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"  A winter Sunday's early afternoon's entertainment " - Mollie Montague
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Announcing the 2019 Rural Women's Summit!

 This Women's History Month, we are excited to announce the 2019 Rural Women's Summit, to be held October 27-29 in Greenville, SC. The Rural Women’s Summit emphasizes the role rural women play in creating a more equitable and inclusive nation.

This Summit is designed for rural practitioners, leaders, and advocates to articulate the broad civic, political, and cultural impact of women’s leadership in rural America, to name the ways rural women are agents of change, to call out the barriers rural women face every day, and to proclaim the powerful role rural women play in creating compassionate communities. 

SAVE THE DATE: October 27-29 in Greenville, SC
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Recent Rural Reports

Check out these just-released reports from rural partners and allies:

Where We Call Home: LGBT People in Rural America : This report examines "how many LGBT people live in rural areas and why they live there; the experiences of LGBT people living in rural communities; and the social and political landscape in rural America. The report also offers a robust set of recommendations for improving the lives of all rural residents, including LGBT people."

A Blueprint for Changemakers: Achieving Health Equity through Law and Policy : The Blueprint "presents legal strategies and best practices to help policymakers, practitioners, and communities improve health outcomes."

Rural Pulse 2019: Rural and Urban Findings : "Rural Pulse is a research study that has been commissioned by the Blandin Foundation since 1998 to gain a real-time snapshot of the concerns, perceptions and priorities of rural Minnesota residents."
Tina Casagrand, far left, created The new Territory, a reader-supported print magazine, in 2015. (photo provided)
Media Beat: When a Region Tells Its Own Stories, That's 'New Territory'

“Get out of Missouri,” was the professional advice Tina Casagrand received as a young journalist fresh out of college. Instead, she hunkered down in a small city and started a print magazine for people who love the Lower Midwest just as much as she does.
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