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August 31, 2016


I've arrived at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba, Australia! It is the first IRONMAN 70.3 Worlds I have been to since some of the early editions that were held in Las Vegas! I can't wait to see the best of the best in all categories put it on the line. I'll be posting updates from the event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the next few days. Follow me on our channels and stay up to date.

And speaking of championships, many of you are coming up to your final push to the biggest race of your season. If you have a fall triathlon that is in that category, now is the ideal window to get guidance with MarkAllenCoaching! Perhaps the most important part of that is going to be the final taper down to your A race. This should be designed differently than the shorter tapers you did in races earlier this season. MarkAllenCoaching can help you dial that in and finish off the season in grand fashion!

At MarkAllenCoaching we always strive to live up to our motto "Always A Step Ahead" and provide you with services and features that really make your experience with us sparkle. To that end we are announcing some great upgrades to our coaching services that will take place over the next few months.  Check out what some of those new features will be in the News section.

In the  Tip From The Grip I tell the story of my season finale at the  Ironman in 1992. It was one of the toughest finishes I've ever had to a less-than-idea year of racing, but it did turn out the way I had hoped. I think it will provide inspiration to any of you who may have struggled with actually implementing your ideal buildup to your season closer and give you hope to go for it anyway. It may just turn out to be even better than you could have imagined!

Lastly, we will be announcing a new partnership with triathlon's premier online retailer next week. We're very excited about this partnership, the benefits for all our athletes, and how it will provide another opportunity to keep you Always a Step Ahead with MarkAllenCoaching!

Cheers and keep in touch!

Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Australia

I hope to see you there.
Look for me at these times/events and elsewhere throughout the weekend.

Thursday, September 1

7:00 am - Ocean Swim Event
7:15 am - All World Athlete Breakfast (Speaking)

Friday, September 2

7:00 am - Boardies Beach Run
4:00 pm - Parade of Nations and Surf Club Competition Demonstration
6:00 pm - Welcome Banquet (Speaking)

Good luck to all athletes who are racing!
Exciting New Features Coming to MarkAllenCoaching
Subscription Model, Garmin Integration

MarkAllenCoaching always strives to provide not just the service support that I feel is important to enable each of you to race well and have a great experience along the way, but to also incorporate the features you feel are important as well. One of those requests from many of you is to streamline the way we charge for our coaching services. To provide that, in early September we will be switching from our current buy as you go model to a subscription with a number of levels and pricing options. There will be a slight increase in the price to help cover the cost of new improvements we are working on. So if you want to stock up on training weeks at the current price, the next two weeks would be the ideal time to do that! 

Another feature that we know has been needed is the capability to upload your Garmin information directly into your account at MarkAllenCoaching. We are excited that we will be able to provide that for you. 

We've been working hard behind the scenes to complete other pieces of the system that have taken time to build out since we launched the beta version of MarkAllenCoaching just over a year ago. On top of that list will be a complete complement of descriptions for all workouts. These will give you a focus for each workout as well as providing terrain recommendations for your bike and run workouts. 

As always, if you have feature suggestions for  MarkAllenCoaching, feel free to email us at anytime with suggestions at

Become a MarkAllenCoaching athlete now to get the most from your training and racing! 

Leo Di Canio, MarkAllenCoaching Elite Team Member,
preparing for the IRONMAN World Championship

Subtle Pressure Moves Mountains
1992 IRONMAN World Championship Win

1992 was starting out to be a year like no other. The past three had been like I was in a bubble and nothing could go wrong. The last day of winter this particular year was when the balance in the universe shifted and the wrinkle in all my perfectly thought out plans started to get ripped apart.

The last day of winter that year I was on a solo long ride, one that was part of laying the foundation for Kona over six months away. It would be close to 112 miles total. Less than an hour into it the fulcrum tipped. A truck accelerating through an intersection broadsided me. I saw it coming and slammed on my brakes, yelling as time started to slow. He was going to turn directly into me. In that expansion of time I figured he'd hear me or at least see me, slam on his brakes, we would just miss each other, and then both go on our way, me pissed and him shaken.

That was not to happen. The driver was turned completely to his right talking to his friend sitting in the cab with him, accelerating through his left turn that would in the next instant plow right into me. Impact was inevitable. I jumped my bike and my body up as best as I could so I wouldn't go underneath the truck and get run over. I hit the grill dead on then from the force of his acceleration was thrown up on the hood and down onto the ground. That got his attention! Now he put on his brakes!

I popped up off the ground with that instantaneous hope that everything was okay. But it wasn't. My collarbone was completely broken. I replayed the scene in my mind a thousand times during the ride in the ambulance to the emergency room. I could see it like I was watching from above. Every time I replayed the tape it was like a part of my life had been knocked out of me and was no longer in reach.

My dad was a doctor so I knew the drill about broken bones from him. I was looking at six weeks of recovery before any kind of training could resume. Six critical weeks! This was when I put in place a foundation of fitness that was the pillar of a great Ironman in October in Kona. Without it, there was no way to make up for it in May or June or July. I wasn't exactly hopeless, but I knew the road to victory just got rocky.

That night I had been laying on the couch in my living room, my arm in a sling to stabilize my broken collarbone. I was just trying to regroup and assess how I really was. I got up to walk to the bathroom at one point. The next thing I remember was a sensation like I was traveling back from somewhere distance through a tunnel. I had no idea what was going on. I got my eyes to open just a bit and could see the ceiling. I could see the underside of the toilet. I could feel this wet stuff all over my face.

It was more than confusing. I put a fingertip onto the wet stuff then looked. It was red. It was blood. I'd passed out and split my head open on the never forgiving hardness of porcelain. I'd been hit by a truck that morning. I had just earned my second trip to the emergency room in one day with blood running down my face. The morning broke a bone. This broke my spirit.

Crumpled on the floor I had no reason to do anything. Racing sounded completely pointless. All that I had focused my life on for the past ten years had no meaning that held enough reason to draw me into the future. I was alone. I was done.

Life has a way of realigning us though, doesn't it? Find out what happened....

Read this and more entries on the MarkAllenCoaching blog - 

Amanda Rossolimo
IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio
4th Overall Female, 1st F40-44 by nearly 20 minutes!
50th Overall (Male and Female) out of 2500+ athletes! 

Sue deJesus 
Luray International Triathlon
1st F65-69
August 20, 2016
Luray, Virginia

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