally or globally as a states of mass consciousness, then we know that they are transient that they will change as they have done throughout history not empower them with our fear.

Every human being is the individualization of Source demonstrating their individual state of consciousness. When we know that our state of consciousness does not define us, it is simply where we are right now, we can be a lot more understanding of ourselves and others. 

We are all One.
Have a very blessed week

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Walking out of my apartment, I see a street filled with beautiful yellow and orange leaves that have lined the walkway as if a red carpet. As I begin to walk, a breeze blows the leaves into the air, causing a frenzy of color dancing all around me. 

There are no politics here. No worries, no shame and no controversy. There is just beauty. 

I am reminded of the world that was created for us, that we tend to not see. We created the institutions and the boundaries, but struggle to uphold them as eloquently as nature does. It flows. We fight. We are constantly at odds with nature.

I imagine some thousands of years ago, we decided we needed to hide ourselves from nature. We built huts out of sticks or clay, or escaped into caves. Isn't that what a building is, afterall? A cave of our own making?

Nature can seem both cruel and loving. It provides life for us, then it rips it away almost effortlessly. And we are pinned between survival and acceptance; fear and love. We have to survive, and yet, we also need to love. 

So what do we do? 
Do we stay in the cave, or do we embrace the beauty all around us?

BOTH. We simply do both. 

Pythagoras said that anything in extreme becomes a sin; a fall from grace.
And I wholly believe this. 

But it's not the sin in itself that is the problem- it is the root. It is the over stimulation of surviving against nature that causes us to fall prey to extremes. We do everything like it is "the last time". We binge. We over consume. We obsess. We take things just too far, all with the hopes of numbing away the pain and finding the love and beauty we once knew. 

We can all relate. We have all over eaten, worked too hard for unnecessary money, fallen too hard for someone or binge watched a tv show (recently mine was Evil on Netflix). And it probably felt really good until the consequences caught up with us.

So here is this very important message for Libra Season: 
Joie de Vivre! (Exuberant enjoyment of life)

The answer isn't to change, it's to embrace the magickal and wonderful moments every day and without apology SO WE DON'T fall out of grace. This is in Vedic/esoteric/sidereal astrology Libra Season, so let's embrace it with all our hearts!!! You deserve, GRACE!



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