October 2017
India Ink and Watercolor on Handmade Paper

The Park Entrance , featured above, is the first piece CJ has done that takes inspiration from our new community in Pennsylvania. The painting is of the 1903 Arts & Crafts Era entrance gates to Hasson Park, 48 acres of land with forested hiking trails and a beautiful collection of rare rhododendron.
October 28th & 29th:
Exhibit at Purchase College
In Purchase, New York
East coast friends and colleagues , please s top by to see us this weekend at the Crafts at Purchase event, a fine art and fine craft exhibit and sale held in The Performing Arts Center in Purchase, NY.

WHAT: A juried exhibit and the sale of works by over 100 exceptional artists and craftspeople from around the country!

WHEN: Saturday, October 28th 10am-6pm and Sunday, October 29th 10am-5pm.

WHERE: The Performing Arts Center : 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY .

Admission is: $10.00; Seniors $9.00

Experiencing nature, landscape, and the built and natural environments that surround us has the power to transform our being. But truly the most powerful part of the experience is our personal interpretation of it.

Creating a personal interpretation of our world is a key factor in the making of the series, Houses, Landscapes, Flowers, & Dreams .
The Bent Tree
A meadow dotted with glowing white flowers stands before a great arching tree, framing a view across the river to a lone house set amongst majestic fields.

I ndia ink & watercolor on handmade paper
The Old Gatehouse

Set near an ancient apple tree and a garden of regal sunflowers, an old road leads to the caretaker’s gatehouse of a long abandoned Arts & Crafts estate.
India ink & watercolor on handmade paper
December 2nd & 3rd:
Roycroft Winter Festival
in East Aurora, NY
We will be at the annual Roycroft show this year, and we could not be more excited!

WHAT: Hosted by t he Roycrofters-At-Large Association this event boasts a diverse group of Roycroft Artisans and Master Artisans offering a variety of work available for viewing and purchase.

WHEN: Saturday, December 2nd & Sunday, December 3rd; 10am to 5pm, both days.

WHERE: East Aurora Middle School; 430 Main Street, East Aurora NY
India ink & watercolor on handmade paper

The Forest Path
In early Fall, a leaf and flower strewn path climbs a quaint knoll through a thicket of trees.
We are artists and designers with a strong knowledge of art & architectural history. Our passion is for art, architecture, and for our clients, their houses, and the kind of lifestyle they want to live in their homes.

Our projects range from full home restoration to the decoration of a single room. Our consultations assist people in understanding their home’s architectural history so they can make the best decisions in retaining its integrity while making it comfortable to live in today.

We specialize in design , color consultation , one of a kind hand-painted friezes and artwork primarily for historic homes. Whether working on an historic or new construction home, we help people decorate with fine details that are deeply meaningful and rich with historic integrity.

To learn more about our work with clients, view our artwork, or purchase our unique greeting cards featuring some of our original works, please visit our website : Century Arts .

Happy clients and word of mouth referrals are important to our business. When your friends, family and neighbors start working on their homes, please encourage them to call us for their design and consultation needs.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to seeing you at our next exhibit or on our Facebook page.
As a Master Artisan of the Roycroft Renaissance , I have the honor and distinction of working to uphold an important part of America's artistic legacy, as well as the responsibility to keep alive the spirit of art as manifested throughout the ages. It is a rare opportunity and I see it as a great responsibility... Read more
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