The Master Gardeners who have been working with the Oasis ladies shared another treat. They hosted a Garden to Table afternoon to share delicious recipes and tips with the ladies and enjoyed wonderful fellowship and tasty dishes made from their garden. 

"It was such a great day in the RO Cafe Kitchen! DCMG Wendy Leanse made us some amazing food. We even ate Eggplant Chips. Everyone tried everything. What we learned is that cheese makes everything taste better. The Zucchini noodles instead of pasta was a big hit with sauteed cherry tomatoes. Sweet potato fries and Roasted Cauliflower were devoured. And the Tomato and Cucumber salad with fresh dressing was gone in a flash.

The RO Ladies enjoyed the fellowship and the recipes. Wendy shared her experience teaching children how to cook, she demo'd some pretty cool tools for preparing food; Zoodler, Little cup for measuring liquids, tomato knifes, garlic pealer, garlic press (and probably a few others). We used fresh herbs and vegetable that are grown in the garden.

Great afternoon, doing what we love! Sharing Gardening, Food and Friends.

With tremendous THANKS to Wendy for all the preparations she went through to make this afternoon memorable!

Warmest Regards