The Week Ahead

Monday August 3 through Sunday August 9

Astrological Highlights for the week:   Full Moon 11 Aquarius on Monday; Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday; Venus enters Cancer on Friday  

The week is off to a challenging start with the Aquarian Full Moon on Monday morning trying to negotiate a square with revolutionary Uranus. This energy might prove to be very tricky, so have your spiritual toolbox handy! The Moon in friendly yet rebellious Aquarius is in perfect opposition to the Sun in proud and willful Leo and both are in a challenging square to the Aquarian planetary ruler Uranus in Taurus. You might recognize this configuration as a T-Square (three corners instead of four) in the inflexible fixed signs of the zodiac. 

Try not to malign them; it’s their “job” to maintain the status quo and provide a stable environment. What this means for us is contrary and probably competitive energy will abound and people are defending their opinions and standing their ground. There is very little chance of compromise, at least not willingly or voluntarily. Quick or easy change is not part of the nature of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). 

However, when planets are closely linked this way, it sometimes takes just a small nudge on one of them to set the others in motion. It can feel like a pin ball machine with the silver ball bouncing from one point to another setting off a series of chain reactions. (Note if you have Scorpio planets in your natal chart anywhere in the vicinity of 11 degrees, the Full Moon T-Square will form a temporary Grand Square in your chart – be ready for change in multiple areas!) 

This Moon cycle began on the New Moon on July 20 th in domestic Cancer. At that time we also had an “authority problem” with both the Moon and Sun opposing Saturn, the master of clout. Now two weeks later with the Moon in freedom-loving Aquarius, along with the Sun squaring revolutionary Uranus, as they say, “something’s gotta give”. 

Complicating the Full Moon picture, but also providing some useful insight and a potential solution is Mercury’s opposition to Saturn on Monday afternoon. Mercury the thinker doesn’t appreciate the authoritarian Saturn looking over his shoulder, suggesting revisions or corrections, or generally disapproving of his ideas or censoring his thoughts. But sometimes, that’s exactly what we need, a thump on the head that says “Snap out of it.” Although we don’t embrace the feeling of being unsettled or judged concerning a communication or thought, our willingness to explore the discomfort could lead us to more clarity and a useful change in direction. Isn’t it better to be wrong and change than to get more fully entrenched on a dubious path? 

I am laughing to myself because in reviewing the previous paragraph, I inadvertently wrote “Full Mind” instead of Full Moon. This about sums up what I’m thinking and feeling – so much going on with this Full Moon! So little space and so much to think about. Please feel free to quit reading if your attention is wandering. There are other great articles in this newsletter you can jump to!

Here’s one idea that keeps going round and round in my brain. Aquarius is progressive and humanitarian; it is the sign of social reform, innovation, revolution, rebellion, experimentation, and philanthropy. Aquarius dances with the idea of “belonging”. It craves both social acceptance and independence. If you know Aquarius, then you know what I mean! It is the sign of brotherhood and values friendship above most other forms of relationship and being connected. 

This brings to mind several ideas. The first is what some call “Cancel Culture” or “Call-out Culture” which refers to the boycotting of a person, group, or organization that someone has judged to be in violation of acceptable social justice norms. Oftentimes the offensive behavior may have occurred years ago, for example someone in public office being called out for something written in a high school yearbook. Sometimes support is withdrawn based on behavior of an employee, friend or family member. But the effect is pretty demonstrable; the person, idea, or movement is effectively “cancelled” if enough people and energy get on board. But who gets to decide who and what should be cancelled?

This shaming and vilifying is nothing new. Humans have used it for years to shape or try to control other people’s behavior. The current version fueled by the reach of the internet and social platforms is pretty much “peer pressure” on steroids. I remember reading that in some Native American cultures, children were disciplined for unacceptable behavior by being ignored. In effect they were invisible until they came in line with the acceptable social norms held by the tribe. It probably was not much different in many other cultures across the world. 

In this age of digital social platforms, it doesn’t take much to create or destroy a person’s reputation and / or business. Who would argue that it’s social pressure that has helped create acceptance of designated drivers verses drunk driving and limiting smoking in public places. It really hasn’t been that long ago that throwing trash out a car window and eschewing the wearing of seatbelts was considered the norm.  

But like everything else on this planet of duality, things are never black and white. While Cancel Culture can be an effective motivation for change, it can’t help but be in the back of our minds, that one minute we are participating in Cancel Culture and the next we are the one being targeted. I’m not coming down on one side or the other, just like usual; I’m playing devil’s advocate, suggesting questions we might want to consider. 

This brings to mind the Aquarian dance with wanting to belong and wanting to be independent; and (with a smile) the Aquarian need for being right. This is a mental air sign. Talk comes easy, sharing ideas and especially revolutionary inspirations are oxygen; but one finds it easier to walk among the gods if one can be emotionally detached – the Aquarian Moon’s dilemma for sure.  

It’s likely in these troubled times we find ourselves at odds with our own ideas and historical beliefs and philosophies. Likewise we find ourselves questioning our friends, colleagues, and the organizations we belong to. We might be seriously considering our alliances and their influence on our lives. 

The radiance of this Full Moon is likely to highlight difficulties that trace back to cracks and fissures in our thinking and in our lives. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the current virus pandemic and in the United States, to economic crises, and significant civil unrest. But whether you are thinking personally or globally, this Full Moon energy suggests the challenges we face today are the result of choices and decisions made some time ago. Therefore, if we really want something to be different, we have to go back to the source or cause and not waste our time focusing only on treating symptoms, which is a superficial answer at best. 

The take home message here is our thoughts lead to behaviors and actions have consequences. Although we can change our minds in an instant, when we are motivated, with the energy of the fixed signs it may take time to see the manifestations of the changes we initiate now. Embrace patience; but don’t wait any longer to consider a change of mind and take corrective action. If you don’t like what is currently manifesting in your life, then get on board; there must be a different way of seeing and doing this. 

Stay Informed; Stay Safe; and Spread Hope.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

PS – if you missed this on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” this week, you might want to check it out. We all need some comforting words and inspiration. US Representative John Lewis, long-time civil rights activist wrote an essay he asked to be printed in the New York Times on the day of his funeral. Click this link and you can hear Morgan Freeman, actor and friend, reading the essay. Although I would love for you to be inspired by his words, if you are not, I will do my best to not engage in Cancel Culture to erase your voice!

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August 3
Full Moon 12º Aquarius 8:59 am
Today’s energy might prove to be very tricky and challenging, so have your spiritual toolbox handy! The first planetary energy to greet us this morning is the Moon in friendly but rebellious Aquarius squaring off with the Aquarian planetary ruler Uranus. This connects the dots between yesterday’s jarring energy where the Sun in Leo also squared revolutionary Uranus. The Full Moon at 8:59 am (Pacific Time) with the Moon and Sun in perfect opposition, both squaring Uranus completes a T-Square in the inflexible fixed signs of the zodiac. Try not to malign them; it’s their “job” to maintain the status quo and provide a stable environment. What this means for us is contrary and probably competitive energy. We’re sticking to our opinions and holding our ground. Not much room for negotiation or compromise today, but don’t rule it out.

Complicating the Full Moon picture, but also maybe providing some insight is Mercury’s opposition to Saturn this afternoon. Mercury the thinker doesn’t usually appreciate the authoritarian Saturn looking over his shoulder, correcting his mistakes or generally disproving of his ideas and thoughts. But sometimes, that’s exactly what we need, a thump on the head that says “Snap out of it.” 

The radiance of this Full Moon is likely to highlight difficulties, cracks and fissures in our thinking and in our lives. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to the current virus pandemic and in the United States to economic crises, and significant civil unrest. But whether you are thinking personally or globally, this Full Moon energy suggests the challenges we face today are the result of choices and decisions made some time ago. Therefore, if we really want something to be different, we have to go back to the source or cause and not waste our time treating symptoms, which is a superficial answer at best. 

The take home message here is our thoughts lead to behaviors and actions have consequences. Although we can change our minds in an instant, when we are motivated, with the energy of the fixed signs it may take time to see the manifestations of the changes we initiate. Embrace patience; but don’t wait any longer to consider a change of mind and take corrective action. If you don’t like what is currently manifesting in your life, then get on board; there must be a different way of seeing and doing this. 

The day ends on a more harmonious note as the Moon reaches out and connects with energetic Mars in courageous Aries. This ignites hope that right action really can make a difference. 

Daily Muse: You lose nothing when fighting for a cause...In my mind the losers are those who don't have a cause they care about. (Muhammad Ali – Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, also Venus in Aquarius)

Today on A Course in Miracles we’ll listen to excerpts of a workshop by esteemed ACIM teacher, Ken Wapnick, “The Experience of A Course In Miracles”. This is a commentary on the Section “Development of Trust” in the ACIM Manual for Teachers. This is Part Ten in our series. You can find previous shows in the On Demand section of Please join me today on at 11 am Pacific – 2 Eastern.
August 4
Moon in Aquarius/Pisces
Moon goes Void of Course at 2:45pm enters Pisces 7:28pm
Mercury enters Leo
The general milieu may still feel contrary today since we start the day with fireball Mars – strong and excitable in his home sign of Aries – conflicting with Jupiter in Capricorn. This is a lesson in strategy with Mars’ tendency to push harder and faster instead of taking a moment to assess the situation. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But in this case, it’s probably a screw or a bolt staring us in the face and we need a different tool. Finesse and appropriate strategy will get us closer to our goal than willpower. When at first you don’t succeed, don’t double down.

A prickly connection between Venus in Gemini and Saturn in Capricorn somewhat echoes the frustrations described above. Although initial efforts may feel futile we’ll meet with more success if we stop to consider the bigger picture and focus less on immediate satisfactions. If we rush we may get what we want only to find it’s not what we wanted at all or holds only temporary appeal. Taking our time this morning and not pushing our way through will be rewarded this afternoon when the Moon in innovative Aquarius inspires Venus helping us to see an alternative path to what we think we want. 

Tonight there is a considerable energy shift when Mercury, the messenger enters Leo. Because of a recent retrograde, Mercury spent a super long time in Cancer; he’s been there since May 28 th . Many will welcome this shift away from prioritizing everyone else and instead being able to think about me! Mercury in Leo is self-expressive, dramatic, fun-loving, and yes, maybe a bit self-absorbed. Watch for the preponderance of people starting sentences with “I”. Just for fun, check out Toby Keith’s music video, “I want to talk about me.” Alas, or maybe thankfully, Mercury in Leo is a mere 15 day transit. 
Daily Muse: Where you are right now doesn't have to determine where you'll end up… Hope is not blind optimism. It's not ignoring the enormity of the task ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path. It's not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight…Hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting.
  (President Barack Obama – Sun, Mercury, Uranus and North Node of the Moon in Leo)

Today on Simpletales we’ll look at the week and month ahead challenging our preconceived ideas and exploring our options. Please join us on at 9 am Pacific – Noon Eastern. 
August 5
Moon in Pisces
It’s easier to get what you want when you don’t sabotage yourself; right? It might be worth re-reading that sentence. If your plan is to eat more healthy foods, why buy those junk foods at the store? Just in case of a chocolate emergency? (That’s a real thing in case you are wondering!) Setting goals, and defining boundaries is a good start. But, going with the flow and making excuses is definitely the easy path today, with the Moon in boundless, dreamy, and adaptable Pisces. 

This empathetic and imaginative energy is soothing, healing, and the perfect medium for creative activities, spiritual disciplines, and any kind of healing work or practice. We need to be prepared with a bit more structure and discipline today or else the time will seem to fly by as we get distracted watching the hawk circling in the sky, or get caught up in other people’s stories, issues and troubles. That’s not such a bad thing, unless of course we lose ourselves in the process. 

Following the Pisces Moon as she wanders on the periphery, the borderland between spirit and matter is fun and entertaining when we have the time and/or are looking for inspiration and a connection to our imaginations and passion. 

The Moon’s harmonizing alliance with original Uranus this afternoon lends an innovative brilliance to almost everything we do. Taking a risk and stepping outside our comfort zone should prove inspiring. 

Daily Muse: Whenever you see people talking about how real they are or how normal they are, it seems odd to have that self awareness that you could potentially not be normal. (Steve Carell – Moon, Chiron, and Jupiter in Pisces)

August 6
Moon in Pisces
Even with both the Sun and Mercury in self-focused Leo, the Pisces Moon may have a very influential pull on our heart strings today leading us away from our personal issues and towards people and causes where we can do some good. If this is something that appeals – being of service or offering a helping hand – it will not be difficult to identify where we need to be or what we can do. 

The Moon connects with Jupiter in Capricorn this morning offering concrete suggestions for where our money, time, or resources might be gratefully offered and received. Then the Moon merges with Neptune, Pisces planetary ruler. This brings greater awareness of our intuition, psychic abilities, and may even bring a message from a friend or loved one who has passed. 

This can be a welcome or a disorienting and powerful emotional and psychological pull. With so much Pisces water about, make sure you ground yourself. If you receive ideas or messages that counter your natural preferences or responses, or in any way bring up fear, don’t take them at face value. For example if you suddenly consider doing a complete about face in a relationship, selling your house and living on the beach, or something similarly dramatic, I’d certainly give it some time for consideration before taking action. It could be a true calling or may just be a dramatic reaction to a very powerfully emotional Moon energy. Things could look very different tomorrow; however, don’t dismiss ideas just because they are unfamiliar or shocking. The spirit that moves us is often impressively innovative. 

And speaking of powerful, the Moon also makes a harmonizing connection to Pluto today. This should be enough to keep us sober and thoughtful, but can also guide us unerringly to ideas, people, and events that can be life changing.  

Daily Muse: When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. (Helen Keller – Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Leo)

August 7
Moon in Pisces/Aries
Moon goes Void of Course 5:53am enters Aries at 6:05 am
Venus enters Cancer
Expectations for love and money may be a bit off balance or unrealistic early this morning as the Moon in romantic and idealistic Pisces finds herself up against Venus in double-minded Gemini. Somebody might be keeping secrets, or simply not expressing themselves clearly and completely. Don’t assume a miscommunication is intentional, but likewise recognize your understanding of a situation may be only part of the picture. 

This includes financial transactions too; double check your assumptions. This is a transient energy, but relationships may still feel a bit off as the Moon marches into independent Aries and Venus heads for domestic Cancer. Throughout the day we may be dogged by the feeling our expectations are not being shared or even understood by another.  

Finding simpatico with others is important with Venus in the nurturing and family-oriented sign of Cancer. Because of Venus’ recent retrograde, the planet of love and values has been in the double sign of Gemini since April 3 rd . Those looking for more commitment, security and permanence in their romantic life and relationships will approve. Venus in Cancer is devoted and invested in home, family, and partnership and not easily distracted once a commitment is made. Contentment and satisfaction comes from a deep and enduring connection that is strengthened by participation in traditional and time-honored customs, rituals and institutions. 

Tonight the Moon in energetic Aries finds a friend in Mercury in fellow fire sign Leo. A celebration of friendship and family that includes passion and fire – I’m thinking of a bonfire on the beach or a barbecue – will be much appreciated.  

Daily Muse: I like writing books. I'd rather be at home with my wife. I can write, take a break, come out, have a glass of tea, give my wife a kiss, and go back in and write some more...I’m really lucky. (Gene Wilder – Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Cancer)

August 8
Moon in Aries
Despite an abundance of inspirational fire energy in the cosmos today including the Sun in dramatic Leo and the Moon in adventurous Aries there are few cosmic interactions. The Aries Moon is ok with that; independence is its middle name. We may be free to set our own agendas and pursue some personal pleasures and goals; however, this doesn’t mean we want to be alone. Participating in non-contact sports, like tennis, water aerobics, or hiking might be a good way to honor energetic fire and also keep the positive endorphins flowing. If possible and appropriate spend some time outside appreciating sunlight.

Mid-afternoon energy remains high as the Moon makes a positive connection with the Sun. Generally the day seems on track and the upbeat energy flowing until late evening when the Moon squares expansive Jupiter in stoic Capricorn. We may feel like keeping the activity going but there is a pushback that encourages us to slow down. Like a child we may be resisting bedtime or just trying to push too much into one day. This might also indicate a message or reminder that we are pushing something or someone that just isn’t ready yet. The answer is not necessarily “no”; it’s “not yet.” 

Daily Muse: Don't be afraid of missing opportunities. Behind every failure is an opportunity somebody wishes they had missed. (Lily Tomlin – Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Aries, Mercury in Leo)

August 9
Moon in Aries/Taurus
Moon goes Void of Course at 12:50pm, enters Taurus at 6:28 pm
The Moon in energetic and action-oriented Aries didn’t like getting slowed down by a square to Jupiter last night, so this morning’s squares with Pluto and Saturn – also in grounded and disciplined Capricorn – probably won’t be welcomed either. However, the warrior knows the value of at least pretending to cooperate! This morning we may be required, or at least compelled to go along with the group or revise our agenda to accommodate joint goals belonging to family or possibly concerning our work and professional lives. We may not be overjoyed about it, but the sooner we wrap our heads around it and just do what needs to be done, the happier we will be. We may feel like bitching about our independence and individual rights, but Saturn and Pluto are asking us to raise our consciousness to more far-reaching goals that effect more than just ourselves. 

The Moon is void of course through the afternoon maybe giving us some breathing space and taking the edge off any urgency we feel. In early evening, the Moon slips into grounded Taurus. With the Moon also moving toward a compatible alignment with Venus in domestic Cancer, we should take the hint. Dinner with friends and family, or a quiet romantic evening is just what the doctor ordered. 
Daily Muse: We have a Bill of Rights. What we need is a Bill of Responsibilities. (Bill Maher – Moon in Taurus, Sun, Chiron and Mercury in Aquarius)

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We lost two great champions of peaceful change last week. They lived good, constructive lives and helped to change the direction of an entire culture seeking new solutions to old problems. Although their presence will be missed, they have meticulously trained those who believe in the power of change through peaceful protest.

Unfortunately, there have been many who have abused the message at hand in order to create havoc. There has been unnecessary violence, vandalism and chaotic disorder. This is nothing new and is always to be expected. The two basic forces of the universe, expansion and contraction, anabolic and catabolic, are always at play. We must learn not to be dissuaded by attempts to make us unsure of our goals in life. Where there is an ideal, there is always someone there to shoot it down. This is an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

There are many different kinds of change and a myriad ways to bring about transition. Even though it may seem easier and more energetically sensical to force things along, it’s been proven that such attempts eventually become crushed due to their decayed centers. There is no cowardice in maintaining a peaceful stance when facing any hardship. As a matter of fact, it is often the more difficult path, but one that enthuses others and shines a bright light upon the opposite forces attempting to bend the Will of others.

You have probably discovered this fact in your own life at one time or another. Perhaps you had an idea, or tried to do things your way in an inflexible environment. If so, you undoubtedly drew naysayers and emotional bullies to you. How did you deal with them? Did you buckle under the pressure? Did you give up your dream? I’m guessing you didn’t. We are a hearty lot. We may lower our tone, but we never lower our expectations.

Many are trying to understand how people can be so oblivious to the times we’re in and the high stakes with which we are dealing. The answer lies within this phenomenon, that of resistance to change and an inability to move forward, even in the face of a better solution.

Change is constant and cannot be stopped. Although there are those who feel that fear and loathing are tools to manipulate and subdue those they seek to control, they eventually discover that they are ridiculously wrong, as history has proven. Without knowing their role, they may actually act as an enabler to those striving against them. The lever of history is a very long one. We need somewhere to stand in order for it to be utilized properly.

Every mind put toward the thought of peaceful change is a mind that makes progress in the real world. A simple thought can change more than expected. You have no duty to accept things as they are. You have every right to push back against attempts to get some knee-jerk reaction from you. You have every expectation to think freely and to urge others to follow suit.

Every one of us is an individual. All people deserve to be equally treated within the law and yet we are not treated the same. There are too many willing to ignore the lives and needs of those of us with a softer voice. They will hear us. We can and must be heard in every part of our lives. When the wind of peaceful change is at our backs, as it is now, almost anything is possible.

Keep the faith and never lose hope, as we are sowing the seeds of the future.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

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Havingness is not a real word but it is a valuable concept. Havingness is simply the ability to “have”. It is non-resistance, the ability to have what is happening right now whether you like it or not. It is the ability to have and be in the present moment. It is the ability to have other people exactly where they are, without judgment, and it is the ability to have and respect everyone else’s level of havingness because God always meets us where we are, always.

Havingness is also the ability to have now, what you are intending to demonstrate in your life, which brings me to one of my favorite teachers, Neville Goddard.

Neville said God in man is man’s imagination. He called himself an Imaginist and he taught what he called the Law of Assumption. 

He wrote, “We wear the mood of the wish fulfilled until it becomes natural. The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled is directly proportionate to the naturalness of your feeling of already being what you want to be – of having what you desire.

Regardless of your desire, regardless of how faithfully and intelligently you follow the law, if you do not feel natural about what you want to be, you will not be it. If it does not feel natural to you to get a better job, you will not get a better job.”  The Power of Awareness

The feeling of naturalness is cultivated by living from your desired end result, imagining and practicing the feeling you will have when your desire is has manifested. This is how you develop the consciousness for it. We don’t create anything we demonstrate that which is already within us. Neville’s law of assumption is simply assuming that you are what you already are and that you have what you already have.

Have a very blessed week

Hello Magickal Beauties,

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We had a fun Tuesday night exploring Moon Signs in detail.
I hope this helps you all to work on your fears, emotional needs and to feed your lives with the love you deserve.


Nine of Swords  
There has been a lot of stress and pain as of late, for most of us. I think it is safe to say that although we are blessed, 2020 has been one of the most 
challenging years for some of us. Even worse for others. 

There is nothing wrong in saying this. It is important to not null over pain through suppression, but allowing ourselves to feel and heal it. Thankfully, it being the first thing to arise in this week ahead forecast, it can not last the entire week! We will move past it!

Page of Cups
And we do! We are going to be given a new emotional strength and healing this week that will feel like "starting anew". There is still a lot ahead, but 2020 for the first time, will begin to feel purposeful. We will begin to see our strength
and how we can help others, ourselves and the world as a whole. We will tap deep into our psychic selves and unleash a power that has been hidden but is ready to be unleashed!

Six of Pentacles
Towards the end of this week, we are already using our new powers! We progress from hurting, to healing to helping. This is more than just a weekly forecast; it is 2020 put into perspective. Lucky for us, we will start to feel the future months in advance with a positive cognition about how we can move forward against the odds.

Mentally, emotionally and physically things will become amazingly easier and we will feel overwhelmed by an ability to love and be loved. 

This is a very interesting reading for the week ahead! One that shows us coming out of great darkness and into the light. Into a place of helping and healing. 

If you have been struggling a lot lately, worry no more! What you have needed will come this week and it looks like a generous does of emotional or physical healing.

What will help is recognizing what the strife has been and taking away it's power. Whenever negative cognitions come to mind, meet it with a new affirmation or 
positive cognition. 

"I am stuck" v. "I have so many good things happening!" 

And give your brain, and emotional body, any examples of this goodness. It is so easy to internalize negative energy. But what gets rid of darkness? 

The Light. ALWAYS!!! 

Have a beautiful week,

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